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Embroidery in the interior (19 photos): modern design ideas

Decorative and applied art carries incredible value, experience and spirit of our ancestors. The use of various products from this direction in the interior enlivens the space and gives it comfort.

Special honor in the modern world again began to acquire embroidery in the interior. This rather laborious work is characterized by elegance and sophistication. Once embroidery was considered a family amulet, carefully kept and inherited. These were all kinds of napkins, towels, shirts, tablecloths. The girls spent months and even years to create such beauty. But over time, the woman began to distance herself from the home. Only units continued to embroider.

But despite this, the use of embroidered products in interior design of the apartment has an extraordinary popularity. The emergence of new types of embroidery, such as embroidery on wood, on wallpaper made of textiles, on furniture and dishes, diamond embroidery make it possible to choose products for the soul. Embroidered products will brightly fit into the interior of the ethno-style, country style, eco-style.

What interior details decorate embroidery most often?

Your house or apartment will play with new colors, if you use embroidery in their design - beautiful, stylish and elegant. Most often decorate it:

  1. Curtains, pillowcases, tablecloths and bedspreads.
  2. Embroidered paintings and icons.
  3. Floor mats, fabric ceiling lamps.
  4. Author's furniture of a different type for the house.

The main requirements in modern design for the use of embroidery:

  • the pattern on the wallpaper should not interfere with the embroidery composition. It is better to choose a coloring monophonic or with small drawing. It is advisable to use pastel colors;
  • Embroidery in the interior in the form of a picture looks good and easy. In this case, it should fit the theme of the selected room. Paintings with depicted fruits and vegetables will find a place in the kitchen, and flower arrangements will be perfectly arranged in the bedroom or living room;
  • need to carefully consider the location of the embroidery in the house. The choice of location depends on the size of the room, the furniture and the plot of the picture.

Embroidery can be placed in any room. There is a huge number of ideas for decorating an apartment using embroidery.

Using embroidery in the rooms of your home

To achieve maximum comfort and warmth in the bedroom, make an embroidered blanket, bed or blanket. Volumetric ornamental patterns will decorate a warm winter blanket, along with a hot cup of tea will warm you in cold winter time. Choose colors that are already available in the design to match the upholstery. For connoisseurs of refined and delicate things, it is proposed to choose products with monochrome embroidery. The image of white on white will look incredibly beautiful on the bed. And if you decorate the whole interior in gentle combinations, then use this type of embroidery on the curtains. It would be nice to choose and wallpaper made in this style.

For wall decoration, use paintings. They can be made with a cross, beads, ribbons, or a new type of embroidery - diamond. For a greater emphasis on the decor, choose paintings with beads or ribbons. As a supplement, place the lamps with embroidered lampshades. Another exciting idea would be to place embroidered boxes and caskets on the dresser or nightstand. They can store different things, decorations.

In the nursery there are a lot of ideas for using embroidery, even the most capricious kid and his parents can choose a design that they would like. Embroidered with a cross or bead pillows and blankets with the image of his favorite characters will be the most favorite things of the child. Babies love bright things, so hang cute paintings with brilliant diamond embroidery on the wall. They will bring an incredible radiance and fabulousness to a children's room.

The living room is also decorated with embroidery elements. It can be embedded in curtains, pillows, rugs, caskets. Use as decoration on mirrors, clocks, flower pots. The possibilities of decorating ideas are endless.

Kitchen decoration can be the richest in the use of elements with embroidery. There are many options to decorate. You can decorate the kitchen walls, curtains, aprons, towels, potholders, tablecloths, napkins. They can enrich the incredible beauty with patterns, create whole compositions. In the kitchen, all kinds of embroidery will look beautiful, even diamond. Also for the kitchen suitable designer dishes with imitation embroidery ornaments. The acquisition of embroidered sacks in the kitchen carries with it not only aesthetic, but also practical value. They can be used to store herbs, spices, nuts, etc.

In addition to the kitchen, the hallway and the corridor are also very suitable for the use of embroidered products. This is the place that the guest first meets when entering the house. And it should be especially warm and cozy. Most often hung pictures, embroidered cross. They can have a funny inscription inviting the guest to the apartment. And you can create a housekeeper with a facade, decorated with embroidery. It is also possible to decorate the mirror with embroidered ornaments.

Diamond embroidery and beadwork in interior design

Increasingly in modern design began to be used paintings with diamond embroidery and beads. They look more expensive and more elegant than works executed with a cross.

So what is diamond embroidery? This is a picture laid out manually with rhinestones. It requires a lot of hard work, but the result can only admire. Will suit the taste of lovers of bright and brilliant things, unexpected design decorations. Diamond embroidery looks expensive and rich. It is suitable for those owners who wish to stand out and show their individuality in the design of rooms.

Bead embroidery also requires a rather complicated work process. But it is used more often than diamond. For example, not only pictures can be decorated with beads, but also pillows with a blanket for sofas in the hall, and curtains. On sale you will find completely different types of embroidered paintings, napkins, textiles. Their subject matter is significantly different.

Home decoration embroidered for the holidays

On holidays, I want to decorate the home with some special decor. Embroidery in this case is widely used. On the New Year, decorative boots for gifts are placed under the Christmas tree, toys are hung on the Christmas tree and gift bags. All this can be decorated with a simple cross-stitch embroidery, as well as with exquisite bright diamond embroidery or beads. Moreover, it is possible to do it completely independently, attracting the whole family to the harmonious creation. In the shops you will find a lot of blanks for embroidery with beads, thread or for diamond embroidery. It remains only to choose the appropriate pattern.

Easter is another holiday, during which it is simply impossible to do without embroidered elements. The most important attribute for this holiday is an embroidered towel. With him the mistress goes to church and wants it to be original and beautiful. Pictures on the Easter theme also have a place to be.

Gifts in the form of hand embroidery carry great value, as they are made with love and from the heart. It takes a lot of time and perseverance and patience to perform them, therefore, they are rated very high.

Embroidery in the interior today is a special way to decorate a home, which is becoming more and more popular. Increasingly, housewives are eager to make their homeland with love, therefore, more and more women begin to embroider products themselves, buying special embroidery kits from stores.