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What are the types of wallpaper, and how to choose them?

On the modern construction market wallpaper remains in demand. This is due to a number of their advantages, which include a wide color palette, a variety of textures, and ease of operation, and most importantly - the ability to use them to make any design of residential and non-residential premises. Everyone can afford to buy wallpaper: different types of materials differ not only in texture but also in price.

Choose wallpaper by texture

Before buying, study all types of wallpaper and their characteristics and only then make a choice. The texture types of wallpaper for the walls are as follows:

  • paper;
  • vinyl;
  • non-woven;
  • liquid;
  • tissue;
  • fiberglass.

Features of paper and non-woven wallpaper

These kinds of wallpapers are the most popular and popular today. Even a person who does not have experience in carrying out repairs can cope with their sticking. Many paper and non-woven wallpapers can be purchased at an affordable price - ideal options for those who are not ready to spend too much.

If you want to make a quick and inexpensive repair, look at the paper wallpaper. They are distinguished by:

  • democratic price;
  • absolute environmental friendliness;
  • fragility.

All types of paper wallpaper can be easily pasted on the wall of any materials. They are inexpensive, but also serve not very long. After two or three years, they will begin to fade and fade. Paper wallpaper is best suited for a child's room. The paper web permits air, so there will be no mold or damp in the room. Your child will quickly change preferences, and repairs in his bedroom will have to be done more often than in other rooms, so wallpaper, which has a maximum life of five years, is a suitable option for a child’s bedroom.

Types of paper wallpaper:

  • duplex;
  • simplex;
  • photo wallpaper.

The simplest type is considered to be simplex - a thin single-layer paper web with a smooth upper layer. The size of such wallpaper is from 53 to 106 cm, so they are suitable for wall decoration in a small room and in a large hall.

Duplex-type wallpapers are a more expensive option. They are more dense, because they consist of two layers. The top layer can be smooth monophonic or with a pattern, and can be textured, for painting. Modern decorative coatings keep well on these wallpapers, so they can be repainted at least 5 times. It is very convenient: to change the design of the living room or bedroom - just buy a couple of cans of paint.

Fashion for wallpaper returns to modern interiors. New technologies allow you to put an image on the canvas of any format. Glossy paints are coated with a special compound that prevents them from fading. These wallpaper options are most suitable for sunny rooms.

At the heart of non-woven wallpaper instead of paper is dense artificial material. Non-woven fabric consists of cellulose and a number of synthetic additives that are completely safe for human health. Non-woven wallpaper is also recommended to finish the nursery, because they, like paper, "breathe", which prevents the formation of mold.

Non-woven wallpaper is very durable and dense. They serve much longer, than paper: do not burn out and do not erase. Non-woven base wallpapers are easily glued. After drying, no bubbles remain on them, and they smooth out all the irregularities of the walls. That nonwoven wallpaper can hide all the flaws of finishing work. If somewhere on the wall you have badly sealed a crack or poorly sanding it with sandpaper, buy non-woven wallpaper for this room.

Liquid and vinyl wallpaper

Unlike paper-based wallpapers, these are more expensive finishes. To work with these types of wallpaper, you need a certain experience and skill.

Vinyl wallpaper is a paper or non-woven fabric, which is applied to a dense layer of PVC. This vinyl layer can have any design. Vinyl wallpapers fit absolutely into any interior, because they can be not only plain or with a repeating pattern, but also imitate wood, velvet, noble metal. PVC is not afraid of bright sun and moisture, so these wallpapers are suitable for the kitchen. The vinyl layer does not breathe, so the idea of ​​decorating their walls in the nursery, it is better to give up.

The stores have the following types of vinyl wallpaper:

  • ordinary, which are relief and smooth;
  • silk screening - a silk thread is woven into the PVC layer;
  • structural wallpaper - have a hard, textured upper layer.

All types of vinyl wallpaper look very rich and presentable, so they can be used to decorate the walls in living rooms and offices. For example, high-quality silk-screen printing looks like an expensive fabric, which used to be finished in rooms in royal palaces.

Liquid wallpaper is different from the usual, twisted into a roll. Liquid wallpaper also called decorative plaster. They are sold as a dry powder, which is diluted with liquid and is applied to the wall with a spatula. This version of the work will appeal to those who can not stick the usual wallpaper.

The thick mixture hides cracks, irregularities, nail holes and other wall flaws. And there will be no seams that diverge when the house shrinks. Liquid wallpaper can decorate the walls in the bedroom and nursery, because they are composed of natural materials that do not cause allergies.

