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Table setting at home (54 photos): features and beautiful examples of design


The idea of ​​serving the table was born in ancient times, when eating was a religious and mystical ritual. And now the competent table setting is the face of the housewife, the assessment of her taste and sense of style, respectability of the house. Taking care of the table setting, the hosts thus express their respect to the guests. There are different types of serving - informal, official, festive and others.






Houses like in a restaurant

Table setting at home can transform any interior and create the atmosphere of the event for which the table is preparing. Beautifully served table brings aesthetic pleasure. In this setting, even the most simple dishes will look elegant and expensive. To serve the table at home, you need to focus on the theme of the event.

Excellent time to experiment with the selection of dishes, present your favorite dishes in a new way. Home serving means more freedom than in restaurants, where the rules are strict and immutable. But there are the main ones that need to be known and taken into account.



General tips on how the proper table setting should look like are collected here especially for you.

  1. Start with the menu, the selection of dishes, the acquisition of the necessary accessories and napkins.
  2. Selection of dishes. You can assemble dishes of different colors, it will add a festive mood, or, the dishes may be white. White crockery is always a classic. White tablecloth looks charmingly colored tablecloth.
  3. The rules of table setting require that for each drink you need glasses of a certain type, but you need to pick them all up in the same style.
  4. Served table should be a single composition. Tablecloths, flowers, appliances, decoration - everything should be elements of a single picture.
  5. Be original, look for new colors and combinations, for example, put a color plate on a white one, choose a dark tablecloth for white dishes.
  6. Experiment with materials. Instead of bamboo mats, put a guipure or imitation of green moss. Replace all ceramic dishes with wooden ones. Well, if you know how to knit, knitwear can create a unique atmosphere.
  7. The special magic of the served table consists in fancifully folded napkins. Fabric napkins can be decorated with fresh flowers and tied with ribbon. Roll up napkins in the shape of a rose or a ship.
  8. Spices will complement the table, especially those who love food are more savory. Even if you cook very well, let the guests add spices and salt as much as they like. Usually put only salt and pepper. You can show originality and expand the range. Mills look great on the table. Guests will find the tableware items gorgeous if among them are spices. Add oil and vinegar in bottles, tinctures and mixtures of some herbs.
  9. Berries, flowers, cones and other natural materials are used as decor. You need to be careful with the flowers, too fragrant of them may enter into discord with the smell and aroma of dishes, and this is an undesirable effect.






How to decorate a table for a holiday

Festive table setting for any event, some tips on organizing a festive table. It is not enough to cook delicious dishes to make the holiday a success, you still need to make the decor of the entire room, the table and not to forget to dress up, while being able to convey the mood of the holiday. Therefore, it is better to learn everything in advance, to provide and provide guests with a perfect table. Is it possible to surprise guests without unexpected decor, intricate personalized cards, songs with candles? But keep the measure, as busting with trinkets will look coarse and chaotic.






We begin the design of the table with the selection of tablecloths and napkins. Selecting accessories and jewelry for them, decide in what color scale everything should be done. Do not lose sight of the fact that the tablecloth with the dishes should be combined harmoniously. In case you do not have a suitable tablecloth that would suit your favorite service, then perhaps you will arrange a piece of ordinary fabric on the table as a tablecloth. This format tablecloth can be selected for any dish, you will have the opportunity to change it every time and not to repeat. If the tablecloth is monotonous, add to it a catchy service with flowers. You can add such a set of ribbons to match. Tablecloth and napkins made in the same style look great. A non-woven tablecloth can be revived with the help of tulle laid in the center or with ribbons crossed in the weaving of parallel lines across the table. Use Lurex only if your holiday will be held in the evening when the lights in the house are on. From this shiny fabric will shine advantageously and fill the atmosphere of the table with elegance.



Romantic dinner

How much beauty would have been accomplished with a loved one, and a romantic dinner is always something special, a separate holiday, for which there is no need for a reason other than love. To treat a sweetheart who is dear to the heart or a beloved is a special inexpressible pleasure. Table setting for a romantic dinner will help to express your concern. Sometimes it helps to give a new turn to events and to warm feelings.






It's time to goblets. The most important rule: the glasses should be perfectly clean and transparent. In the center of the table is appropriate basket with flowers or a low vase. When meals are served on the table, each of them should have a common appliance, one that can put food on its plate.

A great addition will be the candlesticks. If this is a massive candelabrum, then let it be one on the table, and if these are small aquariums with a floating candle, then place two on the table. Luminous mosaic glass houses with a candle inside are ideal.






Holiday children

A bright decoration is especially necessary for a children's holiday, because children have a very developed visual perception. What does the laying of the children's table involve? In addition to beauty, special attention must be paid to safety. A very bright tablecloth with noticeable patterns is appropriate here. Cloth better to pre-fix on the table.



Cottage - a great place for a feast

Do you have a cottage and often guests gather there? Then you need a table setting in the country, otherwise what a holiday without beautifully served dishes, bringing not only satiety, but also aesthetic satisfaction.




The country set is unlikely to be especially expensive and chic, but this has its own charm! When setting the country table, use natural materials, linen napkins and ribbons. Connect the fantasy and do not forget that the problem may be in the wind, if your table is open-air.

Table setting for dinner at the cottage: replace the vases and plates with large leaves, use fruits and vegetables for decoration. Any fruit or berry can be beautifully decorated, and a bouquet of flowers can be decorated, for example, tied with bright beads. Braid and rope - a great fitting decoration in the summer feast.



The tea ceremony setting is a very pleasant thing, combining not only elements of creativity, but also relaxation. Table setting for tea is always an excellent opportunity for a nice conversation, meeting with family, relaxing, conducting a conversation.






Wedding table in detail

If you are celebrating a wedding, then the most important thing in the design of a wedding banquet is the serving of the wedding table. Of course, it is worth being engaged in its design after the outfits are bought for the bride and the groom, the menu is negotiated, then it's time to think about the details of decorating the table. Observe in the serving the general theme of the wedding.






The tablecloth of the wedding table should overlap with the overall design of the wedding. If it is white, then the picture can always be diluted with colored napkins, draperies, lace strips of ribbons. It looks very stylish design in different shades of the same color. Make volumetric compositions of flowers, it is them on the wedding table should be abundant.

Let's talk about the glasses! Since you are sure to drink champagne at a wedding, you should know that there are two types of champagne glasses - a narrow tall one, in which the drink “plays” and a cup, the advantage of which is in the well-transmitted aroma that the drink exudes. Important! Do not infringe on guests in the number of glasses. Guests should not try to drink one drink more quickly to try another. Four glasses for each device - good rules for serving the table for the wedding.