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The wall in the living room (61 photos): beautiful options for different interiors

Living room - the central room in the house. This is where family members gather and go on various holidays. The choice of furniture for this room is very important. And if you choose a sofa is not so difficult (the main thing is to take into account the size of the model and determine the appropriate color), then the wall in the living room, or rather, its choice requires a more competent approach. It should not only complement the overall style of the interior of the room (modern, high-tech, Provence, etc.), but also be functional.

How to choose a wall in the living room

First of all, the choice of wall depends on the size of the living room (its design is also taken into account) - with a minimum or vice versa maximum number of sections, each of which is designed to store certain things. These are niches for TV, and shelves for dishes or books, and various display cases, and offices for sconces, and much more. Modern models often have narrow drawers, where you can put, for example, underwear.

Naturally, the appearance of the wall is equally important. Here again, the choice is not limited: models of wood with original carvings, the presence of complex panels, narrow or wide black and white stained glass windows, etc. However, you should not forget that the wall in the living room should be of high quality. It is best to give preference to furniture for the rooms of a practical, wear-resistant material, which is easy to care for.

Useful tips

  1. It is not recommended to install a dark wall in a room that has a long shape and white shades in the interior - the atmosphere will become uncomfortable and repulsive. But the classic light or pure white furniture looks great in any interior and in any premises.
  2. In order for the living room to be stylish and attractive, it is necessary to select all the furniture items from the same materials. Even better, it will be one set.
  3. For the manufacture of walls today use a variety of materials: MDF, laminated chipboard with panels and precious woods. Of course, the last option is considered the most prestigious, but not everyone can afford it. Melamine, colored and white lacquers, polymers and laminate are used as a coating.
  4. It is more profitable to buy custom-made furniture, as it is sometimes very difficult to choose a wall for your living room (especially if you need a corner) that perfectly fits into the overall design of the room.
  5. The wall should be compact, but at the same time, roomy (niches, various compartments, etc.). It is desirable that her cabinets were double-or tricuspid. In addition, to save space in the room and place a lot of things will allow the classic installation of the closet, and visually expand the living room - the original sideboard.
  6. The wall in the living room with stained glass windows, which can be of different colors (crystal white or vice versa color scale), gives the room a special luxury. Furniture with a carved eaves, which is equipped with lighting, looks no less impressive.

Wall design

Classic style

This option is suitable for people of conservative attitudes and principles. In the furniture stores there are various modern walls that can be installed both in new apartments and in old buildings. Usually, this furniture has the following configuration:

  • Large wardrobes: wardrobe and book.
  • Bar.
  • Bedside table for TV.
  • Shelving and open mezzanine.

Place it all along one wall.

To the note: today you can buy not only modern classical walls, but also antique specimens.


As a rule, these walls are made to order from natural wood using stained glass. The design often contains inlay. This is quite heavy and expensive furniture from the array. These walls are very large, so they can only be used in spacious living rooms.

Corner wall

This option has the shape of a triangle, and therefore ideal for placement in the corner of the room. For example, you can put there a wardrobe or a rack with mirrored doors that visually increase the living room space. As a rule, such a furniture set contains not only corner cabinets, but also various bedside tables from an array. Place them along two adjacent walls.


Walls are very popular nowadays, the design of which includes metal, wood, and various glasses at the same time. This style is called avant-garde. For example, in living rooms they often use the following method: they install two walls in white color next to each other and connect them with a chest of drawers or a wardrobe with mirrors.

Unusual and stylish looks and beige furniture on the background of other design elements that are brighter and more saturated in color.


Such a wall has received its name due to the peculiarities of the configuration - there is no specific height, shape and size (transitions and lines resembling slides). This is a set of cabinets, shelves of glass, bedside tables and shelves, which can be placed along the entire wall or be furnished only one part of it. The wall-hill is suitable for both small and large living rooms and comes in a wide variety of shades and colors: gloss black, white, blue, red, beige, green, etc.

Modular wall

Another interesting option is modular walls. Of course, first of all, they are suitable for living rooms with a small area in the high-tech style. Here there are stylish pieces of furniture: cabinets with windows, cabinets for TV, mini shelves, etc. The main advantage of this wall is that all its modular parts easily move around the room and are quite compact. But in this case, again, the complete harmony of all pieces of furniture is necessary, that is, the wall should ideally fit the sofa, armchairs and other decorative elements that the interior contains.

To the note: for rooms with a non-standard layout it is best to choose a minimalism style. The wall can not be used completely, but only its individual components as bright accents: one stand for TV and, for example, glossy shelves located in the central part of the wall. Separate shelves can also be a chest of drawers or wardrobe.

Body walls

Very popular today and cabinet mini living rooms, in which there is a built-in niche or a table for the computer. An excellent solution, for example, for a living room-office in high-tech style, where everything you need should be at hand. In addition, you can purchase a finished wall or order an original set with space for upholstered furniture in the center (then its height and dimensions will be exactly suitable).

Wenge Walls

Walls of wenge wood, rightly deserve special attention. A couple of years ago, any wenge furniture was considered a "wonder", but today it is increasingly used in the design of rooms (minimalism, modern style). And the living room is no exception.

Wenge is a wood species originally from Africa that is considered one of the best in the world.

The advantages of this material are obvious:

  1. Very high quality, solid and expressive structure.
  2. High resistance to moisture and mechanical stress.
  3. Long service life.

In short, functional built-in furniture with various small niches.

But still it is worth knowing that the wall of wenge does not always perfectly complement the overall interior of the room. This is primarily due to the fact that the colors of the furniture are very dark - woody shades. The most common is the wall of wenge in the color of black and brown coffee.

A wenge set, if it harmonizes well with the rest of the interior, creates a comfortable, refined and rich atmosphere in the living room, and also emphasizes closeness to nature. Most often, such models have a bright surface and original display cases.

These are just the main options for living room walls. There is also furniture for rooms in the Japanese, English style, country, etc. Well, what suits you and what should be the design of the room - decide for yourself.