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Bedroom in the country: stylish solutions for a cozy country house (31 photos)


Cottage is not just a place where you can get enough of socializing with nature, do gardening or grow flowers you like in a flowerbed. This is, first of all, a place where the body and soul rest.

If the soul is resting in a pleasant work in the lap of nature, then the body should take care of yourself. Comfortable, cozy and stylish bedroom in the country - that's the little corner of paradise, where you can relax enough.



You can equip this location in a variety of ways. Country style, country, provence, typical country style - this is not all design possibilities. Even the smallest cottage can be made very stylish and cozy, and not to turn a country house into a primitive storehouse for unnecessary trash, which everyone is trying to take out of a city apartment.

A small bedroom or a large room for sleeping will look very stylish and organic with wood trim. Wood materials are presented in the widest range.

For outdoor decoration wood is not used. Only compositor materials do not lose relevance. The excessive vulnerability of this natural raw material does not allow for a long time to elevate the facades of buildings, but to issue a bedroom with wood will be the right decision.




Rustic style with stylish wood accents

The design of the bedroom in the country can form such finishing materials: wall paneling, board, timber, panels, slats, plywood elements. In this case, wood trim will be a luxurious backdrop to place in the style of Provence.

It is worth noting that often miniature country houses are represented by one large room, where the bedroom, hallway, kitchen and even a corridor are joined together. That is why with the help of finishes you can zone the space so that each of the zones retains its functionality and is extremely secluded.




The country residence can be built of high quality wood. Calibrated construction logs give the exterior of the building a special "dacha" gloss, and also create an internal flavor inside the house. "Log" walls themselves look luxurious.

In this case, you can not worry about the secondary finish. It is better to look interesting curtains in the bedroom, as well as purchase high-quality stylish furniture to give.



Making a bedroom in the country in a house of wood - this is quite an exciting lesson. Wood plays the role of the foundation with which creative designers can experiment with plenty. For those who consider total wood trim too boring, many interesting techniques are provided:

  • Coloring wooden linen in dark colors;
  • Whitening of natural canvases from expensive tree species;
  • Decorating with small wall accessories;
  • Use of decorative plaster for finishing of separate zones;
  • The use of bright textiles, which skillfully emphasizes the style of the room;
  • The use of paintings, photographs or various drawings to give the room a special comfort and homely warmth.

Good fit into the interior and all kinds of greens. Not only the kitchen and the greenhouse, but also the bedroom in the country house is decorated in every possible way with houseplants that make the interior distinctive, and the atmosphere is warm, colorful and homely.



If the houses of the timber allow you to create a unique bedroom interior in the country, then on a similar principle, you can do with the construction of brick masonry. Of course, raw brick walls will not become the basis for creative "summer" design. However, the imitation of coarse texture will enhance the purely rustic flavor.

Rough brickwork as a massive accent on one wall will be well combined with a neat wooden finish (lining, timber and plywood are used). Of course, the composition will not be in the style of Provence or rustic country, but rather in the loft direction. However, such a stylistic decision will be even better to display modern interior currents.

Fake diamond

Sometimes you want in the country with their own hands to do something interesting and exclusive. To give high prices and respectability to standard interior compositions in the country can be finished with natural or artificial stone. To create an expensive alpine style chalet in the bedroom create a fireplace.




If for any reason it is not possible to equip this element, a small imitation of the fireplace can be made. The main thing to finish a wall with a natural or artificial stone, giving to the room special color. Natural accents will be appropriate to look at the head of the bed.

Horizontal wall separation

In order to save expensive finishing materials, as well as for bold experiments with space, designers recommend combining several materials at once. Radically different colors and textures of the finishing allow both to decorate any zone in a large room, and artfully split walls horizontally.

You can combine wood materials and canvas trellis, followed by painting. If the ceilings are relatively low, the lower part of the room is trimmed with dark materials, and the top is made light. With such design looks good living room, kitchen, corridor.




Attic - the perfect location for a bedroom

There is enough space in the attic of a good house to create luxury apartments for a good rest. Equipped attic area will allow you to retire and sleep well. This is especially true if the space of the house is represented by one huge room. If the combination of kitchen, dining room, living room allows you to actively spend time, then the attic will become a place of peace and tranquility.



Often the attic space has a particularly sloping ceiling. Usually it is asymmetrical, forms inaccessible corners and narrow passages. The complex geometry of the room, on the one hand, is a "burdening" circumstance, complicating some aspects of the improvement of the location.

On the other hand, for such an original bedroom furniture, accessories, lighting and textiles are selected original, therefore, the interior is always created especially exclusive and interesting. A talented designer will be able to decorate the smallest and most complex from the point of view of the room layout, reflecting the distinctive style and integrity of the design composition.

Stylish solutions and gold ergonomic standards

In fact, the smallest attic can accommodate an ergonomic bed for two beds. Storage systems (in particular, bed linen and bedding) are built in drawers that are stored under the bed. One furniture attribute, properly selected for a particular type of room, will be able to replace the rest of the overall furniture.

Universal type of finish - lining light color. Background decor will predetermine the style that the designer adheres to. For example, a bedroom in the attic in the style of Provence will be decorated with various floral arrangements, textiles in pastel colors with floristic romantic motifs.




A kind of dacha minimalism is represented by a generous wood trim, furniture in a similar style and simple low-key textiles. The main warm accents are presented by original lamps. It can be spectacular sconces, candlesticks, artfully emphasizing the magical style of a country house, or even LED festoons randomly scattered around a free “bare” wall.

New look at the country interior in the attic

It is worth noting that wood textures, although they are very warm and exude home-like comfort, can nevertheless add a touch of gloom. That is why designers are trying to use the lightest shades of wood, or to completely abandon the use of wood textures as key elements of the composition.

For example, a Provence style bedroom can be decorated with pastel lanes with a nice floral ornament. Looks good attic, painted in pure white. The vaulted ceiling can be left dark. Volume pendant lamps that dissipate pleasant warm color will help lighten it. Such a powerful glow is not typical of Provence style rooms, but fits well with the loft interior.

Bright decorative elements will help to change the mood in an already equipped bedroom: curtains, rugs, plants in bright flowerpots, paintings, unusual souvenirs. Mood neutral interior can always be made fresh and unusual.