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Carpet on the wall: modern ideas of use in the interior (26 photos)


Previously, the carpet on the wall was incredibly popular. More often it served to keep the heat indoors. Today the product has completely changed its purpose. Carpet on the wall in a modern interior helps to create the original design of the room.


Designers in creating interiors often use beautiful carpets because of a number of their positive properties:

  • giving the room a special touch;
  • use as a connecting element between objects;
  • the conclusion of the semantic load of the room;
  • creating an unusual and complete look.

Today there are so many shapes, fashionable shades and patterns of carpets that they are able to compete with any wall element of the decor.



Children's carpets on the wall in the room for the child look no less impressive. They are able to become part of the composition. The bright product with the image of fairy-tale heroes has a positive effect on the development of the baby and creates a more comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

Some people tend to effectively decorate their premises, but do not know how to choose a carpet on the wall, so that it does not resemble Soviet times. Recommendations of designers for the choice of products are as follows:

  • It is necessary to refuse even the most beautiful carpets of large sizes, especially covering the entire wall. Such a room will look tasteless and give off shades of the past.
  • The shape of the product should embody the overall design idea. For example, if the room has many oval objects, then we hang the oval carpet.
  • The main color scheme is selected in accordance with the shades in the room.
  • If the colors are present on the carpet in small but prominent fragments, they should be repeated in curtains, napkins, and capes on a chair or sofa.
  • The product in one color with the walls will merge with them. To dilute the effect on the opposite wall is a bright picture.
  • The tone of the floor when choosing a shade plays a big role. A red carpet or any other carpet in a warm spring range is selected for the light flooring; to gray - pink or lilac; to the dark - beige, soft blue or white carpet.

In any case, the product must harmoniously fit into the overall style of the room and be combined with all elements of the decor.



Interior styles

Carpet on the wall in the interior of any style looks harmonious. This applies to both historical and ethnic trends, as well as modern ones, where they replace paintings or posters.


The carpet should be thin and lint-free. Image: dragons, graceful birds and flowering trees. A colorful, but concise product, reflecting the style of culture, is chosen.


Appropriate round rugs or in the form of a carpet. The color palette is juicy and bright. The ornament is motley, the presence of animal prints and drawings with nature is welcomed.


It uses tapestry products with the image of the coats of arms. They should have traces of scuffed, discolored paint and create the effect that it has been in many alterations.





One of the most fashionable trends. Wool, silk and other natural fabrics are welcome. The pattern of the carpet can reflect the ecological orientation, imitating a lawn, wood, or the curves of a natural stone.

Mixed styles

A carpet from a grandmother would be appropriate in styles that combine elements of past eras. This is vintage, retro or eclectic. Tapestry or ordinary products for such premises are chosen somewhat by different rules.

For the vintage style is appropriate carpet, which has any historical value. Retro styled stereotypical Soviet products. There are no restrictions in eclecticism, as completely different objects are used.




Interesting solutions

Wall tapestry and regular carpets are used not only in the standard position. There are some interesting ideas about their location and functions:

  • decoration of the head of the bed;
  • registration in a frame;
  • local warming;
  • use as lambrequin.

The product can be a full replacement for the head of the bed. It gives plenty of room for experimentation - horizontal or vertical positioning, hanging height, etc. In addition, the carpet has an excellent noise insulation function.



It looks interesting small carpet, decorated in a frame. How is it worse than paintings or photographs? A beautiful carpet is a work of art. Behind the frame he will not collect dust.

On the concrete cold wall, you can hang a carpet at the level of the waist for protection from the cold. This is more like the traditional method of use, but it has not lost its relevance today.

Tapestry products suitable for the width of the window can become an original lambrequin. It is only relevant in rooms on the south side. In such rooms, the excess light is most strongly felt. Even here tapestries with fine textiles without a rigid and dense base are selected.




How to hang?

The process of fixing the carpet on the wall is very important. How to hang a carpet on the wall so that it does not sag and lay down neatly:

  • Hammer and nails. The fastener is located in steps of 20 cm. The option is better suited for carpets with a long nap. Its disadvantage is the holes in the product and the wall.
  • Wooden rail and dowels. The thickness of the slats is chosen to be minimal so that the carpet does not leave the wall for a long distance.
  • Rings and wooden slats or nails. Special rings are purchased in stores with fittings. They are sewn to the canvas at a distance of 20 cm, after which the carpet is hung.

You can hang the product using alternative options - hooks for clothes, wire, etc. The main thing is to make the carpet look aesthetically pleasing.




How to clean?

Many hostesses dislike the carpet on the wall because of the difficulties that arise during its cleaning. It collects a lot of dust in itself, and it is necessary to carry out complex manipulations to refresh the room.

How to clean the carpet without removing it from the wall:

  • Carpets are cleaned with a vacuum cleaner no more than twice a week. Strongly pressing the nozzle is not recommended. Need to move in the direction of the pile.
  • You can knock out the carpet on the wall using a damp sheet. She covered the product and knock out. All dirt remains on the fabric.
  • Fat stains from the carpet are removed with sawdust or potato starch dipped in gasoline.

Carpet on the wall is no longer a boring and dull element in each person’s apartment, but an effective tool in the hands of designers and ordinary people seeking to create an unusual interior.