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Doors to the house: how to choose and install correctly (24 photos)


Street doors when choosing should pay special attention, because they must meet several requirements. It is important that the doors are reliable and have good thermal insulation, but a huge variety of entrance doors can cause difficulty in choosing, therefore, many are mistaken, paying attention to advertising, others are “kept” at low prices, and still others, unknowingly buy what skillful salespeople advise, but it's better to sort out this issue yourself, in order to make the right choice of doors for your home.



Selection rules

Doors can be from different materials, most often use metal doors to the house or metal-plastic. The fact is that it is not recommended to install wooden doors to the house, because it is not advisable for fire safety measures. In addition, they are not durable, because such doors to the house is better not to install.

The main problems faced by a person who buys a wooden door is the formation of condensation on the warm door, as well as corrosion and ice. In addition, these doors spoil the appearance.

It is often used precisely metal doors for a private house, because they are considered more reliable, durable and durable.

Indeed, such metal doors for a country house or apartment, a great option, because they protect against uninvited guests. It is best to give preference to those doors that are made of steel sheet with a thickness of up to two millimeters. In fact, the strength of the door depends on this indicator.

The question of how to choose a metal door is extremely relevant, because few know the design details. For example, you need to pay attention to the ribs. So vertical edges resist torsional loads, and horizontal ones protect against the bursting of the web. In this case, it is more correct to choose a door with a combined system of ribs.



Metal doors are sometimes associated with something coarse, but modern technologies allow us to make them beautiful, with different designs and designs. However, the entrance doors can be armored, they have increased security, they are created using the same technology as safes.

Choosing doors, you need to pay attention to the door frame, which should be made of steel with a thickness of 0.3-0.5 centimeters and have a U-shape.

It is desirable that the door is equipped with additional protection systems, such as hinges, ball or support bearings, which in this case are considered the best option. It is better that these loops are inaccessible from the outside, it is also important for security that there should be no more than three.



Pay attention also to the fact that the entrance doors for cottages and country houses should have a solid finish, because it is about contact with the street. It is not recommended to use the finish of chipboard or MDF, as well as PVC, but the hammer paint is excellent against moisture. The same can be said about the facing of vinylplast. If we talk about aesthetic properties, the refined appearance of the door will give a waterproof ship panel made of oak, walnut, alder or pine.



Metal doors: features and benefits

If you need a door for a country house, then a great alternative will be plastic options. Distinctive qualities here are strength, durability, aesthetic appearance, but the most important thing is that they easily cope with the formation of ice and condensate.

It is a mistake to assume that such doors are not reliable. The fact is that for the manufacture of PVC doors, a strong reinforced steel profile is used.

Installation of PVC doors should be carried out according to certain rules, only so the doors will perform their main function well. Such doors consist of a five-chamber profile, the thickness of which is not less than 70 mm. Plastic doors to the house may have a reinforcement in the form of a metal reinforcing frame, which is located along the inner perimeter of the frame. Thanks to the corner bracing, the frame is stiff. Powerful hinges with robust burglar-resistant mechanisms are also installed here. Before you choose the front door to a private house made of PVC, pay attention to how many cameras it has, ideally so that there are at least five of them.

Plastic doors to the house are equipped with a frame with a metal frame, in here the placeholder is not a simple glass unit, but triplex or, as it is otherwise called, armored glass. This ensures safety and protection against mechanical damage. It is better that the entrance doors with glass do not have glazing more than a third of the area of ​​the entire canvas. It is imperative that there is a rubber seal on the perimeter of the door, it is thanks to him that heat insulation and waterproofing are provided.

Aluminum doors can be of two types: single and double. The advantages of these doors include excellent tightness, ease of installation and maintenance, the ability to choose different design solutions.




Type of building: the right choice

At the same time, each individual selects for himself which doors are better, focusing on their financial capabilities, personal preferences and design features.

This is what will be discussed further. Each house has its own characteristics, for a wooden house and a house of aerated concrete it is worth choosing the doors separately. For example, entrance glass doors are an excellent option for any building. They look great by adding zest to any home. Not every owner can afford such a door, especially since here the quality of the glass and its properties must be taken into account. It is important that the glass is thick and reliable.




When choosing a door, it does not matter for a cottage or a small house, pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Aesthetic characteristics.
  • Wear resistance of the exterior.
  • Reliability.
  • Quality of construction.
  • The presence of thermal insulation and sound insulation.

So let's talk about what the doors in a wooden house should be. Immediately you should pay attention to the fact that the doors in a wooden house do not have to be from the same material. The doors in the house of timber can be metal.

A metal door to a wooden house fits perfectly, because it is a reliable protection of the house against intruders. Metal door to a wooden house is less exposed to the environment. A great option - the doors in a wooden house made of metal, which are sheathed with wood. This is both reliability and beauty, merged together.

The doors in the house of the log can also be metal. The unreliability of these structures has long been disputed, especially since the plastic door in a wooden house can look quite organic if you choose the appropriate design.




And now we will take a closer look at what the door in the frame house should be. This is usually the metal version, which is made of a profile metal. He, in turn, sheathed with metal sheets on one or two sides. It is important that the thickness of these sheets be large, namely from 2.5 millimeters.

Metal doors in the frame house with double-sided lining guarantee the structure increased durability and reliability, but the door will have an impressive weight, which can be a considerable load for canopies.

Different may be the finish. The most budgetary option is vinyl leather, as well as spraying powder. The latter option is resistant to environmental influences and durability. Entrance doors for cottages and country houses can also be finished with wood, namely, laminate, solid or MDF. A distinctive feature of these doors is the attractiveness, however, it is more expensive.




The same metal doors are suitable if you have built a house of aerated concrete. At least, this option will look more organic and beautiful.

In a word, it is impossible to unequivocally answer the question which door is better. And all because modern technologies have reached a level where both wooden doors and metal-plastic doors can be of excellent quality. It is not only about the reliability of the design, but also about protecting the building from unwanted guests.