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Design red kitchen (18 photos): beautiful combinations and shades


When decorating the interior of the kitchen room can be used in different colors. This also applies to the red color, which many people think is “poisonous”. If the living room or bedroom in this color does not look too comfortable, then the red kitchen looks very unusual and beautiful, but when using this color in moderation. In this case, it will not irritate and tire you, but will become a bright accent of the room. And it does not matter whether the kitchen is used - direct or angular.

Advantages and disadvantages of a red kitchen

Psychologists are unanimous in the opinion that red is the color of positive. It contributes to the excitation of the nervous system, stimulation of blood circulation, stimulation of appetite and makes emotions brighter. But, like the living room, the kitchen in red is not suitable for everyone. Therefore, when ordering it, it is advisable to check whether you can be in such a bright room without damage to your health.

Red kitchen in the interior is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • If you are hypertensive. Red color contributes to an increase in pressure, so even in small kitchen accessories you should not abuse this color;
  • Headsets and furniture for the kitchen is desirable to perform in soothing colors if you are too tired at work or are often in stressful situations. Red only contributes to increased stress;
  • The one who watches over the figure, also should refuse a kitchen in red color. After all, it is an excellent appetite stimulant, so dieting will be difficult;
  • If the kitchen windows are facing the sunny side, then the red color will increase the overall feeling of heat and stuffiness. If you still want to make the room more bright, then the presence of air conditioning in it will not hurt;
  • A small kitchen should also be decorated with a set of neutral-colored facades. Active red visually narrows the room, contributing to the feeling of lack of air. Partially get rid of this effect is possible if a glossy surface is used. Also an exception is the kitchen-studio, with which the living room is combined. In this case, you can use the bar to divide the space.



Options for the use of red in the kitchen

Red colors can be used in the decoration of the kitchen room, as well as in the manufacture of facades. In the decoration it is used taking into account the dimensions of the room. If the kitchen is small, then it can be used locally, for example, a tile for an apron, an accent pattern in the design of walls, curtains, curtains or a dining table and chairs.

The walls in the room act as a kind of background. Most often they are decorated with wallpaper, although decorative plaster or tile can be used. Walls decorated with neutral light shades of cream, white, light gray, colors of milk chocolate or baked milk, etc. will be the ideal background. All this will reduce the aggressiveness of the red color and emphasize its dominant role in the interior. But it’s better not to experiment with the white floor and ceiling, as this will introduce excessive officiality and sterility to the interior.

If you do not want to play on contrasts, then you should choose white wallpaper for the red kitchen with more muted shades. For example, the original beige-gray color of the walls. It is interesting that such a neighborhood of colors is important for kitchen premises, made not only in a modern style, but also in a classic one. Also here you can experiment with delicious combinations of colors. Homemade create shades of caramel, milk chocolate and cinnamon. The fruit and berry combination also looks original, for example, if you include yellow shades of wallpaper in the interior.




Successful combinations of red in the interior of the kitchen

Black and red kitchen looks very elegant and stylish, because it is black that makes the depth of the red kitchen more spectacular. The main thing here is to choose the right proportions, since each of them is quite heavy. When finishing a room with such a headset, it is desirable to give preference to neutral colors of the ceiling and walls. It is in this interior that a stretch multi-level ceiling is better not to use, since it will look somewhat tasteless. The perfect combination in this case is the black floor and the bottom of the headset, the red top and light walls against the background. Pure gray wall will look faded, so it is desirable to add more bright accents to its design.



The unusual combination of colors with red

A very rare blue-red kitchen. It is difficult to work with such a combination, since blue is a cold color, and red is a more aggressive color. But the blue-red kitchen looks nontrivial and bright, which is perfect for those who want to get the original design. This is especially emphasized by the disproportionate use of shades - blue should prevail. The blue-red kitchen is often decorated with white or gray-marble countertops.