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Colonial style in the interior (20 photos): beautiful designs


Colonial style appeared in medieval Europe. Then "Old England", Spain, Portugal and America ruled the whole world, and their colonies were present on every continent. The conquerors brought with them not only a new language for Aborigines, a form of government and customs, but also their usual comfort. Gradually, the design has adapted to the conditions of the tropics. Decorative motifs smoothly flowed into the European direction.

The essence of the colonial style lies in the fact that there are no clear boundaries - the explicit zoning of rooms is not appropriate. On the contrary, the design provides for the maximum smoothing of all transitions. Often, designers use multi-level floors, screens, partitions, columns, and ceilings with all sorts of niches or differences for such a "soft" separation.

Luxury, restraint and tranquility are also pronounced in the color design of the colonial style. As a rule, for the decoration of the premises in this direction (Spanish or English colonial style) they use pastel light colors in the decoration of the walls and darker saturated colors in the furniture setting. Gold, olive, terracotta or the color of ocher and aged wood are also relevant here. But, again, all this does not mean that the colonial design does not allow the use of bright and rich decorative elements. The main thing is not to overdo it!

Colonial style in the interior is a unique combination of European classics and exotic. Therefore, it is quite acceptable in the decoration of premises wood species such as rattan, rubber, Asian walnut and yew. No less advantageous will look in this style and various natural materials: ceramics, clay, bronze or stone.

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of textiles and take into account a number of important points:

  • Design only in natural shades and colors, exotic patterns that imitate the color of a tiger, zebra, giraffe, leopard, etc. are also welcome.
  • All materials used should be natural: suede, leather, flax or wool.
  • The presence of carpets in the interior is also obligatory, as much as possible reflecting the color and culture of the chosen subject. These are fur products, resembling the skins of animals, and tracks with east or African animals, and many other items - the choice is unlimited.

Natural materials in the colonial style emphasize the luxury and charm of the decor, as well as create a unique color and overall unique design.




As for the wall decoration, the Spanish colonial style is considered to be the best option, and therefore wallpaper with all sorts of patterns. In addition, the use of plaster or wallpaper with a texture of bamboo or a natural fabric. No less impressive are the panels with massive ceiling eaves, as well as with original columns. Various pictures with specific symbols, natural motifs or depicting animals within the color of bronze and necessarily from natural wood will be suitable as decorating elements.

The design of the premises in the colonial style provides both plasterboard ceiling structures and wooden beams protruding into the room (living room, bedroom, etc.). The color of the ceiling can be exotic, for example, mahogany or classic white.

Furniture for the colonial interior is chosen only from natural materials (be it a kitchen, living room or bedroom). Textile or leather sofas, chairs with massive carved backs and soft seats, coffee and dressing tables with curved legs, four-poster beds and wicker chests that have a wooden frame and help not only convey the atmosphere inherent in this style, but also to achieve the most comfortable atmosphere for accommodation.

A bit of history: in the hot countries of that colonial era, four-poster beds were not aesthetics at all. The canopy protected its owner from a multitude of flying insects, and in order to not suffocate on stuffy nights only use transparent light fabrics.

The main thing here is an aesthetically literate and at the same time functional interior.

The colonial style in the interior is, above all, space and a large amount of light, whether it is the design of a bathroom, living room or bedroom. It is necessary to have huge windows that provide the maximum amount of sunlight in the room.

To the note: of course, the option with windows is appropriate only for private houses, but in apartments they usually solve the problem of lighting with the help of various light sources: floor lamps, chandeliers or antique lamps, wall lamps and spotlights.

Large and small items in large quantities, various souvenirs and figurines - the perfect decoration for the colonial style. No superfluous will also be all kinds of mirrors in carved frames, shamans masks, figures of animals and people.

And now it is worthwhile to consider in more detail the design of individual premises in the colonial style.

In this case, you can use both pastel colors and authentic combinations of gold with red or white with blue. The lower part of the bedroom will be favorably decorated with wooden panels, but it’s not worth decorating the whole room with them.

Special attention must be paid to the bed. As mentioned earlier, it should be voluminous and massive. A comfy dresser with a multitude of drawers, a three-fold wardrobe and a carved dressing table will not be superfluous for the colonial bedroom.



Living room

According to the designers, it is in the living room that the colonial style looks the most organic. Confident and calm design is conducive to communication, and also demonstrates the interests and tastes of the owners. As a decoration for the living room fit unique handmade items or exotic items from different countries.

Ceiling and wall decoration is best done in pastel colors. Bright curtains and motley natural carpets will help to revive the colonial interior of the living room. If you intend to install furniture in the room with textile upholstery, then its design should be in harmony with the rest of the fabric elements of the living room decor. All this will allow you to create a single, binding composition motif.




Colonial-style kitchen - unlimited space, concise and functional design. If the room is large, then you can place, for example, a carved kitchen set with an island, and hang up all the necessary kitchen items above it.