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Outdoor flower stands in the interior (74 photos)

Potted flowers are beauty and comfort in a home. They give pleasure to the eyes, as well as fill the room with oxygen, taking carbon dioxide. Flowers give positive energy and are good for health.

Houseplants often play the role of a doctor and help fight diseases. For example, primrose is used for skin diseases, aloe vera is used for colds, geranium is useful for those who suffer from insomnia and nervous disorders.

In order for the flowers to effectively decorate the house, they take root in it well and delight you with their charm, they must be properly positioned in the room. Sills are often not enough for this, and the plants there are not always comfortable: in hot weather there is a lot of sun, and in winter they can suffer from the cold.

The best way out is to buy a floor stand for flowers. Stands not only help arrange the flowers, but also decorate the interior.

The stores offer a wide selection of such products, we give some tips on what you need to pay attention to when buying them and what types of supports are on sale.

Types of coasters for indoor plants

Correctly chosen floor coasters for indoor flowers will be practical and stylish products that will give your room design a chic and noble look.

They differ in shape and color, in production, in functionality and structure. Buyers are offered these types of coasters:

  • stationary floor - they are made in the form of hinged shelves with strong vertical support. The base can be movable or fixed. In one set several shelves can be connected, on which you place a certain number of florists;

  • shelves - standard products have a rectangular shape, they are similar to tall cabinets with open shelves. Modern models are made in the form of rounded structures, the base of which is oval or round;

  • mobile - they are offered in different forms, may have moving parts, consist of several tiers. Such constructions are necessarily carried out on castors, it allows to transport indoor plants in the space of the house;

  • non-standard models of stands - unusual shapes and colors of products will allow you to choose them to your liking, to choose for any interior. These are racks with hook-on elements and ornate supports, bright products of contrasting colors. They are distinguished by originality and creativity.

Properly combine indoor plants and coasters

When buying floor coasters, consider exactly which indoor flowers you will have on them. Classic accessories are usually designed for one pot, their height ranges from 10-70 cm.

At higher altitude have plants with long stems or leaves that hang down. Thus, the flowers will not take up much space in the room, they will be able to grow freely. Among such representatives of the flora - ficuses, palms, dracaena, patifilliums. For large pots, it is typical to use a rack-plate of impressive diameter - up to 35 cm.

If the space of the room is limited, we recommend the use of tower structures - angular or ordinary. They will put at once several flowerpots, will allow to create an attractive flower composition. It depends on the peculiarities and size of the stand which types of indoor plants you place on it.

The main thing is that the flowers do not interfere with each other and do not create a shadow. Such a flower stand will fit in the corner of the room or on the balcony. Designs are spiral and straight. In a small space, they allow you to install a significant number of pots.

No less relevant will be at home and decorative stands, slides. On such designs, you can hoist 2-5 vases, the most optimal number of 2-3 flowers. Available in stores products of different dimensions and layout. They can be made in the form of the Eiffel Tower, a carriage or a peacock tail. This is a great gift for a professional grower.

Interested flower growers and stand-screen. It will allow to divide the room into zones, decorate a large living room, free the windowsill from the pots of flowers.

Material for making flower stands

Produce flower stands from different materials. The most commonly used wood, metal, glass, plastic, stone.


This is the most common material that manufacturers use to design coasters. Especially beautiful and presentable looks forged stand. A florist will be able to place up to 12 flowerpots with flowers on one metal structure, as it is strong and stable.

Forged flower stands are of different types and styles. They are great for home use. Forms of forged accessories can be very different and unusual - in the form of a carriage, heart, pyramid, treble clef. Fantasy manufacturers here is limitless.

Among the disadvantages of the forged product is its high cost. After all, the metal itself has a considerable price, to which is added the work of the master. If you have a metal structure in your house, try to protect it from water. Especially if on such a stand there are places with damaged paint - the process of rusting can begin.


Flower stands made of wood are a cheaper equivalent of forged products.

With their help, it is really wise to organize the space, in one zone arrange several vases with flowers at once. They are used in the style of the interior Provence, to create a minimalist design. A design made in the form of several steps is ideal for the interior in the style of a loft and high-tech.

The wooden stand is perfectly complemented by metal elements, for example, supporting tubes. They reinforce the structure and give it an elegant look.

Wicker wooden coasters are also used at home; they are especially good for country-style rooms. But such a stylish accessory can not withstand great weight, small flowerpots with flowers are quite suitable in the design of the composition.


A very interesting and justified solution for decorative home decoration is a glass stand for flowers. It will create a beautiful tandem: a harmonious combination of plants and breathable, space-expanding material - glass.

Glass coasters come in different shapes and colors, decorated with a pattern and monophonic. Orange, sky blue, white - they will set off the green leaves of the plants, create a wonderful mood and bring a smile. Glass products are suitable for decorating any style of the room, because this material is universal. Complement such products metal or forged items.


This plastic material can take any form and design. From it produce bright products - large and small in size. Find for themselves a suitable accessory will be able both experienced flower growers and those who consider a low price a priority in choosing a product.

Among the shortcomings of plastic products - their fragility. Therefore, during their use must be careful. Among the positive aspects of plastic - insensitivity to water, as well as mechanical damage.

Most often, in order to achieve an optimal result during the production of flower stands, several materials are combined in one design. Combine glass, metal, wood, plastic. The buyer makes the choice depending on his taste and the cost of the product.

What is important flower stands

In winter, sunlight is very important for plants, which is not enough. To solve this problem easily with the help of stands. They can be placed in any part of the room, closer to the sun. Thus, the plants get the right amount of solar energy, do not overload your window sill.

Flowers will be close to natural growth conditions. With the help of tiered stands, they are located on different peaks, without interfering with each other. This will create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere in the house.

What to look for when choosing coasters for indoor plants

You can give preference to stationary stands or choose a design on wheels. Corner products are easy to use - they can be placed in a room even with limited space.

There are simple rules that should be followed when choosing a floor stand for flowers, among them:

  1. Accessory should you like the appearance and its characteristics. If you make a purchase through an online store, then consider the product photo. Using it you will understand what the main parameters and features of the product are.
  2. Dimensions and dimensions of the structure - they will also affect your choice. At home, measure the area on which you want to install a floor stand for flowers. Also measure out the height of the largest plant that you are going to put on the top shelf. It should be convenient for you to take care of it, water it, etc. If your cat lives at home, then keep in mind that she may be interested in the flower, and just dump it. In this case, you will not fit too high designs.
  3. Style, texture and color. The choice of these parameters is only your desire and taste. Pick them up for the design of the room so that the flower stand fits well with it. Neutral white, black or beige design will complement any interior. They can be glass, forged, plastic or made from other materials.
  4. For those who wish to have a mobile stand, you should choose a product on wheels. Then you can move it away or closer to the sun's rays - it all depends on the type of flower.
  5. The diameter of the plates and their number. Decide for a start exactly what indoor plants you will install on the structure. Measure their diameter. If the stand is wide, then a small pot will fit on it, but if on the contrary, then there may be a problem with its placement. Make your choice, taking into account these parameters.
  6. Ask the manufacturer of the goods. On sale are many products from completely different brands - domestic and foreign. It is extremely difficult to judge the quality of the product in appearance, it can be beautiful and stylish, but not always of high quality. Before buying, make sure that the manufacturer really works on the conscience. Read customer reviews on the Internet. They will help determine the purchase.

Buy only what you like so that the flower stand is practical, functional and design attractive. Designs are always useful to those who are engaged in the cultivation of indoor plants.