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Red curtains in the home interior - the choice of passionate natures (24 photos)


Red is the color of action and passion. The walls, painted in red, overwhelm the psyche: there is a feeling of excessive heat and stuffiness. As a rule, designers do not take the red color as a basis when planning the interiors of residential premises, it is used only as color accents, stains and blotches. Accents can be considered furniture upholstery, decorative pillows and footstools, floor mats, rugs, bedspreads, red curtains.



Interesting shades of red

Scarlet, purple, crimson, cinnabar, burgundy - appear in different shades of red. All of them are conventionally divided into warm and cold.

Warm shades of red:

  • burgundy;
  • scarlet;
  • pomegranate;
  • cinnabar;
  • rusty.

Cool shades of red:

  • fuchsia;
  • crimson;
  • cardinal;
  • alizarin.

Blackout curtains - sunscreen and soundproof curtains, designed for sleeping rooms. The black base thread of the fabric contains a black thread, thanks to which matter absorbs up to 90% of the sun's rays.

Curtains with lambrequin - a common design of red curtains with a decoratively decorated upper part. Modern fashion does not provide portieres. Lambrequin creates solemnity and, if necessary, will mask the flaws of the top of the window. Curtains with lambrequin are ideal in the hall.

The red roman blind is a curtain that, when lifted, is layered with horizontal folds. Good choice for bedrooms. From the red color palette, the deep burgundy hue of the Roman curtains against the pastel walls looks good.

Red tulle is an elegant combination of crimson tulle and a light gray living room interior. Tulle shades of vermilion or alizarin will set the mood for the kitchen, which faces north.

Red velvet curtains - one of the elements of the Baroque style. Soft light shades of red (scarlet, brick, cinnabar, coral) will enliven the large hall, which lacks natural light.



Red curtains in the interior

Before using curtains of red shades, it is necessary to consider that red color visually hides the space.

Guest room or hall

Heavy red curtains in the interior of the living room are combined with wallpaper in pastel colors. The smaller the room, the more transparent and thinner the curtains should be. Red curtains in the interior of a small living room can be selected from the air tulle. Curtains of brick, scarlet or crimson shades plus white tulle - the classic elegant atmosphere of the hall.


Red gold-embroidered curtains in the bedroom - a sign of oriental style. The classic combination for the bedroom remains: heavy night curtains of wine or brick color and light tulle.




For the design of a child's room using red curtains or red tulle is not recommended. Red portiere diluted with a volume intricate ornament of light tones is permissible.

Kitchen and dining room

Kitchen curtains of red color can cheer up and increase appetite.

Prefer delicate English cage, if the natural lighting of the dining room leaves much to be desired. Red curtains in the kitchen are suitable in the case of dark work surfaces or when using dark wood in the interior. Neat curtains for the kitchen of a crimson hue against a white room will create a feeling of a cozy country house.




Curtains fashionable colors, combined with red

Gray curtains

The combination of gray and red shades is contrasting and energetic, suitable for decoration of the hall or guest room in modern style.

Red and gold curtains

The combination of red velvet curtains and golden lambrequins is a solemn and pompous classic, appropriate for large halls. In the living room, made in pastel colors, you can try a combination of outer jacquard curtains of a light golden color and inner burgundy curtains made from satin.




Crimson Green Curtains

It looks interesting tricolor combination: raspberry / pistachio / white. For the composition, you can use tulle and thick pelmet.

Red and white curtains

Scarlet or coral curtains with white ornaments or flowers are ideal for a dimly lit bedroom. Delicate scarlet curtains in a romantic style will decorate even the most simple setting.

Dark red curtains with gold

Curtains blackout exquisite wine or maroon with gold ornaments - a classic in the design of boudoir.




Red curtains with black ornaments

The combination of red and black looks contrast and aggressive. However, black and white inserts look good against a red background.

Red Curtains and White Check

Checkered fabric causes a feeling of comfort and home. In the countries of old Europe, classic checkered curtains are a constant attribute of a country house. In the 1960s, the English cell of two colors became fashionable: red-white and red-blue. Classic checkered curtains sew from a variety of materials. Depending on the overall orientation of the interior, it can be flax, brocade, silk or thick tulle.




Modern designers use red curtains in all sorts of interior styling: from classic to avant-garde. Rich shades of red, thick curtains, pelmets - features of the classic curtains of guest rooms.

English cell (combination of white and red) sets the atmosphere in the kitchen. In the bedroom and nursery to the choice of red curtains should be approached very carefully. In rest rooms, nothing should be irritating to the human psyche, regardless of health or age.