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Embroidery in the interior (19 photos): modern design ideas


Decorative and applied art carries incredible value, experience and spirit of our ancestors. The use of various products from this direction in the interior enlivens the space and gives it comfort.



Your house or apartment will play with new colors, if you use embroidery in their design - beautiful, stylish and elegant. Most often decorate it:

  1. Curtains, pillowcases, tablecloths and bedspreads.
  2. Embroidered paintings and icons.
  3. Floor mats, fabric ceiling lamps.
  4. Author's furniture of a different type for the house.



To achieve maximum comfort and warmth in the bedroom, make an embroidered blanket, bed or blanket. Volumetric ornamental patterns will decorate a warm winter blanket, along with a hot cup of tea will warm you in cold winter time. Choose colors that are already available in the design to match the upholstery. For connoisseurs of refined and delicate things, it is proposed to choose products with monochrome embroidery. The image of white on white will look incredibly beautiful on the bed. And if you decorate the whole interior in gentle combinations, then use this type of embroidery on the curtains. It would be nice to choose and wallpaper made in this style.




Diamond embroidery and beadwork in interior design

Increasingly in modern design began to be used paintings with diamond embroidery and beads. They look more expensive and more elegant than works executed with a cross.

So what is diamond embroidery? This is a picture laid out manually with rhinestones. It requires a lot of hard work, but the result can only admire. Will suit the taste of lovers of bright and brilliant things, unexpected design decorations. Diamond embroidery looks expensive and rich. It is suitable for those owners who wish to stand out and show their individuality in the design of rooms.

Bead embroidery also requires a rather complicated work process. But it is used more often than diamond. For example, not only pictures can be decorated with beads, but also pillows with a blanket for sofas in the hall, and curtains. On sale you will find completely different types of embroidered paintings, napkins, textiles. Their subject matter is significantly different.



Home decoration embroidered for the holidays

On holidays, I want to decorate the home with some special decor. Embroidery in this case is widely used. On the New Year, decorative boots for gifts are placed under the Christmas tree, toys are hung on the Christmas tree and gift bags. All this can be decorated with a simple cross-stitch embroidery, as well as with exquisite bright diamond embroidery or beads. Moreover, it is possible to do it completely independently, attracting the whole family to the harmonious creation. In the shops you will find a lot of blanks for embroidery with beads, thread or for diamond embroidery. It remains only to choose the appropriate pattern.