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How to choose the right curtains for the bay window (24 photos)


The bay window is a protruding glazed portion of the wall, which looks like the side of the lamp. The bay structures can be rectangular, semicircular, triangular or multi-faceted.

This architectural element originated many centuries ago. It appeared as a protrusion on the fortress, from which it was easier to shoot at opponents, and after years became an exquisite window structure. Periodically, the bay window goes out of fashion, but always returns, because with its help it is easy to give the building an unusual look, to distinguish it from the gray mass. Also bay windows provide excellent lighting and visually expand the living space.



Many owners doubt: do you need to buy curtains for the bay window? Do not be afraid to spoil the look of this unusual design. Correctly selected curtains only emphasize the numerous advantages.

For the bay window do not produce special curtains. They decorate such windows with usual curtains of air fabrics, luxurious curtains and other types of window "clothes". However, there are a number of universal rules, following which you can hang the correct curtains on the bay window:

  • Observe the chosen interior style. The design of the curtains should match the overall picture, and not stand out from it.
  • Focus on the area of ​​the windows. So, folded fabric designs will further reduce the small size of the bay window. Whereas multi-layered canvases would be appropriate for huge floor-to-ceiling windows.
  • Remember about the quality of lighting. Thick curtains on the bay window of the three windows can deprive the room of natural light, and too transparent tulle will not provide the necessary protection from the sun's rays.

In the process of decorating bay structures with the help of curtains, it is necessary to take into account all these factors, but the functional purpose of the room is especially important.



In the living room

The design of the bay window in this room should begin with a study of the room. In a spacious room that is not overloaded with furniture, you should choose a classic solution - a combination of thick curtains with pelmets and transparent tulle. This option will complement the traditional interior without making it heavier. For the bay window in the living room, which is replete with decor and furnishings, need roller blinds. They will look reserved and stern.

Curtains in the bay window for the living room will help to hide the unsightly landscape outside the windows. If you live in a dull area, where, apart from similar buildings or boring concrete walls, there is nothing to admire, this is the solution for you. You can decorate the window with elegant Austrian curtains, which are distinguished by an abundance of heavy folds, so it will look luxurious, which will emphasize the wealth and the refined taste of the homeowners.

Curtains in the bay window for the bedroom should perform their main function: to protect the room from excessive light, creating a comfortable atmosphere for relaxation. In this regard, for the manufacture of curtains are used durable, opaque materials (for example, silk, brocade and satin). To create a modern interior, give preference to curtains of these fabrics.

Also often for the bedroom choose curtains for the bay window in the form of curtains or multilayer curtains. Be careful with the latter. If the room does not have large dimensions, then massive canvas visually make it even smaller. As for colors, for small rooms, choose pastel colors. If the size allows, you can stop the choice on the curtains of dark shades.



On the kitchen

The choice of curtains in this room depends on the zone in which the bay window is located. For the working area in the kitchen should give preference to roller blinds to the window sill. Since the process of cooking is accompanied by the release of steam and moisture, the material must be selected waterproof. Only this ensures durability of kitchen curtains.

If there is a dining table in the zone with a bay window, then you can hang long curtains on the windows. It is better that they were white or beige. This will add space. In case of insufficient illumination, the bay window can be decorated with short curtains in the shape of an arch.



In the office

Curtains for the bay window in this workroom can not be selected in isolation from the functionality. Curtains should be made of dense material that will prevent the penetration of the sun's rays. Given this nuance, to decorate a modern cabinet, you need to choose fabric blinds. With their help it is easy to control the degree of illumination.

The bay windows in the spacious room, decorated in classic style, are decorated with multi-layer curtains with lambrequins. This design adds elegance to the room, emphasizing the delicate taste and high status of the owner of the cabinet.



In the winter garden

The design of the curtains for the bay window in this room is not very diverse. Experts agree that the ideal option in this case - Roman curtains on the bay window. Their design allows you to protect indoor plants from excess light without damaging them. Also for this room are sometimes used straight curtains, the length of which is from the ceiling to the window sill. But if the first design option is universal, then the second is only suitable for large windows.

To begin the design of the windows you need to choose a curtain rod for curtains. There are a number of requirements that the crossbar must meet over the window:

  • To make the room look harmonious, the shape of the cornice must match the shape of the bay window.
  • The stylistic design of the eaves for curtains should not differ from the general concept of the interior.
  • The fastening system must be durable, otherwise it will not be able to hold several layers of fabric.
  • Also, the structure should not be deformed by the weight of the curtains.
  • Hooks and clothespins should not interfere with the free movement of cloths and, moreover, leave defects on them.



Eaves can have both ceiling, and wall fastening. There is also a variety in materials of manufacture. The most popular options are:

  • Metallic. They are durable and reliable. They are not afraid of external influences. By cons can be attributed quite a lot of weight.
  • Wood. Widespread in the creation of classic interiors. It is easy to choose a shade that will repeat the color of the furniture or contrast with it advantageously. Disadvantages of this option: the tree is subjected to mechanical stress, poorly tolerates moisture and temperature drops.
  • Aluminum. This is a great solution for those who want to create a multi-layer construction. The products are very light, but at the same time durable. They are resistant to moisture and do not change due to temperature extremes. Also such curtain rods are flexible.



Separately, it should be said about the design features.

  • String curtain rods - suitable only for airy fabrics, under the weight of dense materials will sag. Outwardly, they are almost invisible.
  • Profile - ordinary models, but divided into sections to create the desired shape, and therefore used for bay windows, whose walls form the corners. Curtains on the rings can easily move along such eaves.
  • Round - their advantage in aesthetics. Due to the decorative linings, the joints of the segments are invisible. This option is suitable for curtains on the grommet.
  • Tubular - are made of plastic and metal. Plastic short-lived, as over time they bend. Metal - a better option, because they are easy to bend.
  • Tire - have special turning parts, with which you can make the desired level of bending. May have several rows.
  • Lifting - most often mounted on the ceiling. Used for roman and austrian curtains.

Bay windows can become the hallmark of your home. Anyone who comes to visit, can not hold back admiration. Choose the right curtains to highlight all the advantages of this elegant architectural element.