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Doors for the cabinet: modern solutions for design and convenience (22 photos)


A hundred years ago, a wardrobe was a real work of art. It was possible to admire each piece of furniture of the eminent master for a long time: turned legs, curls of wood, openwork handles and carved glass in the doors. Such a wardrobe was placed in a visible place, decorating with knitted napkins and embroidery. Now furniture fashion is trying to please the rapid pace of life of a modern person and remove from his path, hiding as much as possible all the protruding parts and practically merging with the wall. However, the door still remains visible. They got all the attention of designers. The free flight of design ideas drilled holes in the doors, replaced them with glass, curtains or blinds, tried all possible opening mechanisms and finally added decorations using decoupage technique. We can only choose your option, pleasing to the eye and most suitable for the interior of the room.



Door design wardrobe

Sliding wardrobes are currently at the peak of popularity. Following the requirements of minimalism, they almost merge with the wall, leaving only the doors in sight. And here we are waiting for a great variety. The doors for the closet are traditionally sliding, the differences are in the mechanisms of opening and door design. The most popular wardrobes:

  • with hanging doors;
  • with a mirror;
  • with radius doors;
  • with folding doors.

Materials for the execution of the doors are also many: Laminated chipboard, MDF, mirror, mirror with oracal, natural wood. Popular doors with a combination of mirrors and inserts made of bamboo or rattan. For the design of the facade of the door is often used a mirror.

For cabinets, a 4 mm thick mirror is used, which can be either a regular silver color or a bronze one. On the reverse side a special protective film is glued to it. If the mirror breaks, all shards will remain on this film.

Doors for the wardrobe with a mirror advantageously expand the space of a small room. They are installed in the hallways, bedrooms. The mirror can be combined with inserts made of plastic or wood. An interesting effect gives a mirror, if you paste it on the back side with an oracal film, monophonic or with a pattern.

Sandblasting will apply to the mirror pattern or ornament. Sandblasting masters are able to turn a mirror into a three-dimensional picture by alternating various processing methods. Fusing is another glass processing technology. Volumetric pattern on the mirror or glass door is obtained by soldering multi-colored pieces with strong heating. The glass turns out to be quite expensive, but it looks good.




Doors for a sliding wardrobe with a photo printing

Facades of doors with photo printing are very popular. Using the picture, you can emphasize the individuality of the room or the style chosen for decoration. The plot can be a beautiful photograph, a reproduction of a famous painting, a poster. You can also pick your own image of good quality or even a self-portrait. Large-format drawings are printed using a plotter - a large-format printer. Modern plotter ink is resistant and does not fade for many years.



Cabinets with a hanging system for doors recently appeared on the Russian market. The mechanism for them is installed on the cabinet lid. The lack of a frame allows you to make large doors. Modern closers allow them to open smoothly and silently. The suspension system can be equipped with an electric drive and the doors will open automatically.

Differences suspension system from the standard mechanism are as follows:

  • the doors are located in front of the cupboard, not in it;
  • the mechanism does not take place inside the cabinet;
  • doors are designed for heavy loads, which allows not to save on decor;
  • upper rail mounted on the cabinet lid;
  • closed doors completely close the frame.

Suspension system creates the effect of floating doors. In combination with a mirror, it gives weightlessness to the whole interior.




Sliding wardrobe with radial doors

Radial doors allow you to move away from the usual straight lines and make the cabinet facade concave, convex or wavy. Smooth lines of the facade make the look of the cabinet easier. This interesting design solution is also practical, since the cabinet has no sharp corners. Caring parents will take note of this moment and install a radial cabinet in the nursery. Convex wardrobe successfully get into a shallow niche where the usual would not be functional. Radial cabinet has its drawbacks:

  • complicated design is more expensive than usual;
  • high strength profile is used;
  • Replacing one part of the mechanism will require consulting specialists.

Perhaps the broken part will have to be made anew, since the cabinets are made to fit the size of the customer. To order a wardrobe with radial doors, it is better to contact companies that have their own production. In case of breakage, they will be able to manufacture the part themselves.



Folding doors always attract attention with their unusual design. The doors of the two wings are called "book", four-fold were aptly named "accordion". Folding doors are convenient where there is not enough space for swing and sliding doors. All models of folding doors have a similar design.

The door leaf consists of equal parts and is opened by means of a suspension mechanism. Folding doors for the closet turn it into a dressing room, as they fully open the facade.



Doors for built-in wardrobe

Despite the rampant fashion for wardrobes, built-in cabinets of their positions do not give up and still protect our things in niches and piers. Discontinuing their popularity contribute to:

  • simple and well-adjusted over the centuries door opening mechanism;
  • simple replacement of the mechanism, which does not require calling a specialist;
  • the inability to install sliding doors in niches.

The price of built-in wardrobes is much lower than the wardrobe. With savings you can turn the usual boring cabinet door into an original interior decoration.

The front of the door for the cabinet can be made of glass, with ordinary glass replaced with frosted, patterned, colored, stained glass. Also, the glass door can be painted by hand with stained glass or acrylic paints. If you are not sure of your artistic abilities, stick a self-adhesive film on the inside.

If the cabinet is in a niche and the ventilation in the room is weak, you can replace the standard facade with a lattice one. Then things or products will not get a musty smell. Decorations in the form of a lattice set. Beautifully look louver doors for the cabinet. The decoration of cabinet doors with slats made of natural wood looks elegant and noble. If it is not possible to use wooden slats, take plastic to match the color of the wood. Solid plastic doors for the cabinet can be replaced with lattice to match the plastic.




Another opportunity to improve the ventilation of the cabinet and add zest to the interior is perforated doors. Perforation is easy to do with your own hands, having a ruler, a pencil and a drill for wood. Mark with a ruler under the holes and drill them in the center. At the end of the burrs gently clean the sandpaper and, if desired, varnish the door.

Design options for doors in the cabinets are many. Among this variety, you can choose the best for yourself: convenient, reliable and practical, and the imagination and designer's tips will help to make them more beautiful, modern and original.