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Japanese curtains (20 photos): design and zoning of rooms in the apartment


Harmonian minimalism and subtle beauty are always inherent in the Japanese style. Japanese curtains in the interior - a new way to design your windows, walls, niches and even doorways. Decorating your apartment in this way will add sophistication and comfort, this choice is well suited to lovers of simplicity, practicality and brevity.

Japanese curtains are smooth sliding fabric panels of small width, which, unlike classical ones, are similar to a screen or screen. Such curtains are usually fixed with the help of a multi-level eaves. They move around the window like a screen and always stay straight (like a blind) due to a weighting agent at the bottom.




Japanese curtain design

The feeling of comfort in the room is created precisely because of the inconspicuousness of the Japanese curtains, at the same time and their functionality. As mentioned above, roller blinds are mounted on the eaves and remain flat due to the weighting.

Japanese roller blinds look like blinds, only without the turn function, and curtain sheets are denser and heavier. Such a system is controlled by a cord, it has a central or one-sided separation. Japanese curtains operate on the principle of imposing - rolls move along the eaves in different directions. So you can choose the number of eaves by yourself, creating special models for the design of your curtains.




Japanese panel curtains - room for design

A variety of models and types of Japanese curtains will take into account the taste of anyone. For the manufacture of such curtains, blinds use a wide range of materials and colors. Successfully look different texture combinations - alternating organza and opaque fabrics, light veils and thick curtains. Multi-level cornice allows you to fit about 10 panels, which will allow you to change the interior in seconds.

Japanese curtains gently diffuse the light, with their help you can create a design in the style of a loft, using white panels through which the light from the balcony will softly show into the hall or kitchen.

Rolled Japanese curtains - ideal for fabrics with complex patterns. The fabric is never going to, you and your guests will be able to admire the beautiful view of the curtains. You can use any prints, patterns and colors. With the help of thermal printing, you can arrange the curtains with your own individual pattern, boldly mixing colors and textures. Modern designers manage to combine Japanese curtains in the living rooms along with traditional curtains.



Living room

When making a living room, it is important to remember that this is the card of your home. Here you can choose both bright colors and calm pastel colors. A good solution for the living room is a transparent middle and thick panels at the edges. But this option is not suitable for a room with a balcony on the south side, which must be protected from bright daylight.




In the bedroom you need to create a pleasant twilight, darkened lighting. For this you need to think about what texture and color will do. For the bedroom are well suited pastel colors in combination with dark shades, for example, in the tone of the bedspread. Bamboo curtains look unusual.

The thing happens in several steps:

  1. You cut out 60 cm wide strips (they are all the same and rectangular). Along the entire perimeter of the strip (except for the bottom) you leave allowances for bending (about 0.5-0.7 cm). The bottom is processed with a drawstring.
  2. The length of the panel is selected from the calculation of the curtains in finished form + 1-2 cm on the Velcro.
  3. Carefully iron the bands, paying particular attention to the side seams.
  4. At the end put the weighting in the bottom of the curtains.