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How to use the cultivator in the garden: combine several tools


City dwellers often think about how good it would be to have their own plot and get fresh, healthy vegetables from their vegetable garden every year, but the next thought immediately comes about the constant tedious care of the soil with shovels and hoes. There is a way out - cultivators for the garden have appeared on the market for a long time, which can facilitate practically any work connected with working the land.



Types of cultivators, dedicated to the type of engine:

  • Rechargeable. The most mobile option due to its autonomy, but not very powerful.
  • Electric cultivator. Suitable for caring for a small area, since it strongly depends on the length of the wire and the distance of the outlet.
  • Petrol cultivator. Best for large volumes of heavy work. Only this will help to justify spending on high-quality fuel. It has the highest power. Gasoline models require a strictly defined fuel prescribed in the instructions. Often in the engine there are malfunctions due to the appearance of soot, so you need to carefully monitor this point.
  • Diesel cultivator. Differs the lowest fuel consumption. Very easy to maintain and maintain. Because of the large weight they fit snugly to the ground. There are both water-cooled and air-cooled models. The diesel cultivator has a gearbox with three stages, that is, two speeds for the forward course and one for the rear.



Drive type classification

The manual cultivator differs in simplicity of management and low cost. This is the best cultivator for working with beds on a small size garden plot. However, the manual cultivator will not cope with large volumes of work, as well as with solid clay soil.

You can build a manual cultivator with his own hand. The self-made mini-cultivator for care of a lawn represents metal wheels with a diameter of 20 cm on which the strong wooden axis rests. Completes the construction of a long handle so that you can work the land without leaning. Hand cultivator for giving can help out in many situations.

A good manual cultivator is also obtained from spring steel tape, 20 mm wide, 0.5 meter long and 1.5 mm thick. It is necessary to bend this tape in such a way as to create a semblance of a loop, and sharpen both edges with a file. At the end of the handle is attached, and the cultivator is ready with his own hands.

Tillage mechanisms are equipped with plowshares, a mill, disk soshnik or lancet paws. Sometimes they are complemented by effectively removing grass knives with their own drive. Also, the models are divided by the method of cultivation.


Best suited for deep destruction of weeds without damaging other plants. It is reliable for preseeding processing of the earth and its loosening before shoots. Special guards protect cultivated plants from overwhelming the ground, and you can adjust the immersion of the teeth in the soil.

Steam cultivator

One of the most popular options for presowing work. Such cultivators for continuous tillage are capable of effectively weeding and thinning the beds.

Interrow cultivator

Designed for processing plantings of corn, sugar beet, sunflower. At the same time, it removes weeds and retains moisture in the ground.



Paws for devices are also different, but the most preferred lancet. They are V-shaped wings and a chest with a shank, which are connected to the back of the wings. Due to the bending of the chest with a displaced center, the lancet paw is quite reliable in operation.

Separately, it is necessary to tell about such a device as a mounted cultivator. It consists of a frame in the form of three iron beams, equipped with two bearing wheels and various working tools, which can be quite a lot - up to 9. The hinged cultivator is distinguished by a detail called a hinge, with which you can change the tools to those you need. moment.

Choosing these devices, you can produce on the site almost any type of work. Two main tools with which the mounted cultivator can function:

  • Hillers, allowing you to create furrows between the rows of landings;
  • hoes for loosening - cutting elements that allow to remove weeds and simultaneously loosen the soil.

The mounted cultivator is suitable for use where there is no electricity nearby. At the same time it is quite productive - on average it can process up to 6 hectares of land per hour. Cultivator mounted for attachment to a tractor or other agricultural transport. As soon as his paws come to an inclined position, the mounted cultivator begins to loosen the ground.

Garden mounted cultivator has main wheels, which, turning, cut off weeds, after which the ground remaining on the paw falls down and falls apart. So weeding and loosening. Subject to the availability of a tractor in the farm, the device can replace several others at once, including a diesel cultivator or a battery cultivator.



How to choose the right device?

Rating of the best brands that produce garden equipment:

CAIMAN (France)

Engaged mainly in the production of semi-professional mechanical garden equipment with an average power. It is completed with SUBARU gasoline engines, but there is also a model with an electric motor.


Since 1973, the company has been producing various types of gasoline and electrical equipment, including those designed for work in enclosed spaces. The brand appeared on the counters of Russian stores in 1999.

PUBERT (France)

The main characteristic of the cultivator of this company is excellent build quality and durability of component mechanisms. Engines for vehicles are supplied by major world-famous manufacturers - HONDA, ROBIN SUBARU. Each manufactured device is guaranteed to withstand 2000 hours of work without breakdowns.

Degtyarev Plant (RF)

The factory is located in the city of Kovrov and for several years it has been manufacturing garden equipment “Master”. The main advantages of their products - the availability of spare parts and ease of assembly. However, the weeding cultivator of this company is not suitable for working with virgin soil. It is necessary to start the unit with the help of a manual starter.


A review of manufacturers of garden equipment would be incomplete without this famous company. It produces three series of cultivators for work in medium or small areas. Asking how to choose a cultivator to give, you need to remember that each of these series is divided into several more branches - for amateurs and professionals.

Cultivators from Huskvarna can loosen the earth to a depth of 28 centimeters, even if it is virgin. The width of the treatment is up to 0.6 meters, depending on how many soil mills are installed.