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Country style in the interior (21 photos): features and examples of beautiful design

Country style in the interior of a city apartment or cottage allows you to create the atmosphere of a cozy country house. The name of the style is borrowed from the English country - country, rural. Rustic design is inherently closer to nature, so country style actively uses natural environmentally friendly materials: wood, stone, natural fabrics.

Homeland of this style is North America. Initially, he was associated with the traditional American way of life, but over time absorbed the features of various areas of interior design, becoming more modern.

Common features of design in the spirit of country:

  • the lack of modern artificial materials and sharp color transitions;
  • simplicity of textures, conciseness of expressive means;
  • functionality and durability.

Designers use warm colors for decorating rooms in country style: beige, milky, and brown as the color of wood. Red, yellow, green are used to create accents. Color options are determined by the type of country style. White and blue tones are used for its French version, and olive and sand shades are used for decoration in the Tuscan style.

The interior of the kitchen in country style can be decorated with dishes, ceramics, village textiles and other accessories. Even glass jars with cereals, homemade pickles, transparent bottles with spices and oils will do. On the shelves you can arrange the china with artistic painting on the enamel coating.


Country style "loves" wooden furniture. Good effect creates an unpainted tree with an open natural texture. In parallel with the massive wooden furniture, a light version with weaving elements is used. This furniture gives the room the look of a summer terrace and has to rest.

The peculiarity of country furniture is asceticism, simplicity of forms, unpretentiousness in care, durability. Country imposes restrictions on the furnishing of rooms. We need to do only the most functionally necessary: ​​a wardrobe or bureau, chairs and chairs.


Country-style rooms are designed so that they get as much sunlight as possible. The design provides large windows and light transparent curtains. As additional sources of light in the living room are wall lamps, stylized floor lamps in the bedroom, and beautiful chandeliers in the dining room above the dining area.

Old candlesticks or candelabra will help to depict a rustic setting. They will not only become a characteristic decorative element, but also, thanks to the soft, wavering glow, candles will introduce into the room the atmosphere of a place lost in the deep silence far from the benefits of the civilization of housing.


A characteristic feature of rustic style is the abundance of decor from fabrics. For decorative decoration used paper wallpaper, tapestry and woven carpets. An important element of the decor are curtains. They not only form the image of the room, but also fulfill the functional purpose. Curtains in the style of country light, are presented in the form of short cotton curtains, letting in a lot of natural light.

Most often in the curtains used small floral pattern or cell on a white background. The colors of the curtains should resemble natural, pure colors: green meadows, gray stones, brown bark, and blue rapids. For monochrome curtains pick pastel muted colors.


Country style in the interior of the apartment uses a lot of textiles. In the living room and bedroom, fabric cloaks on furniture are often used: patchwork bedspreads in patchwork style, covers and pillows with floral patterns. In the kitchen - linen tablecloths and napkins.

For country style natural durable fabrics such as linen, wool, silk are used. In honor of the technique of hand-made and antique items from grandma's chest. Flowers should become an important decoration of the design: live plants in pots near windows, dried in vases and fresh bouquets.

Living room

Roughly decorated furniture and other objects with a touch of antiquity, an abundant use of textile decor are inherent in a country-style living room. In the country living room there is no room for conspicuous luxury and deliberate outrageousness. Natural finishing materials, soft lines and smooth color transitions will give such a living a touch of romanticism.

For economical country living room options, the ceiling is painted with white paint. More sophisticated and expensive solutions involve the decoration of the living room ceiling with natural wood with massive elements imitating support beams.


Fireplace - an unchanged attribute of modern country living room. A fireplace decorates a room only if it is properly combined with the rest of the furniture. The design of the fireplace in country style is distinguished by its versatility and conciseness: we can say that it is a classic, original style of indoor stoves. It was in this form that the early fireplaces were made.

Wood burning country fireplace has a storage compartment for kindling material. Even if the fireplace is electric, its appearance still preserves the artistic elements of antiquity. The fireplace portal is picturesquely made of natural stone or just whitewashed as a normal indoor stove. You can put candlesticks, green porcelain vases and other items on top of the fireplace.


A common method of country design is to install a fireplace in the bedroom. An attractive fireplace, decorated in accordance with the canons of the rural genre, will become the central composition of the bedroom. From the furniture in the country bedroom is a wide bed with a high headboard, covered with a blanket or rug.

The bedroom is covered with paper and vinyl wallpaper, monophonic or with a small floral ornament. Sometimes the walls in the bedroom just covered with paint or decorative plaster. For more complex finishes, lining, wood panels, decorative tapestries, natural stone or its imitation are used.

Entrance hall

The theater begins with a hanger, and the apartment starts with a hallway. The ceiling in the country hallway is preferably white with undisguised carrying beams, which well underline the style of the interior. In such a hallway, fragments of open brick or masonry, lining of boards stylized as unclarified will look organically.

Using tiles of different colors helps to define the boundary between the hallway and the rest of the housing. As furniture for the hallway fit a spacious wardrobe, strict artificially aged hangers, a small forged table. Archaic chandeliers in the form of a kerosene lamp or candlesticks, a rough mat underfoot will define the character of the interior of the hallway.


The country-style bathroom has a wide range of cream, coffee, and green shades. Polychrome in the bathroom is acceptable, but only faded muted tones. Furniture for country bathroom need a plain, aged especially for this style. Wooden elements with textile inserts, as well as wicker accessories, such as a laundry basket, will fit well into the bathroom interior.

The bathroom is mounted antique-styled plumbing, the best of brass. No chromed metal, plastic or glass! Valve taps in the bathroom more likely to recreate old-fashioned atmosphere. A bath on graceful legs will look good, and the most chic will be a wooden bath, resembling a tub for swimming.

Country Style

The country style that has spread throughout the world has American roots. Nevertheless, there are several types of country, reflecting the cultural and ethnic characteristics of the region. Here are some of the characteristic interior styles with a brief description:

  • Provence - Mediterranean France;
  • Tuscany - a region in Italy, the birthplace of the Renaissance;
  • Russian hut - Russian Empire;
  • Chalet - a small rural house in the Swiss Alps.

The design of these areas is characterized by differences in colors and textures, in the choice of finishing materials. Despite external differences, the unique atmosphere of a country house remains common to the country style. Only a thoughtful approach to design and professional attention to detail can effectively convey it.