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Sink faucet: classic and ultramodern options (28 photos)


You can comfortably use water in the kitchen or bathroom only if you choose the right sink faucet, which can be of any shape or height. Leading manufacturers offer innovative plumbing equipment with original technical devices. They make faucets for the sink in the bathroom and the kitchen of various materials, except for nickel or chrome steel, it can be bronze, brass or ceramics. Products are offered in various stylistic designs, in all price segments. It is not surprising that potential buyers are faced with a difficult question - how to choose a sink mixer in a city apartment or country house. It is necessary to take into account a lot of criteria and parameters so that, as a result, the sanitary equipment works as efficiently as possible, giving users pleasure.



Types of control mixers

The choice of sanitary equipment depends largely on the ease of management, today there are the following types of mixers:

  • single lever;
  • two-valve;
  • portion;
  • sensory;
  • thermostatic.

The single-lever mixer suitable for operation became popular 10-15 years ago, but its principle of operation was developed in Ancient Greece. This is a practical kitchen sink mixer that can be easily transferred from a cold to a hot position with one hand. Today produced disc, cartridge and ball models, both in the classic version, and under the stone. The range of faucets for the sink with aerators, saving water, and without these devices.




Another modern type of faucet is thermostatic equipment, which is also available with and without aerators. They are equipped with a thermostat that allows you to accurately set the temperature of the water. This protects against burns, making them ideal for homes with small children or people with disabilities. You can use such mixers for a small sink or install them in large sinks in the bathroom.

Batch mixers with integrated automation are also an innovative development. Water begins to flow when the button is pressed, its volume is dosed, which makes the pressure sink mixer the best option for economical and forgetful people.




Technical features of mixers

Manufacturers of sanitary equipment produce a wide range of products with original technical features. Among them are such simple, but important, as rotary aerators or retractable hoses. Models with aerators that can be rotated to change the angle of water fall, make it easy to adapt to the shape of the sink. As a result, water is sprayed less, which is beneficial in the presence of a number of household appliances or wood products.

High models with retractable hoses - ideal for kitchen sink. They should be chosen if you often have to wash large pots. Prefer to wash your hair in the bathroom sink? Then this option will provide you with the most comfortable conditions.




Progress fans can purchase an electronic sink mixer that will not only set the temperature perfectly, but will also maintain it during the washing process. Such models have a push-button control panel, informative screens, they control the temperature that is supplied through the cold and hot water supply. The pressure of the water that the mixer can memorize is also regulated.

The original solution is a cascade faucet for the bathroom sink. It can be installed on the sink or on the side of the bathroom. A distinctive feature is the shape of the spout - it is rectangular and wide. When you turn on the mixer with a cascade spout, the usual stream of water begins to resemble the flow of a waterfall. This is an original stylistic solution for high-tech baths.

Another original technical solution is water lighting. To do this, use LEDs of different colors, which depends on the pressure and water temperature. Used sink faucets with lighting in the bathrooms in the modern style and high-tech.



The classic option is to install the faucet on the sink or sink, but also produce desktop models. These include faucets with retractable hose, they save space above the sink. These models are much higher than other models, they can be used with mini sinks.

A built-in sink mixer that makes it possible to hide all the fittings behind the wall is becoming increasingly popular. It is very convenient for those who use waterproof plasterboard for leveling surfaces. From the outside, only the spout and control system remain, which can be installed in any convenient place. It is very attractive for a hygienic shower. Structurally, this model resembles a wall-mounted mixer for the sink, but it looks much more impressive.

Materials and forms of sink mixers

Since ancient times, copper has been the traditional material of mixers, today its alloys are used. At the same time, brass or bronze chrome or use nickel-plated coating, characterized by high strength. If desired, you can purchase a bronze sink mixer, stylized as antique taps typical of the XVIII-XIX centuries. Unlike their predecessors, they are more practical and functional, since under the rarity design there is a completely modern technology.

Many manufacturers today use protective coatings of enamel. You can purchase white or stone taps, which significantly expands the design capabilities of this equipment. However, if the bronze sink mixer does not change its appearance throughout the entire life cycle, the enamel may become covered with cracks. In addition, stone models are prone to chipping, and they require gentle handling.




How to choose the right mixer?

Fans of modern technology will prefer an infrared sink mixer or a thermostat model. However, before making the final choice, it is necessary to consider the format of the sink for which the faucet is selected. Attention is drawn to the following parameters:

  • depth - the larger it is, the higher the mixer can be used;
  • width - the larger this parameter, the longer the spout should be;
  • shape - models of a streamlined shape are suitable for a round or oval sink; for rectangular sinks a square sink mixer will be the best choice;
  • The rim should have a width that allows the spout to be placed above the center of the sink.

To save water, it is recommended to use models with aerators, and, if available, batch mixers.




Basin Faucet Manufacturers

For maximum service life, comfort when using this plumbing equipment can only be counted in when it comes to products of reputable manufacturers. The most popular and technically advanced mixers are produced by German companies. Grohe, Hansgrohe, Nansa products are known worldwide, mixers under these brands have a service life of at least 10 years. The products of the Italian companies Visentin, Gessi, Newform are also in demand. On the market are French, Spanish, Finnish and Danish brands offering stylish and high-quality mixers. The excellent ratio between price and quality of Russian plumbing, the average retail price of this product is 2 times lower than that of European.




When choosing a white sink mixer or bronze, recessed or wall mounted, give preference to quality products. With a limited budget, it is better to purchase Russian sanitary ware adapted to our water and operating conditions. In cottages, hotels and respectable offices it is better to install the products of leading German, Italian and Spanish manufacturers. In restaurants and cafes are mounted faucets with infrared sensors and automatically turn off the water supply. This sanitary equipment will allow you to control water consumption and create the most comfortable conditions for visitors.