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Provence style in the bathroom (20 photos): elegant interiors and decor


Having thought about repairing the bathroom, every property owner wants to make it comfortable, comfortable and, of course, beautiful and stylish. I would like to have a bright room filled with air, with comfortable furniture, plumbing, elegant, stylish decoration. The Provence style in the bathroom will best meet these requirements. In the article we will look at the design features: what advantages can the Provence style bathroom decor have and how best to implement this idea?

What are the features of decoration differs Provence style bathroom:

  • Provence uses only natural materials in the interior. And the bathroom is no exception. Wooden surfaces, stone, ceramic tile, metal are used. Provencal decor does not accept plastic. A mirror with a metal frame, lamps made of wrought iron or bronze, ceramic tiles - these are the details that will help to create a bathroom in the Provence style.
  • Aged surfaces are what the Provence interior welcomes. These are the doors of the cabinet, varnished with craquelure, and vintage lamps, and an aged mirror with a patina. And on the floor will look great tile, imitating cracked surface.
  • Colors - soft, delicate, pastel-vintage. The decor of the Provencal style practically does not use dark colors. Most often it is white, but not snow-white, but a warm shade, grayish, blue, pastel yellow, pale pink and other muted shades. In these colors should be performed and the curtain in the bathroom, and the tiles on the walls and floor, and lamps. All accessories are also performed in the tone of the main decor.
  • Little things in the form of towels matched to the tone, paper holders, rugs with vintage patterns will complement the interior and give an individual touch. A mirror in an elegant frame is also an important detail of the interior.
  • The important point is the presence of good lighting. This style came to us from the countryside in France, where there is a lot of light and sun. And in itself it is very bright and cheerful, therefore good lamps are obligatory, a large mirror with a light reflecting surface, bright tiles.






What finishing materials are most often used in the Provencal style bathroom interior:

  • For walls, the ideal choice would be decorative plaster of light matte shades. The decor is possible with the use of paint, but not glossy. The tile from ceramics or a stone, of course, does not need any coloring.
  • Also for the walls can be suitable panels of wood, treated with a moisture barrier or light ceramic tiles.
  • The Provence style bathroom interior implies the presence of a window, therefore such a bathroom is in most cases feasible only in country houses. Be sure to frame the window should be wooden, as the cabinets, and other furniture. No windows PVC and other plastic style Provence in the interior does not use.
  • It is desirable to whitewash the ceiling and leave it pure white, without drawings or finishes. Provence style implies simplicity and does not accept variegation and too rich decor. Accessories; lamps, mirror, curtains, too, should be simple, natural shades.
  • Wooden ceiling beams will look appropriate, and the bathroom in the style of Provence with them looks complete. But they are suitable only if the height of the bathroom allows.
  • For decoration of the bathroom floor, you can choose from such finishing materials as wood, stone or tile. Wood will need to be pre-protected from moisture with a special impregnation, and stone or ceramic tiles are better to use large sizes and natural, natural shades: bricks, baked clay, terracotta, etc.
  • The door to the room is best made of wood. Moreover, its decor should be "semi-antique": with cracks, small decorative scuffs. Like lamps, and a mirror and other accessories, it should not give the impression of a new one.
  • The interior in the style of Provence welcomes small painted elements. This painting should also be matched to the whole interior: low-key, soft tones, elegant. It can be located on the walls, doors, cabinets, cabinets, you can place decorative panels on the wall. As a rule, a Provence-style bathroom design involves painting with flowers and floral designs.



Consider the difference between bathroom furniture in Provence style, its features:

  • Furniture must be wooden or metal.
  • No frills or extra decoration. Simple forms, but not devoid of grace. The tile is also simple, smooth, without unnecessary decorations, the curtain is transparent or light monochromatic.
  • If space permits, a small antique chest of drawers or a wardrobe decorated in accordance with the interior of the room will look good in the interior of the room.
  • A lounge chair made of light-woven wicker will add a special atmosphere to the bathroom. This situation has to leisurely rest.
  • Often interiors in Provence style get off with the help of decoupage. This decor is easy to implement yourself, decorating their bathroom furniture. From above, decoupage elements are covered with a special decorative craquelure varnish that protects the paper from dampness and gives the effect of an aged surface. Tiles on the floor can also have the same effect of a cracked surface.
  • Modern furniture, like accessories: lamps, mirrors, etc., is not used in Provence style.




What elements of decorative finishes are used to finish the bathrooms in the style of Provence, consider:

  • Curtains on the window should be light matte or transparent with a light floral pattern. Lace or embroidery options will also look great.
  • The Provence bathroom implies that the mirror should also be a special one - an old one, perhaps with a brass or bronze frame. It should not be a clear rectangular or square. You can also put a beautiful oval mirror on a wrought iron stand and other “theme” accessories on the dressing table.
  • The lighting is bright and plentiful. If the power of the ceiling lamp is not enough, then floor lamps and wall lamps are used additionally. Of course, fixtures need to be further protected from moisture and splashes.
  • The Provence-style bathroom looks good if it is decorated with such interesting interior elements as transparent bottles with dried herbs. On the walls you can hang pictures or panels in the appropriate style. Decorative tile also plays its role, tying together the entire composition.
  • Textiles are important too. This soft towels pastel shades, suitable carpet on the floor, elegant curtains on the window.
  • If the bathroom interiors suggest a laundry container, then let it be a wicker laundry basket made of bleached vine. Such a small detail perfectly fits into the surroundings and makes the final touch to it.




A few useful things that will come in handy if you have a Provence-style bathroom in your home:

  • Along with the decoration of the walls, the ceiling and the floor you need not forget about the appropriate plumbing. This important detail should also correspond to the overall style of the room. Modern plumbing decor, designed in a minimalist, uncluttered style - with angular, clear outlines will not work. In this case, you need a plumber with soft rounded edges. And the bath, and sinks, and the toilet - everything should have smooth outlines, elegant, as if ancient. The same rule applies to accessories: lamps, a mirror and its frame look best if they have rounded lines.
  • Plumbing material is used any, but light. But the legs of the bath can be made of matte brass or bronze. Forged items and accessories are also welcome.
  • It is better to do the decoration in the bathroom in the Provencal style, if it is of sufficient size. A small room can not convey all the luxury and gentle, soft chic of this style. In addition, in the classic version the bath is always located not near the wall, as we are used to, but in the middle of the room. But such an arrangement can only provide a decent size interiors room. The sink, in contrast to the bath, may well be located near the wall.