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Modern style in the interior (23 photos): interesting trends and design features


Modern trends in interior design combine types of styles that reflect the desire for practicality and functionality: avant-garde, eclectic, hi-tech, minimalism, modern, art deco. The correct combination of these directions in design allows you to achieve perfection in the design of a country house and a one-room city apartment.



Country house design

The interior design of a country house in a modern style presupposes, above all, a calm color spectrum, sustained in bright colors. The overwhelming presence of straight strict lines allows to achieve the impression of orderliness and stability, but the inclusion of smooth lines in the decor is also allowed.



Modern design of the living room

In contrast to the style of a classic, the design in a modern style of a living room in a country house allows for a mixture of different styles. The difference from the eclectic style is in balancing the use of decorative objects. It is important not to overdo it, leaving enough free space.

The interior of the bedroom in a modern style involves consonance in the design with the color scheme of the living room. Wallpapers and furnishings create a single design that is conducive to rest and tranquility.

Modern kitchen is, first of all, compactness (especially important for a one-room city apartment), manufacturability and the use of the most functional materials (plastic, glass, quartz). Modern style allows the use in the interior of elements of various styles: minimalism, eclecticism, modern. This makes it possible to give any room in the house an elegant and stylish look.

The office is an integral part of the home of every business person, many today work from home. Therefore, creating an individual workspace, it should be borne in mind that the cabinet must fully comply with the predilections and inclinations of its owner. Modern interior design offers interesting and stylish cabinet creation options:

  • The office in a separate room, where everything has to create a working mood: the most functional furniture, muted tones of design, modesty in the decor. The presence of an elegant sofa can complement the design, giving it completeness and comfort.
  • Cabinet - part of the living room, separated by columns or other furnishings. Here in the design plays a major role color, which should be combined with the design of the room. Otherwise, the interior of the cabinet must meet the basic requirement - functionality.
  • The cabinet can also be called a working area in a one-room apartment, used from time to time. The interior of such an office includes a table, an armchair and bookcases - the minimum necessary to create a creative mood.



Modern style of a nursery

The design of the children's room in modern style, in contrast to the classical and traditional, involves a diverse selection of finishes and decorative details. Children's wallpaper can carry thematic load, immersing the child in the world of his dreams. The predominance of light colors and the most comfortable interior are the advantages of children's decor in a modern style.



Registration of the corridor and the hallway

Modern style in the design of the corridor and the hallway meets more the requirements of young people who pay tribute to comfort and practicality. The older generation, appreciating grace and bourgeois, should refer to the style of the classic. The decor of the corridor and hallway combines aesthetics with compactness and simplicity.



Bathroom and toilet design

Color has a decisive importance on the design of the toilet and bathroom. As a rule, in a country house there is no shortage of space, which gives room for design decisions. The color range and functionality of interior items are designed to embody such features of modern style as comfort and coziness.

Decorative columns are used in modern style to distinguish between bedroom and nursery, kitchen and living room. Sometimes they are purely practical - if they are in a studio or a large enough room. For a small apartment, it would be appropriate to build mini columns that serve as supports. Materials for the design of the column can be very different:

  • Polyurethane foam;
  • Marble;
  • Tree;
  • Drywall;
  • Gypsum;
  • Granite;
  • Malachite;
  • Fake diamond.



Modern chandeliers

Modern style chandeliers have an elegant look, characterized by European consistency and functionality. Beautiful chandeliers are a significant object of decor, which can be the main decoration of any room: a dining room, a corridor, a hall, a toilet. Modern chandeliers, unlike classical, are sustained in moderate colors and are combined with almost all the details of the interior.