Types of liquid wallpaper for the walls, depending on the filler are:

  • with crushed silk threads;
  • with cotton;
  • with cellulose.

These are absolutely natural materials, so these wallpapers are increasingly used in the design of bedrooms and other living spaces. They are also divided into relief and smooth, and can also be with sparkles and without. Liquid wallpaper is so versatile that it is suitable even for a bathroom.

What wallpapers are suitable for the ceiling?

If your ceiling is not saved by ordinary whitewashing, study the types of ceiling wallpapers:

  • paper;
  • non-woven;
  • vinyl;
  • liquid.

For decorating the ceiling are suitable the same wallpaper as for the walls, but when choosing you need to understand that the wallpaper on the ceiling is more difficult to glue than the walls, so the ceiling wallpaper should not be too wide. Vinyl canvas meter width, stick on the high ceiling will be difficult. Also for the ceiling it is better to choose wallpaper without a complicated pattern, because it will be very difficult to join the canvas. Ceiling wallpapers should be more durable and dense than walls. If the ceiling is uneven, it is better to make a choice in favor of liquid wallpaper - they will hide any flaws.

We decorate the kitchen and living room

The choice of wallpaper depends on the location of the room and its functionality. The room in which we spend a lot of time is the kitchen, so the choice of wallpaper for it should be approached deliberately. There are different types of wallpaper for the kitchen, but first you need to pay attention to the coating with a cleaning layer. There may be wallpapers of any kind, but the main thing is that they do not deteriorate under the influence of water.

Paper wallpapers are most afraid of moisture, so their purchase for the kitchen should be abandoned. It is better to opt for wallpaper that is easy to clean, resistant to fungus and mildew and has a long service life.

The choice of wallpaper design for the kitchen depends only on your preferences. If you like minimalism, then you can stay on monochrome options. For the loft-style kitchen, vinyl wall-papers that imitate brickwork or natural wood are suitable. These textures can be easily combined.

To create a kitchen interior in the style of country or Provence, you can choose plain wallpaper of soothing shades, with a small print or decorated with scenes from rural life. In such interiors, the combination of wallpaper is welcome: on the lower part of the wall you can glue the wallpaper with a floral print, and the upper one - plain. In combination of plain and decorated wallpaper, the main thing is that there is a coincidence in color between them. Gluing wallpaper in the kitchen from a routine can turn into a fascinating process: you can combine wallpapers of different textures and colors in one design project and realize the most daring ideas.

The living room is also decorated with different types of wallpaper, but traditionally the wallpaper for the hall is chosen more expensive than for the kitchen or in the hallway. If you like classics, stop your choice on single-colored wallpaper of noble colors: burgundy, rich green, deep gray, calm blue. The living room is also allowed to combine wallpaper with different designs. A popular version of the combination of wallpaper in the interior: stick one wall with photo wallpaper or wallpaper with a large pattern, and the rest to make monophonic. Wallpapers in the living room can be interspersed with gold or silk threads: with them the room will look luxurious.

We select wallpapers for other rooms

The choice of children's wallpaper depends on the gender and age of your child. For girls, you can dwell on decorative coatings of light, pastel colors, the boy will love the wallpaper of gray, blue, green shades. Children's wallpaper can also be with the characters of modern cartoons and movies. It is important what material they will be made of. Wallpaper for the nursery should be completely safe for the health of the child.

For decorating the corridors are also suitable wallpaper of all these types. In the corridor will look either plain or decorated with a vertical pattern wallpaper. In the hallways there is always little sunshine, so that it was spacious and bright, it is better to stay on the light version of the wallpaper. If you want to save, buy paper wallpaper for the hallway. There will not be direct sunlight, and they will serve longer than in the kitchen or in the nursery.

In the bedroom, we should be as comfortable as possible, so in the interior we combine wallpaper of calm tones. Allowed wallpaper for the bedroom with a geometric or floral print, but the picture should be discreet, then it will not be annoying. Making repairs in the bedroom, you need to stop only on environmentally friendly types of wallpaper - decorating the room for sleeping, it is better to abandon vinyl and other artificial materials.

Today in the shops you will find different types of wallpaper, which differ in composition, texture, color and, of course, price. A rich color palette and a wide price range allows people with different incomes to make fresh repairs in a room or an entire apartment. Modern wallpaper - a real find for the designer, because with their help you can create an interior in any style.