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Graffiti in the interior of the apartment (20 photos)


Graffiti is a relatively new style in the design of apartments. This type of art became widely popular in the early 80s, but then it was regarded as street hooliganism.

The design of the apartment with the elements of graffiti today is incredibly popular not only among young people, but also among older people. And this is not surprising, since, depending on the color scheme chosen, graffiti-wallpapers can be flashy, bright, childish, expressive or, on the contrary, calm and peaceful. In the latter case, graffiti acts as a background, on the basis of which the interior decoration is performed.

A room with graffiti is a unique atmosphere, stylish design and, of course, sophistication. Isn’t it a teenage dream? At the same time, it should be remembered that the living space softens the bold temper and tough moments of street art. Designers are not advised to use black graffiti or other dark shades at home. The most optimal solution is light tones that embody bright accents.



Why graffiti

The use of graffiti in the interior allows you to achieve several goals at once:

  • add a certain highlight to the interior of your house (for example, to a room for a teenager);
  • create color and visual accent in the room;
  • remove such wall decoration items as photographs, old wallpaper, posters, or children's paintings, without disturbing the integrity of home comfort;
  • without cluttering up the premises with unnecessary details and objects and not focusing on the usual wallpaper, create a complete design;
  • emphasize the zoning of the room;
  • correct obvious flaws in the room style, for example, visually reduce a room that is too long or, on the contrary, expand it if necessary.

Note: graffiti wallpapers can also be used to decorate furniture, which creates an emphasis on the decor in the room, not on the walls.





The main methods of interior design using graffiti

  • the use of spray paints and a special cartridge for drawing a picture;
  • creation of images according to the finished sketch with the use of rollers and brushes;
  • independent design of the background and playback of composite elements using a stencil;
  • the use of ready-made graffiti on the glue base and the drawing of elements in the required style.



Performance technique

  • Surface preparation. Of course, graffiti can be used on any surface and in any style, be it plastic or metal, children's or adult room, but nevertheless it is better to use spray paints on a plastered or primed surface.
  • Select a picture. Here you can give free rein to your own fantasies, but do not forget that it will be difficult for a newcomer to graffiti to portray a multifaceted image in a particular style. Having decided on the size, color and theme of the picture (for a boy or a girl), it is necessary to analyze how much it corresponds to the general style of the room.
  • Create a sketch. In this case, you need a special projector to transfer the image from the paper to the wall. If it is not there, then a ruler and a pencil will come to the rescue - it is required to divide the entire surface into equal squares, and then, using a level, transfer the sketch to the wall.
  • The use of special materials: a respirator, gloves and a palette of spray paint cylinders.
  • Making the contour and other small parts using special nozzles for cylinders. Elements less than 1 cm paint special brushes and markers.




The main thing is that they are not afraid of decisions shocking at first sight. With the help of experiments you can create an incredibly stylish design.

  • Before you start painting the walls in the room for a teenager and not only, using the technique of graffiti-wallpaper, it is necessary to understand how the apartment will look like after repair from various angles. If the image occupies the entire surface of the wall, then before starting work it is necessary to process it with acrylic paint.
  • The design of the room in the marine style allows you to use graffiti, which goes from vertical walls to the floor, and then to the ceiling.
  • Volumetric drawings can be painted on a brick or concrete base, on decorative plaster, a smooth surface, plastic, metal, etc.
  • With the help of graffiti, it is easy to hide all the flaws in the interior: protruding bumps, irregularities, pits.

Special chic in the design of the apartment will add the alternation of painted sconces, lamps, fan blades and doors to the cabinets. All these elements are guaranteed to attract attention!