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Kitchen with an island in the interior (25 photos): options for countertops and location


Stylish, elegant, practical, and creative, and functionally looks on each kitchen area of ​​the island. Why do they equip him? For the most beneficial use of kitchen space. Still? As a tribute to the style of ethno, eco, rustic, and even today it is even classical, thus highlighting its own excellent taste. And it’s easy to agree with the fact that the kitchen with the island always attracts with the depth of expression, compliance with the design, with the original solution. Would you like this? Try it! It turns out!




Attention! An important factor, or taking into account the kitchen area

Modern kitchen with an island means considerable space. It is difficult to equip the territory of a one-room apartment or a room of a small square. The minimum area to create such a kitchen in the house - from 25 square meters. Of course, you can create an island of 1 square meter and on an area of ​​15 square meters. m. But? ...

Also in the case of a small area, it is worth considering not only the aesthetic component, but also practical and safe. Usually the distance from the island to any of the kitchen walls is 1 m. Everything should be at hand in the area of ​​the “working triangle” and at the same time look neat. This leads to the simplicity and ease of movement of the hostess from the refrigerator to the sink and the hob. But the distance from the island to the dining group should be at least 1.4 m. In this case, each family member / guest can comfortably sit at the table. And they will not be afraid to spill hot soup in case you need to quickly get up from the table. Particular attention to the materials and the location of the elements should be paid where the family has small children. In a word, competent arrangement of the kitchen island in the interior is a painstaking plan. Therefore, the possibility of its implementation is worth considering in advance.




The kitchen design with the island you conceived has a number of advantages no matter what style of interior you choose. Moreover, these are not only functional components, but also components of harmony and beauty. So, the kitchen with the island is:

  1. Separate work area. This division of kitchen space will allow you to use the basic kitchen set not only for storing food / household utensils or space for all kinds of household appliances, but also your favorite collection of clay plates or tea sets. And the island will serve directly as a venue for making masterpieces.
  2. Additional storage. Regardless of whether your island enters - washing / drying or chopping surface / oven / extractor, under them there is a place for pots / pans / small items needed in the kitchen.
  3. Seats / area for children. If the size of your kitchen allows, or, for example, it is combined with the living room or dining room, the kitchen table-island will become a place to receive guests at a dinner party and you do not worry about where to sit them. Round large or rectangular classic islands of the kitchen, their different height / size is a great option for kids. They are here - new mother's dishes in absorption and celebration / other holiday.







An important point is the planning of the kitchen with the island, which should begin when the house is built or when it is overhauled. After all, you need to take into account many little things / details / nuances.

First, you need to decide on the components of the kitchen island. It can be a working area - with a cutting surface, washing and drying, mobile cabinets can be installed on the table. Another option is an oven with an extractor on one side and a dinner group on the other.

Secondly, take care of engineering systems and communications. They must be brought to the center of the kitchen in advance so that later there are no problems. As an option - the height of the floor will be slightly raised above the main surface. That is, the island will stand on a kind of podium.

Thirdly, it is the choice of materials. It is not necessarily significantly spent. The manufacturers offer is a democratic option in the form of various hard-alloy plastics of different colors, the average price level is granite or other colored concrete tops / surfaces, the premium option is natural stones as surfaces and wood as facades.






Memo to the innovator, or another option

The kitchen island can serve as an element of division of several functional zones. And they can easily and simply become a bar, for example, separating the living room and kitchen or kitchen and dining area. Go to the question carefully and select the bar stand, inside which you can put the dishes / put other stuff, and decorate the top with special stands for glasses / piles / glasses. So you will make the kitchen not only practical, but also stylish. The option is optimal for young families who are often visited by guests - there will be no place behind the bar counter!

Kitchen island mobility is a unique offer of modern manufacturers. The whole secret - in the wheels on the legs of the bar / desktop / dresser. This option will serve as an additional reception area in case of a celebration / event in the house square. Still? A side addition to the work area, for example, at the time of a picnic in the yard: it will be easier to assemble these dishes of an arbitrary buffet!

At the same time, a mobile kitchen island can be made of various shapes and sizes: in accordance with the pieces of furniture of the main kitchen unit in the kitchen / dining group or in full contrast to it in size / shape / color. The contrast option will be interesting to look in the kitchen, created in the style of eco-pastel shades or where there is a calm atmosphere. The facades of the table-island can be decorated with stucco, stained glass, other bright decorative elements in order to make the island in the kitchen even more expressive.

Design features - shelves, drawers, sliding systems will become not only functional "chips", but also decorative. You can beat them in different ways so that the interior becomes more attractive, more interesting, more special! And you will be surprised at how you previously could exist without an island in the midst of your kitchen ...