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Original children's in the marine style - for a boy or for a girl

The nursery is a special room, the design of which should be radically different from the rest of the rooms in the house or apartment. If your child is offshore, why not use this concept? Making a pirate-style, perhaps, the best option for the young filibuster. Yo-ho-ho, as they say, but do without a bottle.

The erroneous opinion that only boys would like such décor. Girls are also not averse to get the bed-room in the sea performance. The main thing is to ask them about it.

Key elements

What kind of interior can be called sea, and what attributes personify it? The decor, at a minimum, implies:

  • water, both real and drawn;
  • sea ​​elements that can be made with your own hands, or purchased in a souvenir shop;
  • ship tackle in the pirate spirit;
  • marine inhabitants of all stripes;
  • appropriate color techniques and materials.

Well, from the screw? We make a clear and structured design in the marine style. First, decide what elements you want to see in the room, as well as the decor, accessories and other little things that complement the picture.


It is worth starting with these elements. The wall should be monophonic, although you can dilute one color with 1-2 shades, but do not overdo it with contrast. Often the design involves the use of tones such as:

  • blue;
  • ocher (sand);
  • brown;
  • white.

Variations on the theme of the set. You can take a ready-made solution in the style of "Finding Nemo", or "Underwater Tale". Although these techniques are suitable for the little ones. For older children, you can use the decor in the spirit of "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Treasure Island" or "Odyssey of Captain Blood."

On the other hand, nothing prevents you from decorating the walls in a pirate style on your own. The elements, on the whole, are not intricate: jolly Roger, several interesting characters that can be painted on the walls yourself, as well as old Pugh, where can one go without him. One of the walls can decorate a real treasure map. You can draw it yourself, or attract your child, which will be very interesting to take part in the process of creating a nursery.

Shelves, niches and wall cabinets can be made in the form of sails. It will look very unusual and interesting. Moreover, the design of the room contributes to this. Another thing is that such furniture will have to be ordered. Do not save on the health of the baby, choosing cheap materials. Prefer the tree. First, it will last longer, preserving the original appearance. Secondly, where did you see the corsairs plowing the seas on the chipboard from chipboard?


Now let's talk about the floor. On the seagoing ship all the masts are wooden, but you should not blindly follow the canons of filibuster. As a floor covering, you can choose:

  • textured laminate;
  • carpet;
  • carpet paths;
  • floorboard.

Marble floor and linoleum disappear immediately. The first option is extremely expensive and cold, and a cold child with chronic bronchitis is far from what we want. Linoleum is toxic in nature and is suitable for corridors and kitchens, but not for a nautical-style children's cabin.

But the laminate and parquet - that's it. These materials are warm and perfectly recreate the deck texture. In addition, they can lay their own hands, greatly saving on installation.


Follow the originally conceived concept when choosing materials for the ceiling. Its design should match the other elements. If you decide to design the interior of a nursery in the form of a ship with sails, then from above you should “look” at the clear sky and the sun. The picture can be painted with your own hands, or use the help of the artist.

For the ceiling suitable materials such as:

  • PVC film;
  • drywall;
  • suspended structures;
  • plaster and putty.

Remember that the stretch ceiling is not a banal stretched film around the perimeter of the room. She can be given notes in a marine style by ordering a themed print. Especially popular is the "starry sky", which will radically change the interior. Your little corsair on his pirate ship can "plow the seas" even at night.

Furniture and accessories

When the preliminary preparation of the nursery is finished, you can proceed to the purchase of furniture and accessories, which, by the way, can be done with your own hands, with the support of the child. Stop the choice on high-quality natural materials. The only thing that comes to mind when the word "natural" - the tree, on which we dwell. Its advantages:

  • hypoallergenic;
  • strength;
  • durability;
  • aesthetic beauty;
  • resistance to damage.

Just want to say that the furniture is better to order "for growth", because children grow quickly, and on frequent changes in the interior and beds, you can go broke. In this case, it is absolutely not necessary to reproach him with the fact that the bed or the nightstand is expensive. This will only cause misunderstanding and children's fears of possible damage.

Of the necessary elements in the pirate lair should be present:

  • bed
  • chiffonier
  • nightstand
  • desk
  • some chairs

Everything else for the boy is not necessary. Children are very active, so you should not clutter up the room. Take this into account when developing the design and interior of the nursery.

As for accessories. Of course, furniture factories are ready to develop a pirate-style bed, creating a kind of ship with anchors, a steering wheel, and other attributes. But if you don’t want to blindly follow your own idea and are afraid that the child’s nautical-style interior may become boring, use the universal design technique, complementing a standard bed or table with hanging elements made with your own hands. They, in consequence, can be removed, turning the room into the most ordinary.

As a useful and functional accessories, you can use a hammock, stretched around the wall. On it, the child will happily rest, feeling like a seaman on a long journey. Curtains can be given the appearance of sails, developing in the wind. And at the end of the bed, fasten the steering wheel and the bell, screwing the anchor and guides to the side. And do not forget to buy a cocked hat in the spirit of a pirate or peakless cap. The remaining additional elements and decor that turns the interior in a nursery in a nautical style into a true semblance of a schooner, use at your discretion.


When creating an optimal interior, parents are often addicted, overfilling the room with unnecessary elements or getting carried away with the game of colors. Remember that blue and blue are cold shades, so excessive use of them is fraught with unpleasant consequences. The child simply does not want to live in such a room.

Do not overdo it with the design. Sea creatures and inhabitants - it is beautiful, but the abundance of fish, pirates, ships and other elements will put an end to the decor. Furniture should not be strict and clerical, but over-styling is also destructive. If you think that the stand, symbolizing the life preserver, will very creatively stand out against the background of the overall design, then you are greatly mistaken. First of all, you need to think about functionality.