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Roller shutters in the garage - protection for the car and comfort for the owner (22 photos)


Wing gates are still in demand for decoration of wickets or for fencing of suburban areas with fences, but they are slowly becoming the last day for arranging garages, because the need to have an empty space for the movement of the valves becomes an unjustified luxury. Modern garage door rolling shutters do not occupy space at all.

These models received their name from the connection of two words: English roll (roll) and Russian shutters. The design is a solid canvas (as opposed to blinds), which is wound into a roll, placed in a special case. The elements of the system are: collar drive, canvas of slats, guides, locking devices (key / lock, handle, control panel).

For the manufacture of slats used two types of metal: aluminum and steel.



Aluminum - is durable, lightweight, reliable, affordable price. Convenient and easy to use due to low weight. The durability of the material due to corrosion resistance.

Steel is characterized by reliability, durability (the fabric is difficult to damage or mash). Steel lamellas are priced more expensive than aluminum, but if you have an expensive car, you should not waste time on trifles.



The advantages of rolling shutters include:

  • space saving - practically do not occupy space, unlike other types of garage doors;
  • optimally suited for garages with low ceilings;
  • at installation of ventilating profiles additional air exchange is provided;
  • reliability - such models significantly reduce the chances of robbers for a safe break;
  • installation of a motion sensor or a sensitive edge system, which eliminates the possibility of injury when the web is lowered. In the case of contact of the lower lamella of an obstacle (car, person), the movement of the roller shutter stops, and then the rolling shutters start to move in the opposite direction.
  • excellent resistance of lamella blades to severe wind loads and adverse weather conditions (rain, snow, ultraviolet);
  • easy care - coatings are easily wiped or cleaned with any detergent;
  • variety and availability of spare parts for systems;
  • Numerous options for coloring aluminum lamellae allow you to choose a shade for the canvas that will perfectly fit into the facade of the building.



The disadvantages of the designs are:

  • roller shutters on the garage do not completely replace the door - the outside air circulates freely;
  • Sometimes lamellae freeze and movement mechanisms freeze. It is possible to eliminate malfunctions by lightly tapping along the guides (to bring down the ice pieces). It is best to install a protective visor over the garage opening;
  • high price.

The size of the canvas is determined by the parameters of the garage opening. Manufacturers offer lamellas of maximum width - 7 m. Shutters are installed on garages with a height of 2 to 4 m. For a box at the top of the opening, a place of 30-40 cm in height is required (the size of the case depends on the length of the canvas). To install the guides on the sides of the opening, bands with a width of about 10 cm should be provided.




Installation of roller shutters is carried out in the following ways:

  • invoice - the most common. Used for installation on garages, long built and not involving any renovations. In this case, the box is mounted on the wall above the opening from the outside or inside;
  • built-in - the box is installed in the opening, and the design does not stand out on the facade of the building.




How to install a roller shutter do-it-yourself

Before installation, you must check the geometry of the opening. To do this, measure the diagonal - a maximum difference of 5 mm is permissible. It is also important to make sure that the side slopes are vertical and that the top is clearly horizontal (deviations of more than 5 mm are considered significant). Slopes must be smooth, without chips.



  1. Both guides are placed on a horizontal surface and holes for mounting are drilled in them. You need to drill both parts at once to maintain symmetry. And from the lower and upper edges, it is necessary to retreat by 15 cm. For each guide there will be enough four holes. First, in both walls of the guide, holes for the screws are made, and then only in the front - a hole is drilled for the decorative cap / cap.
  2. Both guides are attached to the box and the whole structure is attached to the gate aperture. With the help of the construction level, the vertical positioning of the guides and the horizontal position of the box are checked.
  3. Through the previously drilled in the guide holes, the design is screwed to the wall with screws. In the same way, the box body is fixed on the left and right side. A hole is drilled at the end of the case to bring the cable from the remote control device out.
  4. Roller cloth winding rings are evenly distributed over the shaft, the cloth is gently wound through the shaft into the guides (you need to start from the bottom bar). Traction springs are put on the upper edge of the web and are evenly distributed over the web. The edges of all the springs are fixed in special holes / perforations on the shaft.
  5. Guided by the instructions for connecting the remote control unit, connect the drive to the unit.
  6. When the motor is on, the final positions of the web are adjusted. The lower position is determined by touching the roller with the floor, and in the upper position it is desirable to leave one and a half strips of linen.

For installation are offered garage doors rolling shutters with manual control or automatic. When choosing a system, one should take into account that manual constructions are inexpensive, but they are more difficult to handle, and garage automatic gates are easier to operate (especially if there is a remote device), but they are more expensive.

In manual control, the following mechanisms are used: belt, cord, spring-inertial. The undoubted advantage of manual systems - the independence of work from electricity. The most popular is the spring-inertia version of the device: to lower the blade, it is sufficient to pull the roller shutters down by the handles.




Rolling shutter recommendations

Many models of doors imply the presence of different technical characteristics, therefore, when purchasing a product, the following points should be taken into account:

  • There are three types of boxes: round and semi-circular mounted on the wall above the opening, and rectangular - inside the opening. And the cost of the latter is somewhat less;
  • foam-filled profile does not allow to keep warm enough in the garage, but it has some insulating properties;
  • the wider the garage opening, the less will be the resistance of the canvas to wind loads;
  • locking systems are: lock on the lower bar (the cheapest and easiest option), upper bolt blockade (installed inside the box), manual side gate valves, automatic key lock switch.

If there are doubts in the choice of model and installation of the design, you can consult with a professional who will appreciate the quality of the garage walls, the size of the opening and take into account the wishes of the owner. It is quite possible to choose and install the roller shutters with your own hands - it is enough to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.