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The advantages and scope of the Green board panels (21 photos)


Among the various materials for the construction of low-rise buildings, the Green board fibrolite plates deserve the attention and praise of construction companies. Their production is based on the use of compressed and hardened mixture consisting of Portland cement, liquid glass and wood wool, which is a fiber of hardwood and coniferous trees, up to 25 cm long. The green board panels are environmentally friendly innovative materials and confidently occupy their niche in areas of industrial low-rise housing. In terms of flexural strength and compression, they have no analogues.





Innovative building material combines excellent performance and low cost. Greenboard panels have several advantages. Their list includes:

  • compliance with the requirements of international quality standards, environmental and fire safety, sanitary rules and regulations;
  • strength, elasticity of the structure and identity of the wood;
  • the ability to produce vulture panels based on fiberboard plates;
  • long service life of the material, exceeding the century boundary;
  • ease of installation during the construction of the exterior walls of low-rise buildings and the cost of mounting;
  • processing convenience;
  • small weight of panels, practicality, reliability;
  • high strength of the material, allowing it to withstand heavy loads;
  • resistance to corrosion, open fire, corrosive chemical environments, spores of fungal pathogens, mold;
  • no risk of deformation of the walls during the construction of the house in regions characterized by low temperature conditions and high humidity;
  • excellent heat and sound insulation properties;
  • reasonable price of fibrolitovy panels.

The composition of an innovative building material contains no harmful components and formaldehyde, the concentration of which in OSB boards varies from 6-10 mg per 100 g of material. The use of fiberboard panels Green board allows you to increase the seismic resistance of buildings.




Spheres of application

The universal performance characteristics of a wood wool-based construction material predetermined the opportunity to build high-quality, comfortable, cozy homes and other construction sites in any climatic zone of the country and beyond. Scope of application of Greenboard fibreboard are:

  • construction of supporting structures in frame housing construction;
  • sheathing of exterior wall surfaces, partitions, roofs, ceilings, attics, basements to ensure a high level of sound absorption, noise and heat insulation;
  • arrangement of permanent formwork using heavy concrete;
  • the creation of protective screens necessary to reduce the noise level near railways and highways;
  • installation of suspended ceilings that combine a high level of sound absorption and design ideas to create an original interior in the premises;
  • production of environmentally friendly vulture panels;
  • ensuring fire safety of industrial buildings, industrial buildings;
  • ground floor insulation.

For finishing finishing of the fibrolitovy plates used for warming of external wall surfaces, it is authorized to carry out facing by a front brick and a stone, a siding, plaster with the subsequent painting. For the completion of rough maintenance works inside rooms, it is recommended to apply wall plastering with clay-based mortars.

The use of fiberboard for the installation of partitions provides an opportunity to build structures up to 3 m high and 3-4 m long without using frame walls. Alabaster (gypsum) solutions, which contain 20-30% lime, are recommended for connecting the Green board. Laying fibrolitovogo building materials on the base of the roof of the house provides an opportunity to prepare the surface for the installation of roofing materials, including their roll-up deposited varieties.



Criteria for selection of fiberboard plates

In the building materials market, various brands of fiberboard can be purchased: GB1, GB2, GB 3, GB450, GB600, GB1050, which differ in a number of performance characteristics. The criteria for their selection include:

  • scope: external or internal works;
  • thickness, density, moisture, swelling, water absorption;
  • flexural and compressive strength;
  • modulus of elasticity, thermal conductivity and vapor permeability;
  • hardness and specific heat;
  • product price.




Considering such distinctive characteristics of the material, it is always possible to choose the best type of Green board slab for carrying out exterior, interior decorating, wall insulation, roofing, and premises.




Production stages

The construction of low-rise houses made of panels based on Green board slabs is a rational and cost-effective solution that combines environmental cleanliness, fire safety, and excellent performance. The manufacturer of building fiber plates with a high degree of ecological purity is the company "Building Innovations". Production began in 2007 at the plant, built on an area of ​​35 hectares, in the Vladimir region. The stages of the production of Green boards from hardwood and coniferous wood include:

  1. delivery of timber and its unloading on the site with a solid fire-resistant coating;
  2. sorting of raw materials by length, thickness, breeds and purpose on a special line of piece log output with an automated control system;
  3. submission by the loader of sorted raw materials to the receiving device of the debarking machine or to the drive for its storage;
  4. removal of curvature, knots, and other defects on rejected logs;
  5. bark removal and cutting into 2-meter blanks with their subsequent sorting and storage to level the moisture content of wood for the spring-summer period;
  6. cut into blanks, length of 0.5 meters and their subsequent laying in metal containers;
  7. planing of wood into fibers 25 cm long, 1-3 mm thick;
  8. wetting and mineralization of wood wool, subsequent shipment of white and gray cement to the lines;
  9. mixing components of fiber mix in a mixer, controlled by an electronic dosing system;
  10. uniform distribution of the mixture on pallets, sealing edges, cutting and pressing plates to a predetermined thickness on hydraulic presses, fixation and primary hydration in special forms;
  11. automatic disassembly of pallets and carrying out secondary hydration;
  12. drying, grinding, trimming the edges of the plates, trimming and painting the plates.

High-tech equipment for painting an innovative material by spraying allows you to get high-quality coating of plates for finishing ceilings and walls in rooms. Painted products after drying in the chambers, is collected in piles and sent to the packaging department.




The use of Green board plates makes environmentally friendly, comfortable, safe, energy-efficient housing accessible to the public. Buy high quality building material and make your dreams of building come true!