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Variants of countertops in the kitchen of natural material, plastic or glass (23 photos)


The worktop in the kitchen is an important and even integral part of the furniture. It is also the main element of home design and the kitchen interior in general. At the same time, any types of kitchen worktops are subjected to a mass of tests: they are washed a hundred times, put hot and cold on them, touched with heavy and sharp objects, and the like. So how to choose a countertop for the kitchen so that it meets the necessary criteria for the hostess?



Variants and types of countertops are huge, but all of them in the interior of a small kitchen must meet certain requirements:

  1. impact and heat resistance;
  2. resistance to moisture, including temperature changes;
  3. resistance to abrasion and damage, dirt, stains and odors;
  4. the material should provide simplicity and accessibility of cleaning, the possibility of using abrasive and chemical household detergents;
  5. countertop material must not absorb condensation and grease;
  6. functionality, beauty and aesthetics in the interior of a small kitchen.




How to choose the color of the tabletop to the headset?

  1. A white kitchen set is best suited neutral countertop, which is made of stone or wood, or color and pattern imitates them. For a white kitchen, it is preferable to choose the cold color of the stone: gray or black. If the material imitates wood, then it is better to select light options. A kitchen with a dark wood top will “crush” the white kitchen, as a result of which it will lose a significant proportion of its finesse.
  2. Beige furniture is best complemented by a tabletop in the color of chocolate or dark wood, which will shade the facades. You can do the opposite: beige tabletop and brown facades.
  3. The beige and white kitchen can be complemented by a worktop, the color of which is almost identical to the facades. Thanks to this approach, a bright kitchen will preserve visual lightness, its “weightlessness” and “fragility”. The beige composition will make it possible to introduce a certain character of femininity in a small kitchen.
  4. Kitchen with a black countertop will play the opposite role. Bright kitchen will become more brutal. A white kitchen with a black worktop will highlight the purity of the color of the facades, as well as provide a contrast effect. A beige or cream kitchen can be complemented by a countertop in natural dark wood color. At the same time, the best option for a white headset is a wooden tabletop for a black kitchen. Black countertops for kitchens are a luxury option for white kitchens. Such kitchen furniture looks expensive and elegant.
  5. Black kitchen set is better not to complete the black table top, as the furniture will turn out too dark and dark.
  6. Kitchen options with gray facades are equipped with white, gray and black countertops. Look great in a small kitchen tops made of natural marble and other stones in achromatic colors.
  7. For a small kitchen with facades in natural wood color, it is better to use types of wood, cream and white countertops - differing by several colors or the same. Expensive furniture from the natural array can be equipped with a stone countertop with the appropriate pattern and color.
  8. Countertops in a green kitchen are never green. These are mainly shades of gray, white and black gloss. Not bad in the green kitchen will look tabletops under the tree of medium, light and even dark shades. However, if you want something special, then you should consider the options are not bright blue tones.






Countertops made of granite, marble and artificial stone

  1. Granite countertops are quite demanded, they represent a heat-resistant, wear-resistant and beautiful surface for everyday use. Granite countertops practically do not need special care. Therefore, they will perfectly find their place in the interior of a small kitchen. The material can be treated once a year using protective impregnation, which will relieve the surface of stains and bacteria. Granite countertops can be of different colors, so that they will look good in the interior of a different kitchen.
  2. Countertops made of natural marble stone are especially beautiful in the kitchen. The surface of the marble stone is cool and smooth, it is ideal for rolling out dough. However, marble is a rather expensive material.
  3. Countertops made of artificial stone are a combination of the beauty of natural stone with hygienic and durable surface, the material does not absorb solvents and moisture, does not leave stains. In popularity in the interior of a small kitchen, they are not inferior to granite and marble. The material of the table tops is resistant to heat, dirt, scratches, does not require careful maintenance.






Bar counter

If you have a corner kitchen, the bar counter will be a good help in organizing space. The bar counter is becoming increasingly popular among designers. In modern interior design the bar counter is any elongated tabletop on the console or without classic legs. The bar counter is complemented by bar stools with a bar or high stools. It can be a table top attached to a wall, as well as a rack-island, placed in the center of the room. The bar counter, complementary to the kitchen set, is usually fixed on the supporting pipe-support, it is attached to the floor and plays the role of a console. At the same time, in the interior of a small kitchen the bar counter can harmoniously continue the set even without a tube-support.

If you have a corner kitchen, the bar counter is the perfect solution. The corner kitchen with a bar counter can unobtrusively fit into even a modest space. The bar counter not only does not hurt, but even works well, it can act as an additional work surface or a dining table.






Glass worktop

In the interior of the kitchen for worktops, you can use different materials, but glass deserves special attention here. At first glance, the glass table top seems to be a fragile material, but modern processing methods make it possible to subject it to frequent and severe effects. At the same time, the glass tabletop can fit into any situation, especially if it is supplemented with other glass parts: glass panels, apron and shelves.

One of the main advantages of the glass tabletop is its exclusivity, including the furnishings that are formed indoors thanks to this detail. This design solution perfectly combines practicality with an aesthetic component. There are no seams in the glass where mold could appear and dirt remains. Glass tabletop - a great option for allergies.