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Basics of decorating a child's room

Children's room decor can be both simple and complex. There is a great variety of options for creating an interior and color range, because children are not interested in a typical beige interior in three colors, and therefore there is a place where designers can freely roam.

The main rule when creating a children's interior and decorating a room is the ability to quickly make the necessary changes. After all, all children grow, and grow quickly, and the ability to easily change the interior of the children's room and make appropriate adjustments to the decor used is one of the most important moments. A lot of important and the use of high-quality and durable finishing materials that are resistant to all children's whims. Do not forget that it is necessary to use only environmentally friendly materials.


The most obvious choice is who exactly will choose the decor of the children's room - a boy or a girl. Regardless of age, in each case will require an individual approach to the choice of decor and colors. In any case, there are several main points for creating an interior in the nursery:

  • Finishing material and decor.
  • Selection of furniture.
  • Ceiling and floor.
  • Creating an interior.

If we are talking about decorating a baby’s room, here you can be guided, first of all, by your own desires. for the kids, by and large, don't care what color their wallpapers are painted in and what kind of picture hangs on their wall. As mentioned earlier, when choosing a material for finishing a room, a lot of attention should be paid to ecological and durable materials. Well suited wallpaper that allows for wet cleaning. With regard to the choice of color palette, it is preferable to use calm colors, well suited classic blue and pink. However, psychologists advise to introduce into the interior and bright elements to attract the attention of the baby. This is especially true of the interior, created specifically for the girl. Do not forget about the importance of natural light in the nursery.

When choosing furniture for a children's room, emphasis should be placed on its safety. Consider all the soft options, you can with rounded edges, as long as there are no sharp corners. You can also create a separate soft corner for the child, at an early age it will be a great solution. However, you should not get carried away much furniture. In the children's room there should be a minimum of furniture, but if the furniture is selected for a girl, you can move away from the general canons and pick up initially beautiful and practical furniture.

The ceiling in the children's room, regardless of the age of the child, is also one of the key objects for the work of designers. For example, on the walls and ceiling, you can use a single decor composition. Yes, and the lampshade itself can be easily styled as your chosen interior.

As for the flooring, here preference is given to reliable, warm and non-slip materials. Often use carpets or regular rugs.

For those who are older

For children who are already beginning to enter into common sense, who have the first interests and desires, it is worth choosing a separate interior. If children do not have specific preferences in infancy, and the children's room may well exist for several years with one interior, then in the future children will not only grow faster, but their interests will change no less rapidly. Therefore, it is first necessary to create an easily replaceable finish and interior. Of course, girls are mostly more careful than boys, but at a young age things change, and it is simply necessary to have an easily replaceable interior.

Very popular recently have become special wallpaper for drawing. If your child loves to go beyond the landscape sheet, and you do not want to spoil beautiful wallpaper with ornaments - this option is definitely for you. The use of such wallpaper is quite a cheap option and at the same time effective. From the point of view of designers, against the background of such wallpapers, any decor will stand out strongly, which in the nursery will be an indisputable advantage at any age.
There are alternative, more durable options - drawing boards. They can also be placed on the wall of the children's room, and you also define their size yourself. On the one hand, they are all reusable and allow you to draw not only with chalk, but also with markers, on the other hand, it is not easy to enter them in any interior, and you cannot paint them with paints anymore.

No less popular today and simple vinyl stickers. Their advantage is that you can make almost any exposition yourself. Quality stickers can be easily replaced. This will allow you to make various innovations in the nursery.

If we consider the classic options, simple painted walls are in good demand. With a good choice of colors and decor, you can create a great interior, not inferior in beauty and reliability to their colleagues. In addition, it is one of the most economical options. However, if the funds allow you to order and artistic coloring of the walls. Unpretentious artists will happily paint out the walls of your children's room based on your wishes, and create a truly unique creation.

Recently, gaining popularity and various wallpapers. Choice options are also a great many. You can choose a beautiful landscape or hang a map of the globe - the choice will be behind you and your children. For example, in the children's room of a little girl you can see the wallpaper with the characters of famous cartoon series.

Special case

For those who are firmly determined with their interests, I mean not you, but your children, you can create an interior, based on your child's hobby. To create a decor of a child's room with your own hands for your child will not make up; moreover, you can do this mutually. And it will be easier for you and your child will take some interest. The main thing to understand that the children's room is, first of all, the room of your child. And if you are going to decorate it according to your interests, then you need to proceed, first of all, from the interests of the child himself, and not yours. However, in most cases such private options are made for a girl.

For example, if your child is fond of comics and music, but in the first case, he does it on his own, and in the second - according to your instruction, then decorating the room with musical signs is definitely not worth it. But to hang out a few posters with his favorite characters and add a similar decor to the interior will be just right.