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DIY invitations: simple, beautiful, original (26 photos)


Wedding is one of the most important events in the life of any couple. And, of course, I want the guests, and the bride and groom themselves, to leave only the warmest and happiest memories of her. The theater begins with a hanger, and the wedding celebration with invitation cards. They should not only bring the necessary information to the guests, but also to intrigue and create the necessary mood - romantic, carefree, cheerful or strict and solemn.

Do not buy soulless postcards of mass production, which will not tell the guests about the event so important to you. Better make a wedding invitation with your own hands and give pleasure to yourself and dear people.



Easy to make cards

The easiest option is to find the favorite invitation card or background suitable for the wedding style on the Internet, choose a beautiful font and add text. Then simply print invitations and, if desired, decorate with ribbon, lace or beads.

Another option to make an invitation is to create a collage of photos of future newlyweds in a free online application. If you have enough time, you can make such cards individually by adding a guest photo to the collage.

If, in addition to adults, many children come to the wedding, then you can please the little guests with a pleasant surprise. To make such a wedding invitation, you will need a piece of organza 20x10 cm in size, a ribbon and any decor at your discretion - artificial or live flowers, rhinestones, bows, etc. Organza sew a bag, inside we put a sheet of paper with the invitation and any sweets - candy or jelly beans. We tie and decorate the bag to your liking.




Another tasty option is to print a photo of the bride and groom on a color printer and cover the chocolate bar with such a cover.

Here's how to make original wedding invitations personally.

  • In the form of a poster. Make invitations on your computer, add fun photos to them (where, for example, the future spouses are depicted in the characteristic postures for the film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”), and create a text. Print the resulting "poster", put it in an envelope and send it to the addressee.
  • In the form of a newspaper. On the main page place photos of the newlyweds and information about the upcoming marriage. Fill in the columns of the newspaper with any interesting stories about the first dates, acquaintance and the life of the bride and groom.
  • In the form of a scroll. You can make a roll by holding a strong infusion of tea or coffee, and singing the edges over the fire. If you additionally decorate it with hieroglyphs, runes or other mysterious signs, it will look even more mysterious. But you can perform it in a traditional wedding theme, decorated with rings, hearts or pigeons. It will be beautiful if the edges of the scroll are cut with scissors, and decorated with beads, lace, ribbons or compositions of artificial flowers. You can wrap the product with twine or a beautiful ribbon. The spectacular move is to secure the string with wax or a seal.

Of course, the text of such invitations must match the design.



Beautiful invitation

If you like more sophisticated options, then try to make such a card. A sheet of A4 paper with interesting patterns or relief cut into two parts. Fold one piece three times so that the two edges meet exactly in the middle. The top and the corners of this envelope can be decorated with patterns using embossed scissors.

From a paper of a different color, cut a rectangle 7x10 cm. We write the text of the invitation on it. At the edges of the rectangle and the envelope, make a hole punch hole, insert a ribbon into them and tie it.

We put the invitation in the envelope, decorate it with stamps or patterns. If you want to make these beautiful wedding invitations more interesting, punch holes and secure the edges of the envelope with the help of lacing.



Romantic option

A tender, romantic vintage postcard is very simple to make. To do this, take a sheet of thick paper or double-sided cardboard and fold it in half. Glue around the edge of the sheet a ribbon of lace and a large satin bow. On the inside of the wedding card paste the invitation text. For the manufacture of such a ticket, use the same shades as in the bridesmaid dress - champagne, pink or gold.




And if you want to make a card with a heart, then you will need:

  • thick sheets of paper;
  • sequins;
  • tiny fabric roses for decoration;
  • decorative braid, lace, cords or twine - of your choice;
  • glue;
  • golden or silver marker with a fine tip.

The form of the invitation card can be made any. On the front side of almost the full size of the postcard folded in half, draw a simple pencil heart. On the contour of the heart, glue the lace or braid, sequins or beads and roses. In the center of the calligraphic font we write the word "invitation", and around we paint the invitation by hand with curlicues, stencil painting or cover with stickers.



For a themed wedding

If the celebration is planned in some style, already some invitation cards will make the guests wait for this important event with impatience.

For a beach-style wedding, make a Vietnamese invitation card or put a “message” in the bottle. Planning a magnificent ceremony in the spirit of the East? Place detailed information about the celebration on a fan or print on aged paper and roll it up in the form of a scroll.

If you are planning a baroque wedding, do not be afraid to overdo it with sparkles and gold. Also relevant will be the ornate patterns on the card, three-dimensional drawings, ornaments of curved lines.

For vintage wedding invitations, you can decorate with brooches, lace, black and white photos in vintage costumes. For a celebration in ecostyle in the manufacture of cards, leaves, berries, seeds and other natural gifts will be useful.

And if the event is planned in the national style, feel free to use in the design of the product national ornaments, elements of costume, fabric and fringe.




Creative ideas for creating invitations

If you really want to surprise your guests, then you will like the following ideas. Such unusual wedding invitations will be remembered by everyone for a long time.

  • Use film rolls. Invitations printed on paper reels will be a bright element of a Hollywood-style wedding, but they are also suitable for a completely traditional celebration with a professional photo session.
  • Make origami predictions. Such fun invitations (especially if they are performed in bright colors) will be tuned to the atmosphere of carelessness and fun.
  • If the bride and groom are music lovers, then you can make a postcard in the form of a music CD disc. On the disc, instead of the song titles, briefly write the desired text.
  • A touching impression will be left by video or audio messages. Guests will be especially pleased if they are personalized.
  • Original will look miniature aviapisma. In addition to the text describing the upcoming event, you can enclose a miniature map of the area reduced many times in a tiny envelope.
  • Invitations in the form of lotteries or scratch cards will surely appeal to your guests. Do not forget to prepare appropriate gifts.
  • A truly sophisticated move - print an invitation card on the fabric. Invitations in the form of clappers, inside of which the text with the details of the event is enclosed, although not suitable for a social event, will be very useful for a relaxed youth wedding.




How not to make invitations?

Even if you have a beach-style wedding, you should not put sand in the envelope with the invitation card. The same applies to all spangles and other trifles, which, scattered on the floor, does not please the addressee. Displeasure is caused by postcards made hastily, especially with typos and errors.

Also, you should not choose an excessively frilly font for the invitation and it is unclear (including in the comic form) to indicate the dress code of the event. All this can only cause a desire not to attend the celebration in which you have invested so much time and effort.




Make the invitation cards yourself - this is the only way to set up the guests to the atmosphere of the upcoming celebration and make it memorable. Connect to their making friends and girlfriends, let them enjoy with you the anticipation of this great event.