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The frame for the mirror in the interior (54 photos): original decors


To make an interior special means to make it individual, unique, different from others. And this can help not only designer things that are solid. Such an inconspicuous trifle, as a frame for a mirror, can be a masterpiece, overshadow luxury items of furniture or exclusive textiles. The main thing is complete conformity with the style, handy materials, the share of creativity and the warmth of your own heart. And your friends will be asked to do the same!







The unfriendly mirror in the MDF frame a few years ago was a mandatory attribute item in the hallway, living room and even the bathroom. Its function was only practical, no hint of aesthetics, brightness and style. Thanks to fantasy, today you can create with your own hands true magic, a romantic miracle or a fine thread of sophistication and aristocracy. And for this it is not necessary to spend much money!




In this case, the frame will be:

  • decorative piece of furniture. It will emphasize the special style of the interior of a particular room, give a piece of luxury and chic, created according to your own desire. The frame will become a link not only between itself and the interior, but also between it and the mirror. And, as you know, a mirror is a magical thing that fulfills desires;
  • element of mood. Each family member and guest of your home will be fascinated, bewitched and mesmerized by a stylish item decorated with your own hands. Framing the mirror will allow you to relax, make a wish, build a whole castle of ideas and plans;
  • fantasy component. We decided to make a facelift in order to change the style of rustic to high-tech? Replacement of finishing materials, another furniture set and a new frame for the mirror - and a new style is ready even without a design project!











The purpose of each of the rooms and the frame for the mirror: the point of contact

Deciding to create a frame of wood with your own hands, or using forged elements, or from a mosaic, or from newspaper tubes, pay attention to the functional features of the rooms for which the mirror is intended. Only in this way it is possible to choose the best options for materials and fasteners designed to serve as long as possible.




Transform a mirror in the frame MDF can be a few hours. The main thing - the choice of materials and knowledge of the basics of technology. With the latter there will be no hassle thanks to the Internet, and the first is natural materials.

Wood frame

Classic interior in natural colors will easily decorate the mirror in a wooden frame. To do this, you can decorate the frame with natural veneer or order an ornament from an array. At the same time, veneer pattern or carving can serve as decoration.

Know how to handle the tool yourself? Then the ornament and floral tunes are perfect for natural styles, vegetable tunes for historical ones, strict lines of drawing or abstraction for modern ones.

The color of the wood frame will also matter. And if it seems to someone that the natural color of wenge, ash, oak cannot be changed, it is impossible to believe in it! It is easy to achieve a milky, dark, peach or olive shade of the frame, just paint it. To create a true masterpiece will help one of the techniques of aging wood, for example, craquelure. And the grid of wrinkles-webs will remind you of the luxury of bygone days!






Metal frame

Metal as an ornament is monumentality, a certain detachment and coldness. It is reliable, practical, durable, so it is ideal for minimalism or functional style. The frame-decoration can be represented by a monochrome canvas without any decorative inclusions. Color - silver, turquoise, brandy and coal black.

Forged frame with ornate pattern, national ornament, unique pattern is a tribute to one of the historical styles. Add zest to the color and you get a frame for a rustic or Provence style, for example. Simple and stylish, bright and original, fascinating!




Your choice is an easy Provence style, aerial ethno, good-natured country. Here the relevant materials and decorations that are in your home and your own efforts. Take yourself a place for creativity and create an extraordinary frame!



Ceiling plinth or molding - this is a simple option, with which you can practice in the elegance of the frame for the mirror. You can choose a plinth with a pattern-pattern and protruding elements, wide or narrow, paint it in a monochrome shade or several colors. At the same time do not forget that the plinth can be the basis for decorating. For example, by attaching beads, feathers, coins, buttons, rhinestones to the plinth, you will get a bright solution for the chebbi-chic style, and a sea tune will help you create shells, pebbles, pebbles, dried seaweed and even colored sand. A little workout - and a wonderful masterpiece is ready!






Mosaic and pieces of ceramic tiles - a great option for natural styles. At the same time, such materials are always in the house, and to create a single ornament from them, a mini-picture is still magic! The use of dry flower buds, ribbons, beads, elements of embroidery, lace in the decoration of frames is a charming option for ethno or eco style, old styles that require wealth, luxury from simple objects, a single style. The monochromatic tone of the frame is a harmonious idea of ​​the interior, while different colors and shades are an opportunity to make a frame with a mirror the main decorative object, the base, the starting point. That element that will overshadow everything!



A kind of vinaigrette: for those who are not afraid of fusion, art deco and the like

A mdf frame mirror can be easily converted in case you are not afraid of experiments. Boldly and defiantly will look a mirror in a frame of wooden clothespins or pieces of old CDs. To do this, they are enough to glue on the existing base. An interesting option is carton-packing for eggs, from each cell of which you can create a rose flower and even a piece of textured wallpaper. The main thing - bright decorative "chips" and competent fastening.



Frame shelf is an original idea for those who love practicality and functionalism. At the same time the frame shelf can be absolutely different forms - rectangular, oval, square or round. In some cases, it is the shape of the frame that will help to highlight the mirror in the interior, making it part of the overall style of the room. Materials - old pocket-sized books, boxes of the same size, other bulky items that can serve as a basis.

And the frame became attractive, original, fantastic!