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What does laminate class mean? Which class is better?


When choosing flooring in a city apartment or a private house sellers will recommend to pay attention to the laminate 32 classes. Office owners will be offered laminated oak or wenge 33 class, and for owners of shops - laminate 34 class. Should I pay attention to such recommendations? Of course! Laminate classes have been developed by leading manufacturers of this flooring.

Their presence allows you to select products in accordance with the features of operation in a particular room. What does laminate class mean, and which one is the best? How to decipher the numbers on the packaging of the floor covering and is the difference between the classes serious? The developed classification of laminate by class will help buyers understand all these issues.



What are the classes of laminate?

European manufacturers have developed classes of abrasion on the basis of such technical characteristics as impact resistance, moisture resistance, wear resistance. Standards were developed for the two groups - 2 and 3. What are their differences? For home use it is recommended to use laminate of 2 groups, for commercial use - laminate of 3 groups. However, today manufacturers practically do not produce laminate of 21, 22 and 23 classes. The defining characteristics of this flooring were seriously different from those that 32 classes of laminate had, but the cost was almost the same. On the other hand, the properties of the floor 21-23 class did not suit potential buyers.

At present, laminate 32 class is the most popular for domestic use. Among its advantages:

  • can be used in everyday life and in the commercial sphere;
  • affordable cost;
  • wide range of;
  • the term of operation is up to 15 years.

The main production volumes of most manufacturers fall on this class of flooring.

The use of laminate for an apartment with similar technical characteristics is not relevant, the laminate of 32 classes copes well with the loads. Only for the hallway it makes sense to buy this product, use this flooring in the following rooms:

  • in offices with high traffic;
  • in medium and large specialty stores;
  • hotels;
  • public buildings.

At home, you can use cork laminate class 33, which can be laid in children's rooms and living rooms. Moisture resistant laminate of this class is very popular, with locks, the structure of which is wax impregnated.

34 class laminate for serious problems

How to choose a quality wood flooring for a large shopping center? To cope with a large flow of visitors can laminate 34 class, which is produced only by leading global companies. The use of such laminate for the house is not relevant, unless its owner decided to lay the floor for 50 years. The peculiarity of the floor covering of this class is the high wear resistance of the upper layer. It differs markedly from laminate class 33. The rest of the laminate class 34 resembles its less resistant to wear and tear competitors. It is based on high density HDF, and the thickness of the panel varies from 8 to 12 mm.



Use laminate 34 classes for laying in the following rooms:

  • shopping and entertainment centers;
  • supermarkets;
  • the foyer of large hotels and holiday homes;
  • corridors of large business centers;
  • airport waiting rooms.

Despite the fact that 34 classes of laminate are produced only by companies from Belgium and Germany, their collections are distinguished by considerable diversity. In addition to imitation of classic types of wood, they offer artistic laminate. It imitates the palace parquet, consisting of dies of various types of wood. The difference of this moisture-resistant laminate class 34 from other types is that the panels make a large width.



Which laminate is better?

The answer to this question is extremely difficult to give. To call the laminate 34 class the most popular is impossible, despite its durability. On the other hand, according to this characteristic, it is inferior to vinyl laminate 43 class. In addition, PVC flooring is absolutely not afraid of water. The fact is that the vinyl laminate in addition to high moisture resistance is characterized by an impressive price. So which laminate class is best?




In residential premises, laminate class 34 is inferior to the palm of a 32-class moisture-proof laminate. Vinyl laminate in the house or apartment is recommended in the bathroom or in the kitchen. In commercial premises, laminate of class 34 is less in demand than moisture-resistant laminated coating of class 33. The differences between them are small, but the difference in cost is significant. How to choose the desired laminate? What are the features of flooring? All the necessary information is reflected on the label. To determine the class of laminate will help large numbers, and water resistance is indicated by marking in the form of intuitive icons. It is only necessary to spend some time reading the packaging label and it will be difficult to make a wrong choice.