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The advantages and features of kitchens from MDF (26 photos)


In modern abundance, it is quite difficult to choose kitchen furniture, because there are so many not only beautiful, but also really high-quality materials. Modern and classic kitchens from MDF - a great solution for those who prefer to use quality materials, but do not overpay. The stylish kitchen is notable for its good performance, it allows you to choose the perfect color and shape. In addition, the kitchen of painted MDF or wood furniture will be cheaper than wooden products. However, such furniture has both its advantages and disadvantages.






Advantages and disadvantages

A hardboard kitchen has many advantages. The main one is moisture resistance. If the rules of operation and maintenance are observed, such a kitchen can last for many years without loss of external and operational qualities.








The cost of such kitchens is low and significantly inferior to the products of their natural wood. At the same time it is possible to order a kitchen under the tree, which will fit perfectly into the classic interior of the room.

Despite the obvious advantages, such kitchens have disadvantages. The main disadvantages include:

  • Easy flammability. When accessing an open fire material, the material quickly ignites. However, to minimize the risk of fire from gas or electrical equipment, the design of such a kitchen is carefully thought out.
  • Fear of mechanical damage. MDF facades for kitchen soft and plastic. This facilitates the manufacturing process, but can lead to cracks and breakdowns due to strong shocks and heavy loads.

These are all material flaws. However, you can get rid of them with the purchase of high-quality furniture and proper care for it.






Types of coating kitchens MDF

Straight or angular kitchens MDF - not the main decision when choosing. The most important thing is what the fibreboard is covered with. The operational and external characteristics of the kitchen set depend on what the stove covers. The main types of coverage:

  • MDF kitchens covered with film. In this case, a film of the desired color and texture is stuck onto the facade. Film kitchens are most often chosen for the durability of the coating to be erased, as well as due to its low cost. They can be bright or pastel, with a pattern or monophonic.
  • Plastic coating. The facades of kitchens, covered with plastic sheets, retain their color and shape for a long time, and are resistant to temperature extremes and mechanical stress. Dozens of color options are available for plastics.
  • Kitchens from veneered MDF. The facade of the kitchen is covered with thin sheets of veneer, which is selected by color and texture. This is the best way to make furniture for wood. Such furniture practically does not differ from products from the natural massif. Veneered veneer allows you to recreate the texture and color of walnut, oak and other valuable species. Such a facade is environmentally friendly and easy maintenance. Visually, it is even difficult to distinguish a natural nut or oak from high-quality veneered MDF.
  • Enamel. In this case, the facade can be painted in a wide range of colors and shades. The surface is painted in several layers, after which it is ground and varnished. Such a glossy MDF kitchen has a rich color that does not fade when exposed to direct sunlight. Another advantage of the painted surface is that it does not absorb water and grease. You can order different models of wood or bright and rich colors.
  • Acrylic. This option refers to the average price category. In this case, the facades are covered with acrylic sheets of high density. The advantages include environmental friendliness of the material, as well as its resistance to mechanical damage. Acrylic - the best material for the glossy kitchen MDF. The furniture is saturated with deep and bright color or delicate shades of white, and also has a glossy mirror surface.
  • Separate views can be distinguished kitchen from MDF with photo printing. They can be made on the basis of acrylic sheets and film coating.



What to look for when choosing

The kitchen is the main premise in the house, therefore it is extremely important that the furniture set meets all the requirements of safety, durability and strength. In this case, kitchen furniture must comply with the design of the room.




When choosing a kitchen from MDF, you need to pay attention to the quality of the material, the coating of the facades, the design and accessories. Key points to consider when buying:

  • The thickness of the material. This parameter should not be saved. The optimum thickness of the base, which is decorated with a film, is 1.6 cm. When making facades with plastic or acrylic, the material should be about 1.8 cm thick. A film coating should be applied on both sides of the facade.
  • Type of coverage. In this case, you can choose veneer, plastic, acrylic, film or enamel. The choice of coverage will depend on the durability, wear resistance, appearance and cost of the product.
  • Design and color. One-piece designs or individual modules can be ordered. Before ordering, you should decide on the design of the furniture and the room as a whole. White kitchens are suitable for a classic interior, and color - for the modern. Vanilla-colored MDF glossy kitchen is a great solution for any interior. This also applies to furniture with imitation of natural wood.
  • Manufacturer. The quality of the furniture, its durability and appearance will depend on this indicator, so you should not trust the manufacture of furniture to untested companies. In this case, the risk of getting low-quality products is too high.
  • Features of operation. When choosing a coating for furniture, it is also necessary to take into account the individual features of operation. Steam, high temperature and high humidity can adversely affect the condition of the facades, so you should choose resistant to moisture and temperature coating, if the furniture is located close to the oven and stove.

MDF - durable, durable and affordable material. However, for a high-quality kitchen, it is necessary to give preference to only a high-quality coating that will withstand the operational loads, and also perfectly fit into the interior of the room.