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Sex in the bedroom: an important element of comfort and coziness (24 photos)


The flooring in the bedroom is something very intimate, important for every person who is especially sensitive to comfort. Flooring is important in aesthetic, and in practical, and even tactile terms. Choosing one or another option, a person unwittingly thinks that it is the floor that will predetermine the level of comfort in the whole bedroom.

The perfect cover in the bedroom: quality criteria

The question that it is better to choose as a floor covering for a bedroom disturbs many. For floors in the boudoir is important not only the level of comfort and aesthetics, but also many other important factors.



The main parameters, indicating that the type of coverage is really chosen successfully:

  • Aesthetics and stylistic relevance;
  • Sound insulation quality;
  • Ecological purity of all materials that were used in the process of working with flooring;
  • Overall comfort. It is good if the floor selected for the bedroom looks organic, cozy, exudes warm homely;
  • Anti-static qualities;
  • Anti-slip coating;
  • Resistance to high temperatures (fire resistance);
  • The floor in the bedroom should not be cold. It is important that when tactile contact coating does not cause discomfort.

It would seem that so many requirements to meet simultaneously almost impossible. However, if you correctly combine all the components that form the sleeping space, and also give preference to only quality materials, then the improvement of the bedroom will not be burdened with problems.

What to lay on the floor in the bedroom can advise designers. Floor covering for boudoirs is a favorite element with which experts in the field of design love to work. This is not surprising, because the floors in the bedroom, as an object for creativity and experimentation, are convenient in all senses.

Abrasion and other performance characteristics associated with durability are far from the first place. The load level is usually close to the minimum, so special attention can be paid to the aesthetic potential, neglecting the strength characteristics. Choosing material for this room, you can not worry about moisture-proof qualities or that the chosen option can quickly get dirty with street mud or various products from the kitchen.

Children don't play here that often. No one runs on sharp heels. Do not drop heavy objects. Do not store specific items that generate dirt in the room. In fact, it is the bedroom design that makes it possible to use white floor, fluffy carpets, stamped flooring, other “risky” options, without worrying that after a couple of months everything will have to be thrown away or redone.



Cork - the original solution for lovers of delicate comfort

Modern floor design (bedroom and children's room - the main locations) using cork can be found quite often. Designers are very aggressively offering their customers to get acquainted with this wonderful material.

The cork is characterized by original soft prints, excellent sound insulation qualities, as well as full compliance with the strictest environmental requirements. The material is durable and elastic. He is absolutely fireproof. Choosing such a pleasant material for the bedroom, you can not worry about the indoor climate.

Natural cork can be laid as one canvas, characterized by monotony. From the details sometimes form herringbone or comb patterns. This technique is often used in a small room to give the interior some dynamics.

Genuine leather: exclusive and special supply

If you change the floor in a small bedroom, then it should be done with a special chic and scale, preferring really unusual, progressive, stylish materials. The leather covering is a special delicacy in the interior art, a true masterpiece of a talented designer who is impossible not to admire.

The process of laying itself is very difficult, so you can only entrust the installation of the web to true professionals. Leather is a stylish, natural, radiating naturalness and quality material. High-quality leather cloths with an extremely high degree of wear resistance are chosen by people who want to give the apartment a particularly respectable and respectable look.

For those to whom leather trim seems too extravagant decision, the designers came up with an interesting combination. Cork floors in the bedroom are complemented with leather canvases, forming an original ornament. For example, a light floor "cork" complements a black or brown conglomerate of durable leather. It turns out an unusually original eco-cover.




Carpet: the personification of comfort

Adherents of the "classics" in the interior, who can not decide which floor is best done in the bedroom, experts recommend to give preference to carpet. Coverage appeared only half a century ago, but already managed to win a considerable audience of fans.

Designers love carpet for the opportunity to put on the canvas any patterns. The coating consists of a bonding layer and a nap, which also has its texture for experiments.

For a bedroom, it is better to choose material with a natural nap, although there are many interesting options for sale with artificial materials in decent quality. The basis can also be absolutely natural. Unfortunately, modern manufacturers are increasingly replacing environmentally friendly jute with polypropylene or interlining, arguing that the origin of the base plays a secondary role.

The floor in the small bedroom is better to do light. Looks good gray floor with ash tints of wool. A rather universal beige color based on bamboo. Richly, unusually, stylishly, carpet with a frieze - it is a long twisted pile. The most expensive design for the bedroom in this category is Saxony. Pile is not just amazingly long. It is twisted by means of special heat setting and looks just amazing.




Bulk floor - unusually wide opportunities for creative experiments

Bulk floor in the bedroom - the choice of creative and courageous personalities who are all original, modern, progressive in all respects. Such a coating is considered to be 100% environmentally friendly, although all materials for its manufacture are far from natural.

Such floors in the bedroom will delight its strength. They do not emit harmful substances, they serve for a long time, they are distinguished by a particularly pronounced anti-slip effect, rather warm by tactile contact.

Color and texture can be chosen at your discretion. There are both glossy options and matte coatings. Any shade can be "enriched", additionally using decorative chips, glitter and other design elements.



It is the filling base that allows to realize the most daring interior fantasies. For example, to create an optical illusion with a 3D effect. For the first time such creative innovations began to be used in the bathroom. Popular motifs: the ocean floor, exotic aquariums, waterfalls, the abyss of marine animals or plants.

For a bedroom, you should not choose unnecessarily “plot” compositions. The limit of creativity can be represented by an imitation of the cosmic sky or by experiments on natural motifs. Various landscapes, natural textures in the "volumetric" form are also welcome.




Wood materials in the flooring - a tribute to nature

Wooden floors are a win-win option at all times and for any apartment. This is the embodiment of environmental friendliness and aroma design. The dark palette of wood textures gives boudoir special sensuality, intimacy, luxury. If not the best associations are associated with the dark floor, the tree can be chosen and quite light shades. The color chosen as the base will predetermine the center line of the design.



The following types of wood look best in a boudoir:

  • Burmese tick. The color is yellowish-cinnamon with golden tints;
  • Burmese nut. It may be as light caramel, and very dark, close to the tone of "dark chocolate";
  • Iron tree. Solid rock, characterized by a uniform red-brown canvas with dark veins, indicating the process of aging;
  • Indonesian tick is a spectacular breed of light sometimes wood-white shade;
  • Cherry. Differs smooth spectacular texture. The color is from neutral red to reddish brown. It usually gets dark in the light.

The modern market of building and finishing materials is such an enormous number of interior solutions that the list of possible flooring options can be continued for a very long time. This is a classic tile, and a more modern version - porcelain. This is a completely unique solution for the bedroom - Marmoleum or elegant marble chips. Do not lose their relevance parquet, vinyl and laminate.