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Candles in the interior (19 photos): beautiful apartment decor


Today, the most diverse and surprisingly beautiful sconces, forged chandeliers, floor lamps, etc., are used to illuminate a house or apartment. But still, each of us understands that only candles in the interior can fill a room with comfort and warm it with a warm living flame.

When choosing a color scheme of candles, you need to remember that they must be ideally suited to the color of furniture and basic interior items: chandeliers, furniture, etc. In some cases, it is optimal to use the effect of contrasting colors - decorating candles in a room decorated in soothing and slightly muted colors.

Ornamental candles of white light, familiar to many, are a symbol of protection, spiritual purification and happiness. They fill the room with a fresh, cozy and clean atmosphere. Someone at all believes that such candles in the interior can heal spiritual wounds.




The basic rules for decorating the interior with candles

  1. The use of these accessories in any room (living room, kitchen, etc.) provides for moderation and maintaining a single style. The classic decor of the apartment can be supplemented with thin, long candles in a gilded massive candlestick (and large, massive chandeliers are also appropriate). If the room is made in the Baroque style, wall candles are suitable, as well as chandeliers decorated with flowers, forged candlesticks, figurines of people or interesting animals.
  2. Important: do not clutter up the interior, using large candles, it will make it vulgar and cheap.

  3. If it is necessary to decorate any holiday with “live” lighting, it is recommended to invite no more than six people to it, otherwise it will not work to create a special intimate atmosphere of the living room. The best option would be the decor of low thin products that will protect guests from accidental burns and allow them to see each other better.
  4. To get the maximum effect, designers recommend installing floor candles, as well as products in the original glasses, slightly drowning them in coffee beans, beans or small grains. In addition, you can perform the whole composition for the apartment - decorating the dish with candles with unusual beads, pebbles or some natural materials, for example, big cones, leaves or acorns.
  5. Candles on the table, must be lit - the only way to recreate the effect of a living and warm flame. But putting them on the living room table in the daytime is not recommended, since the fire will simply not be noticeable. Evening is a different matter. A pair of small candles in the center of the apartment and the same small forged table will fill the house with special charm and comfort.
  6. Choosing wall or other candles as an interior decoration, you must immediately decide on a candlestick. Competently chosen product will not only support floor candles and will not allow melted wax to flow out, but also make the decoration stylish and, most importantly, complete.




Candle holders

Today, for the manufacture of candlesticks used a variety of materials and decor: glass, brass, bronze, wood, silver, etc. You can make such a product on your own - from the most ordinary dough or clay. A very creative option, for example, for the living room.



Original Candelabra

It should be borne in mind that the main purpose of any modern chandelier is the stylistic addition and decoration of the interior of a living room or other premises, and not retaining functions. The size of this product depends on the number of candles used (as a rule, it is from 2 to 6 pcs.).

Candles can be placed in decorative shades from a wall chandelier. But you should know that quickly changing such a decor will not work - candlesticks mounted in chandeliers on the walls, as a rule, stay there for a long time.