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Feng Shui of a small apartment: how to improve your life (55 photos)


Our house is not only our fortress, where we sleep, eat and rest. The apartment is a reflection of our whole life. The arrangement of the apartment in accordance with the laws of Feng Shui, will help you to adjust all areas of your life.







The Chinese theory of feng shui talks about the arrangement of a room for the favorable flow of Qi energy in it. In each apartment there are zones responsible for a certain area of ​​life. Making each of them according to the laws of Feng Shui activates the energy of a particular zone. A feature of a small one-room apartment is its limited space. It seems impossible, retaining the functionality, to arrange it in due form. With this article, you can adjust the flow of Qi energy even in a small room.







The size of a 1-room apartment, an average of 25 square meters. m. It is necessary to try very hard to correlate functional zones with feng shui zones. If you fail to place pieces of furniture in accordance with the energy sectors, you can use the basic rules of feng shui, which are suitable for placing any size.

  • First of all, you need to clean the apartment from unnecessary and unused things that only litter it. If you have not used the item for more than a year, feel free to throw it away or present it to friends who really need it. Wash all surfaces, fasten all the unscrewed bolts, seal all the fallen off wallpaper - bring the apartment in full order. In the future, try to maintain it and fix it right away.
  • After cleaning your apartment of unnecessary waste, experts advise to clean it spiritually. To do this, smoke each corner with incense and sprinkle all exposed surfaces with salt water. Thus, you save your home from negative energy.
  • The layout of apartments in our country is almost always made so that the bathroom is located at the entrance to the apartment. Vital energy, getting into the house, stretches to the water, and through the zones of discharge it immediately goes outside. Therefore, the door to the San node must always be kept closed. The same should be done with the lid of the toilet bowl. You can hang a small mirror on the bathroom door, preferably below, which will direct energy to other areas of the house.
  • Poor view from the window (view of the construction site, garages, garbage cans) has a negative effect on the energy of the house. Close the access of bad energy, you can, sitting on the windowsill figures of Heavenly Lions or Three Warriors so that they look outside. Also, you save the house from the negative, curtain window with thick curtains.
  • It is important to keep the door and hallway clean. Through them to you the house gets Qi energy. Doors should be well washed and always tightly closed. The place where you leave the outerwear should always be clean.
  • Scroll to the center of the apartment with the help of a beautiful crystal chandelier. If this cannot be done, then select it with a carpet. In this way, you will attract qi energy to the center of the room, which will spread to all other zones.
  • The kitchen is a zone where two elements collide: fire and water. To avoid their conflict, it is necessary to arrange the sink and plate as far as possible from each other. If this does not work, then place another element between them - the tree, which will become a harmonious transition.
  • For bed it is desirable to use the bed. Folding sofas are considered unfavorable. If you can’t get a bed, try to keep the folding sofa in the unfolded state more often.







How to highlight energy zones

According to the teachings of feng shui, each room can be divided into sectors responsible for a certain area of ​​our life. They are also called the Bagua zones. Each zone is located on a certain side of the world and its characters are certain colors and elements. In total, there are 9 zones: career; wisdom and knowledge; families; wealth; fame; love, marriage; creativity; helpers, travel; health






To determine the location of each zone, you will need:

  • apartment plan, which you can do yourself or take in the BTI;
  • Bagua mesh - classical or octagon;
  • compass.

Using the compass to determine the direction of the world, and mark them on the plan of the apartment. Then, put a Bagua grid on it and divide the plan into sectors, according to the sides of the world in the apartment. You can select sectors by dividing the whole area of ​​the apartment or just the room.









Modern apartments rarely have the correct square or rectangular shape. In this case, dividing the apartment into sectors, you may find that not all zones fit into your plan. You should not worry about this, because you can place all sectors in one room.

To activate the zone, it is necessary to place in it symbols associated with a specific area of ​​life. Feng Shui loves harmony. Do not overcrowd your home with amulets. For one-bedroom apartment is the presence of one or two.

ZoneSide of the worldColor elementCharactersWhat is the reason
HealthCenter rooms, apartmentsYellow; LandCrystal chandelier or round carpetAssociated with physical health, unity and harmony. Affects all zones
CareerNorthBlue, black; WaterSymbols of water (aquariums, fountains), diplomas and awards, symbols of moneyResponsible for career growth, success in business, success at work. The location in this area of ​​the workplace will contribute to the promotion of
Knowledge wisdomNortheastBrown, beige; LandBooks, desktop, globeIn this area it is necessary to place everything that helps to develop intellectual abilities, imagination.
FamilyEastGreen; TreeLiving plants, family symbols (paintings, figurines)Affects relationships within the family, also associated with the ancestors.
WealthSoutheastPurple, green; TreeAquarium with fish (especially gold), symbols of money, abundanceResponsible for the material condition.
GlorySouthRed; the firePeacock feather, symbols of success (awards, diplomas)It helps not only to achieve fame, but also recognition in society that is necessary for career growth.
Love marriageSouthwestPink red; LandSymbols of love, all objects must be pairedResponsible for interpersonal relationships - love, friendship. It is necessary to avoid symbols of loneliness.
Creativity, ChildrenWestWhite, all shades of metal; MetalHand-made thingsThe sector is responsible for the creative process and children. If you want to acquire offspring, place the characters associated with the children here.
Travel, helpersNorthwestGray, white and all shades of metal; MetalPictures of the places you want to visit, metal bellResponsible for the assistance of mentors, as well as for travel.

All zones are interconnected. For example, the wealth zone is directly related to the career, fame and knowledge zones. You can not pay excessive attention to only one sector, as there may be a weakening of energy in others.









The design of even a small apartment can be designed in accordance with the laws of Feng Shui, using the basics of zoning space. Focusing on certain sectors of the Bagua, you can furnish an apartment by highlighting functional areas in them. This is beneficial not only for the flow of Qi, but also significantly improve the practicality of your housing. When applying the rules feng shui, always remember about your own comfort. If you experience discomfort in a formal setting, no amulets will help the harmonious movement of the vital energy of Qi.







At registration of each zone you can use different color schemes. Paint the walls, apply wallpaper of a different color with a different texture or pattern. Various color schemes that you can find on the Internet will help you choose the necessary shades. So you combine in the interior of your apartment, seemingly incompatible colors.

To highlight a zone with color, it is not necessary to glue the wallpaper everywhere; it is enough to use colored interior items — bedspreads, colored lampshades, and various carpeting.