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The original decor of the nursery: what modern designers offer (95 photos)

If you want your children to have a real childhood, pay the same attention to decorating their room as buying gifts, sweets, and relaxing together. The child spends a lot of time in her baby room, so she should be comfortable, beautiful and bright. You should not be limited to painting the walls and laying the laminate, you need to make a bright and interesting decor.

We decorate the walls in the room of the child

There are several ways to decorate the walls in the nursery. To do this, you can use different coatings, the most popular of which are:

  • paper wallpaper;
  • photo wallpaper;
  • painting the walls.

These are inexpensive and environmentally friendly materials that are ideal for sleeping spaces. Paper wallpaper and paint let the air through, which prevents the formation of mold, and you can print absolutely any picture or image of your child’s favorite fairy tale characters on photo wallpapers. Wallpaper and paint are, rather, the background for the main decor of the nursery. When the wallpaper is glued, you can seriously think about how to decorate the nursery.

For decorating the walls in a modern children's room, you can use:

  • posters with your favorite characters;
  • volumetric letters;
  • stickers and stickers;
  • painting;
  • paint with the effect of blackboard;
  • thematic subjects.

The cost of making the walls in the children's room with the help of posters will be the least expensive. You can make to order several large images of your daughter's favorite fairy-tale characters or athletes for your son. They can be hung above the bed or above the desk.

Beautiful design of a child's room can be done with the help of stickers and stickers. In specialized companies you are ready to print absolutely any image. For example, in a daughter’s room, a huge fairy tree with birds can be stuck on the wall and bright wooden birdhouses can be nailed to it. You can create a whole corner for your child: put a carpet imitating a green lawn on the floor, put up a hut, funny wooden furniture. You can order an image on the wall of a teddy bear, race car or any other in 3d format.

Making a child’s room for a boy can be done with paint that simulates a school board. It covers one of the walls in whole or in part and is used for its intended purpose. You can write and draw on it with crayons, and when you get tired of it, you can just erase everything, and you will get a strict, even a bit brutal board. In the men's room this one will look very cool.

The ideal decor for the girl’s child’s room is the bright wall painting. It is performed with special paints and is expensive, but it also looks impressive. Then you will be sorry to paint over this painting, so it’s better to do it in the child’s room in the room — the baby is unlikely to appreciate it, and, for sure, he will want to complement it with his artworks.

These options for the children's room can be combined with photo wallpapers. It is important not to get carried away, and if they paste over the room with them, then no more than 35% of the total area. If they take up too much space, the child will get tired of them very soon. You can use stickers wallpapers that are easily equally well glued and removed. Depending on the child's changing hobbies, order themed stickers on the wall and change them more often, then they won't get bored with the child.

An interesting element of the children's decor can be volumetric letters. Usually, parents stop at the name of the child or some phrase with a meaning. It is necessary to understand that such letters will become a full-fledged piece of furniture, and for them it is necessary to select a whole monochromatic wall. If the room is small and all cluttered with furniture, it is not necessary to occupy a small place on the wall with letters.

We make the floor and ceiling

Thinking through the design options for a child's room, you need to pay attention not only to the walls, but also to the floor and ceiling. Here you can also adopt some original ideas. On the floor you need to put environmentally friendly materials. Of course, manganite or linoleum is not afraid of any external influences, but in their production toxic substances are used. It is necessary to carefully select the manufacturer. Parquet can be put in the room of a newborn - absolutely natural material.

For children choose different additional coverage. In the playing area usually put rubber mats. On them you can run barefoot, they do not miss the water and have high noise insulation. You should put a soft, high-pile rug near the bed - your feet will not freeze on it.

It is necessary to decorate the ceiling in the nursery with caution. When developing a design, you need to be prepared for the fact that in a couple of years it will have to be changed. You can order a suspended ceiling with an interesting plot. Today, any image can be applied to the canvas: colorful clouds, a fabulous city, a sky or world map, a magical castle.

For decorating the ceiling, you can use stickers made of gold, self-adhesive paper. Make a child's decor with your own hands and attract a child to it. Slice large stars with it and stick to the ceiling. However, if you are not ready for experiments, it’s better not to decorate the ceiling, but paint it in a neutral color.

What style of children's room to choose?

Thinking through the ideas of children's room decor, you need to immediately determine the interior style. It is very important that the furniture, decoration and decor items were made in exactly the same style decision and did not conflict with each other.

Today, the following styles of children's rooms are popular:

  • classic;
  • nautical;
  • Scandinavian;
  • chebbi chic;
  • country music;
  • English fundamentalism;
  • Provence

Of course, among them there are "male" and "female" styles. Scandinavian, classic or fundamentalism will be suitable for the boy, the girl will like chebbi-chic or Provence more. But what to do if you have two children of the same sex, and you need to make the interior of a children's room for two. Here you need to find a middle ground and make the nursery in a calm, neutral style, and to create a special mood, use a special decor for each child.

Those parents who are not ready for experiments should pay attention to the classic style. It will be a room in soothing beige and sand colors, in which bright accents will be present - blue, green, yellow, and blue. Wooden furniture with carved legs, high pile rug will fit into this interior; you can hang pictures in massive frames on the walls. Classics are characterized by a large number of textiles. Window decoration in the nursery can be done with thick shadow curtains and tulle.

A universal option for girls and boys will be children's in a nautical style. White or blue walls, light floor, like burnt-out deck boards, wooden multi-storey furniture. In this case, you can make some decor nursery with their own hands. On the walls to find a place for stickers in the form of fish, ships and algae. Attach a ship's rope to the wall or ceiling, decorate wooden frames for photos and pictures with shells and starfish. For a nursery in a nautical style, you will need a mirror and a clock in the form of a steering wheel, blue curtains, a bedspread and bedding in blue tones, and a globe on a wooden stand.

The boys will love the nursery in the Scandinavian style, which is characterized by the minimum number of decorative elements. The walls, floor and ceiling in such interiors are made in white, beige or light blue color. Be sure there are bright spots: textiles, lamp shade, carpet. It is better to hang single-layered linen curtains with an ornament on the windows in such a room, and funny paintings in thin white frames on the walls. The decor of children's furniture in the Scandinavian style is simple. It is made from birch, pine or beech and is coated with non-toxic white paint.

The design of a child’s room for a girl can be made in the style of Provence - in such an interior, the daughter will definitely feel herself a real princess. In addition to furniture in pastel colors, in this room there is a lot of cute textiles: cotton and linen in a small rosette or lavender. For the crib, be sure to order a lightweight stole with embossed lace. In the nursery in Provence style there should be a lot of accessories and small things that you want to consider: a table with a carved mirror, chairs upholstered in a fabric with a floral print, rose boxes for books, many soft toys.

The decor of the children's room should, first of all, please your child, not annoy and inspire him. The implementation of ideas depends on the financial ability of the parents. You can make a room in soothing colors and create a mood with the help of inexpensive stickers on the wall, and you can make the room strictly in the same style. Experiment!