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White bedroom furniture: thrill and finesse (27 photos)


The interior of a bedroom with white furniture always captivates with its elegance, elegance, restrained aristocracy. To perceive white as one of a kind would be a mistake. A pure white shade can complement the blue, pink, yellow play, silver tones with a touch of gray or ashy undertones. With the "introduction" of new shades, the perception of color and its main qualities also change.



White furniture: style identification

White bedroom furniture is deservedly popular. This rather impractical color is not always suitable for the kitchen, where work is always in full swing, for the hallway or corridor where all the street dirt accumulates, for the bathroom, where the white color produces a very depressing effect.



Bedroom - a place where peace reigns

White furniture, and also accessories of very gentle cream, beige shades allow to give to the room a special feeling of lightness, tenderness, airiness. In such an atmosphere, you can truly relax, rest, gain strength before the new working day.

In order for the light components in the interior not to cause an unpleasant feeling of "sterility", selecting the furniture and decor, it is necessary to remember the following valuable recommendations:

  • Bedroom with white trim can be added with furniture and accessories in the same color. Total White will dilute the color floor and bright accents on the walls. The feeling of "sterility" will change to a feeling of special completeness and thoughtfulness of the interior composition;
  • A small bedroom is not a place for excessively creative experiments. Excessively juicy or even “acidic” colors can be replaced with warm pleasant pastels (pink tones, mint, almonds, creme brulee, lemon, olive tones);
  • Turquoise bedroom with classic furnishings will look much more spectacular if the bed and upholstered furniture are decorated in pure white.

White Provence bedrooms will combine light "aged" furniture and textiles in a similar color with very interesting materials. These are, above all, expensive types of MDF, natural wood, stone.

Natural textures look particularly impressive on a snow-white background. Moreover, a turquoise, mint, ashen, peach bedroom will look especially magical with whitewashed cabinet furniture. Perfect tone - extremely light "bleached oak".



Important recommendations

In order that the design of a bedroom with white furniture will not disappoint in the end, you need to carefully approach the practical side of the issue. It is better if the upholstered furniture will be equipped with covers. They should be easily removed in order to undergo regular washing.

White glossy bedroom furniture is considered the most convenient to use, care is simple, and a spectacular appearance will suit everyone. Gloss is well washed, not so intensely dirty, does not require the use of any specific products of household chemicals.




For upholstery is best to use high-quality natural fabrics:

  • Linen;
  • Cotton;
  • Suede;
  • Leather;
  • Velours.

If the white color in the apartment is not found anywhere else, the white sofa can look like an absurd "stain" against the background of the rest of the interior. To avoid a similar incident, the blue bedroom or caramel boudoir, brown color or other tones from the dark palette are complemented with snow-white accessories: pillows, vases or flowerpots, lamps, lamps or paintings.




Choose a stylistic direction

White color has a special ability to emphasize the character of the interior, which is why it is extremely important to carefully approach the choice of the ideal style for apartments. In fact, there are only two global directions:

  • Bedrooms in modern style;
  • Classic with all its strict canons and parameters.

Each of these areas is known for certain interior combinations and styles that are incredibly popular among modern designers. For example, a blue bedroom in a nautical style, a gray bedroom of a futuristic direction, boudoirs with oriental or ethnic attributes, bedrooms Provence and Country.




However, the spectacularity and exclusivity of white furniture allows you to experiment with less common stylistic compositions. Using the rare original style in the bedroom, the room can be made truly luxurious.




The greatness of the Victorian era

A rich "classic", an elaborate rococo, a stylish baroque: such interior installations are very common. However, aristocratic trends with a pronounced touch of classicism are represented by a large list of interesting trends in design. The Victorian style deserves special attention.

This is a respectable classic, personifying the luxury of ancient palaces, the pretentiousness of family mansions. In the bedroom with white furniture you can combine elements of shocking exotic and restrained gothic, bold rococo. Main features:

  • Good lighting, based on the use of a large number of lighting fixtures, differing from each other in style, size, principle of operation. White upholstered furniture or cabinet furniture with stucco pleiad sconces and lamps will make it even richer, more respectable and more expensive;
  • Furniture of any kind is characterized by straight lines with arched decor. All elements are usually sturdy and heavyweight;
  • The interior should always contain heavy floor candles, shelves with books;
  • Brass trim is placed on the doors, and cornices are decorated with rich stucco.

Blue bedroom or boudoir in peach tones look especially good with white curtains and the same snow-white tulle. Notes of freshness, which exudes a similar textile, emphasize the beauty and perfection of the forms of furniture of similar color.




Gustavian style

White or blue bedroom in the Gustavian style - a separate topic for conversation. This is a distinctive Swedish style, where all the elements should be light, airy, refined. The elegant, refreshing atmosphere in the white bedroom will always reign supreme.

The style is not so common, however, those who are acquainted with the direction closer, do not hide their admiration. The main features of the Gustavian style:

  1. Total dominance of white in the interior. The use of a relatively saturated color as a background is allowed, and the remaining components are selected in delicate pearl, cream, snow-white tones. For example, a blue bedroom is decorated with white textiles, flooring, furniture, and even small accessories in a similar color;
  2. Furniture made of bleached varieties of wood is distinguished by a special classical presentation, restrained silhouettes;
  3. Expensive embossed accessories adorn light gold. Accentuating details and correctly selected light make it possible to further enhance the charm of the white interior elements;
  4. The walls are decorated with white wallpaper with delicate and elegant ornaments. Key motifs - flower garlands, ribbons, bows.

In fact, the bedrooms in modern style can also be equipped "in the best Swedish traditions." To do this, an attractive window molding complement fabric blinds or Roman curtains. Crystal lamps are replaced by more modern lighting devices. For example, LED lighting in modern style.

Bright motifs in the bedroom allow you to make an original and unique interior of absolutely any direction. In addition, you can always take advantage of the help of an experienced designer who knows how to refine a different location.