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Pop art style in the interior (22 photos): do-it-yourself room decoration and design examples


The style of pop art in the interior came down to the apartments from the walls of art exhibitions in the 50s of the last century. The original concept of pop art is to turn the most ordinary objects into a work of art. This type of design is characterized by expression, bright colors, playing with sizes and shapes. The walls acquire the original design in the form of portraits of celebrities, painted with their own hands posters, colorful wallpaper. Such a bold house design will suit young energetic people who are not afraid to shock guests.



Wallpaper pop art

Wallpapers for the house, decorated in the style of pop art, very, very diverse. Most often, they prefer monotonous calm coatings in order to attract attention to paintings, posters and other decor items. In some cases, there are wallpapers with an uncomplicated glamorous pattern, such as hearts or figurines based on the cartoons of the 60s.




Chandelier Pop Art

Chandelier - the main source of lighting at home after, of course, sunlight. Therefore, the main purpose of the chandelier is to distribute the light in such a way as to most effectively demonstrate the creative creativity of designers. Chandelier for pop art should have a strange form and be made of plastic, colored glass or even paper.

Changes to the interior in the style of pop art can be very varied: from the elaborate spiral-curved ceiling lamps to the bare cartridge on the cord. The color performance of such chandeliers is also very diverse: from white and beige to the tone of the ceiling to the rainbow sparkling with all colors screaming room decorations. In addition to hanging chandeliers, elements of fluorescent lighting embedded in the suspended ceiling are used.




The appeal of pop art for newcomers to design is that it is impossible to overdo it in the embodiment of fantasy for decor. Any "crazy" idea can be a highlight of pop art. For example, decorative pillows with images of popular movie stars and pop music in acid-poisonous style with pink hair, purple eyelids and burgundy skin.

Furniture in pop art, on the one hand, adheres to minimalist criteria, and on the other, it displays an unlimited variety of ideas in the choice of colors, shapes and materials. Table in the design of pop art, above all, should not distract attention from the decor of the walls and pompous souvenirs.




Entrance hall

Those who decide to beat their hallway in the style of pop art, it should be borne in mind that this type of design is decorative, its task is to make an impression, to surprise the guests of your house with creative solutions. The hall does not require a lot of furniture, as, indeed, the style itself.

Bathroom decoration in the style of pop art is performed in light bright colors. An attribute of such a bath can be a picture of acidic colors in the style of Andy Warhol. Pop art tends to create flashy colors in the bathroom. In the bathroom with this design you can embody a lot of interesting ideas. For the decoration of the walls used tiles of various colors and, of course, drawings. Themes are the most diverse: from bathing celebrities to plots of computer games. Another creative idea is to make one wall of the bathroom monochrome, and the second to perform in the color palette. With this approach, the multicolor of one part will effectively contrast with the monotony of the other.



Art Deco decorative art

Exquisite art deco design originated in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century. This design could afford only the representatives of the economic elite of society. Modern art deco is an expensive interior brand with an elegant combination of modern and classic. All elements of such an interior are made on high-quality factory equipment, there can be no question of creating an elite decor with your own hands.