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Chairs for a small or large kitchen (23 photos)


Furniture in the kitchen is an important component along with kitchen utensils and household appliances. And if the working surfaces are important, to a greater extent, for the hostess, then each member of the family and the guest will appreciate the convenience and practicality of the kitchen chairs. How to do so, to get "to the point" when purchasing chairs for the kitchen? Pay attention to important aspects and not.



What to consider when choosing, or a feature of the kitchen chair

Choosing chairs for the kitchen, remember the functional purpose of the room. Here the hostess creates masterpieces for every day and for the holidays, so she should have everything at hand, convenient and comfortable. But at the same time it is the kitchen in the house that is the territory in which the family and your friends spend the maximum time. Therefore, the furniture should choose not only reliable, but also exquisite so that it pleases the eye and reveals the whole range of tactile sensations.

Quality chairs for the kitchen - it's elegance, luxury and beauty. Reliability and durability, ease of care and high loads of the kitchen chair also has not been canceled. Therefore, when making a choice in favor of a plastic, wooden version or a variant on a metal frame, it is worth considering:

  1. Type of chair. There are only 2 options - hard and soft. Each has its own drawbacks and advantages; therefore, we evaluate, compare, choose, and only after - acquire. Do not forget to take into account the ease of care, because the kitchen - it's fat spots, stains, crumbs with changes in humidity and temperature.
  2. Ergonomic shape. Lack of protruding parts, poorly fixed elements, sharp corners - and everyone who comes to your kitchen is safe. Neat sloping forms of kitchen chairs are especially relevant if the family has children or elderly parents. Your concern for them will be appreciated.
  3. Design features. For example, chairs for a small kitchen can be purchased folding or stackable for the greatest release of useful space. For the kitchen-dining room, in which it is customary to spend a lot of free time, you can choose chairs or chairs with high backs and armrests in order to avoid fatigue when sitting. Special options may be needed if children live in a house or apartment. Fortunately, manufacturers offer a lot of interesting options.
  4. Material. The endless assortment allows you to choose a chair "by yourself" and your own kitchen so that it will serve for a long time, and look attractive, and simply cope with the loads and the "responsibilities" assigned to it. Therefore, at your disposal wooden, metal, plastic and other options.
  5. Match the style of the room. The variety of models of kitchen chairs is luxurious. Therefore, to choose a chair for the kitchen in the style of Provence or Rustic, ethno or hi-tech, minimalism or Oriental is not difficult. And the kitchen, decoration materials, textiles will make up a harmonious tandem in the "heart" of the house!




Special attention or his majesty stool

No matter how good the leather chairs for the kitchen, the option of a metal case and a new-fashioned transparent plastic and even glass, the invariable leaders of the positions in the kitchen are stools. Standard classic version - a wooden stool without flowery and frills, made in natural color. Such an idea is the embodiment of natural and original styles. After all, who knows? Maybe that is why many prefer stools.

“Improved” stools from past times, which are metal legs and a fixed seat made of chipboard and plastic, are now distinguished by the refinement of lines, the best choice of materials and the same durable fastening. It remains to choose the color of the surface - and the stools will easily fit into the interior in modern styles, styles of historical eras or natural.

The love of stools is not only reliability, good quality, compactness and ergonomic shape, but also ease of care, mobility. In addition, the standard square shape is optimal for most stylized rooms.

Modern styles

Kitchens in the houses of old buildings is a small area. Therefore, the residents of such apartments prefer functionality and practicality, and put the decorative component in second place. That is why the majority of small kitchens are high-tech style and minimalism, in each of which everything is grand, strict, reserved, without frills.

For such kitchens, it would be a great idea to purchase chairs with seats made of transparent materials and chrome legs, which are ideal for modern styles, both in material choice and in color. Their harmony with the rest of the furniture, household appliances in the color "cold silver", blinds on the windows, the lack of accessories will be perfect.



Natural styles

Solid wooden chairs for the kitchen - this is an example for rustic or ethnic style. A minimum of decor, simplicity of form, “add-on” style, brandy, wheat or golden colors are in priority. An interesting "trick" lies in the fact that the best of the best for such styles will be a chair made with your own hands. And may he be a little awkward, but loved, peaceful and warm. And over time it will become a real rarity transmitted from generation to generation.



Natural, original styles

The ease, romance and airiness of your kitchen are eco, oriental, and Provence styles. Therefore, the chairs must be matched! In this design appropriate wicker chairs made of wicker or rattan handmade, stylish colors in olive, lilac, turquoise, terracotta, pink or white.

Wooden and wrought iron options for natural styles in the kitchen are more subtle work, flowing lines, national patterns and patterns. An excellent idea of ​​the model can be found in a specialized magazine and ordered by an experienced designer.

Creating a single background note with textiles in such a kitchen is easy. And all with the help of a chair! To do this, you can sew soft pillows with removable covers of the same fabric as the curtains on the windows or a tablecloth on the table, for example. Covers options can be by the number of curtain options.



Decoration of the chair: miracles happen

A stylish and eye-catching kitchen chair is not only a practical and reliable chair. This is the piece of furniture, which feels subtle feature. It can be expressed in coloring in a completely unthinkable color or decoration.