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The combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen (50 photos): correctly select the palette


Making repairs in the kitchen, you need to think in advance about such an important question as its color design. After all, the harmony of the kitchen space depends on how beautifully the colors are combined: whether it will be comfortable to be in it, whether it will cause appetite and aesthetic pleasure. In addition, if you believe the ancient Chinese teachings of Feng Shui, the kitchen is the center and meaning of each house, and its color scheme plays an important role in the smooth functioning of the whole family. The article will look at how to choose the right color combination in the interior of the kitchen.




How color affects us

Consider how a different color selection can affect the human body:

  • Dark color designers are strongly advised to choose only for large kitchens. A small kitchen with dark color walls and furniture can become even smaller and lower. And vice versa - the light design - lilac, orange, yellow - expands the space, so is ideal for small kitchens.
  • Too bright shades - bright yellow or bright orange, green, for example, also will not fit into the small space of a standard urban kitchen. In such a room, bright combinations will cause irritation - the mood may deteriorate out of the blue. But in a large space it is quite acceptable to use such a combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen - in this case they will not have a negative effect.
  • Carefully apply cold tones, such as blue and lilac. Still, the kitchen is a living room, an area where the elements are fire, so warm natural shades, like those closest to nature — brown, yellow, orange, or a combination of two or three of them — would be an ideal choice. Cold shades can cause a feeling of facelessness and the lifelessness of space. Only a talented master can design a kitchen in cold colors so correctly that it will look harmonious and stylish. But it is better not to risk on your own and to go in a proven, guaranteed successful way in warm colors.










Monochrome kitchen

In recent years, monochrome cuisine is gaining more and more admirers. After all, such an execution makes it easier to select colors and shades, accessories and kitchen appliances. Moreover, such a design, for example, of pistachio or green color, is always stylish and noble.

Consider the features of the kitchen in monochrome version:

  • For a monochrome kitchen to have a truly expensive look, it is important to choose the right colors and their combinations. With inept use of color, there is a high risk of a dull, faceless kitchen as a result. For example, a combination of pistachio-colored walls and furniture design is green or light green - a great option.
  • The primary task is to choose a primary color. And then under it are selected additional shades in the same range. This technique ensures the harmonious unity of the kitchen, all its surfaces - vertical and horizontal. For example, for pistachio brown is suitable, and blue is combined with gray.
  • Designers strongly advise, if you choose colors yourself, do not use more than three shades, as there is a risk with insufficient experience to miss with the right choice, and as a result to get a non-harmonious, low-grade interior. For example, if the base color is green, then the right solution for choosing shades is light brown, green or emerald.
  • Zoning the space of a monochrome kitchen, highlighting, for example, the dining area, work area, bar, etc. For example, you can use brown for the working area, and yellow or orange for the dining area.
  • Often monochrome kitchen is performed in black and white. Such a stylish reception when choosing furniture and wallpaper for walls should also be used wisely, since ineptly applying these active base colors can produce a motley space that has little to do with a beautiful picture in the catalog. It is better to look at the catalogs, relevant sites, where a good design is shown - and then proceed to the arrangement of your black and white kitchen.










Some important points that will help you choose the right colors for the kitchen:

  • If you want to make the kitchen spectacular and bright, choose a design based on the reception of contrasts. In this case, several opposite colors are used. This selection of colors gives the room vividness and activity. The bright kitchen will charge you with vigor in the morning and will lift your spirits after a hard working day. An example would be a bright yellow kitchen, with an additional blue color. Lilac and brown are also excellent choices.
  • If you are afraid to miss in the choice of color combinations, then choose a win-win technique: the use of adjacent colors from the spectral circle. Those colors which are located in the neighborhood in a circle are used. It can be, for example, orange with yellow, blue with violet or red with orange. Such a kitchen is guaranteed to look harmonious. The main task here will be the zoning of space - use for this wallpaper, the color of the furniture and the floor.
  • For rooms large enough area, you can choose bright colors. But for small spaces a neutral range of shades will be better suited - light and pastel, better warm colors. The brown shade and delicate pistachio colors here will especially look good.
  • It is desirable that the design of the floor, ceiling and wallpaper for the walls in harmony with each other. Their design can be designed both in a single color scheme and in a contrast one - it all depends on the planned design.






Color selection


  • Great for classic design, useful in the design of high-tech style.
  • It promotes relaxation, calms, creates an excellent space for relaxation and stress relief.
  • Very pure color. White space will need to be constantly kept clean, eliminating debris and stains. Therefore, this kitchen always looks especially elegant.
  • You will need to think about some bright or contrasting accents, otherwise the white interior may look somewhat impersonal. For example, add a lilac or other rich shade in the finish. It can be expressed in the color of the tile or wallpaper.




The black:

  • This choice of kitchen design is suitable only for large spaces. In a small kitchen, black is not used, since the room will become very tiny and dark.
  • Be sure, as in the case of white, for the black kitchen you need to pick up bright accents that will enliven the interior and give it dynamism. Lime or a little green, red here will not be superfluous.
  • Looks good black glossy. Thus, black furniture, household appliances and other surfaces look harmonious, expensive and very stylish. In addition, the shiny surface of tiles and furniture saves the room from excessive gloom.




  • The red palette is very uplifting, so it is suitable for people who have a tendency to lethargy, depression and laziness. Red color awakens vitality and pushes for action. Looks great in combination with gray.
  • However, such a color is tiring, so for a long time to withstand the red wallpaper or the color of the tile can only calm and quite melancholic by nature people.
  • It is important that the red was a warm shade that will make the space cozy. Cold tones of wallpaper and furniture do not have this ability.





  • The color is ideal for the decoration of the room in country style and in rustic. Gray and orange - one of the most fashionable combinations.
  • Orange is a warm and cozy color, fills the kitchen with coziness and makes the space visually comfortable and fun. Wallpapers of this color will decorate the room, filling it with warmth.





  • Various natural materials are perfectly combined with this color: wood, natural textiles. Yellow color is suitable for cheerful, elegant, bright interiors filled with light and air.
  • The yellow tint of the floor, wallpaper or furniture harmonizes the room, giving it comfort and warmth.
  • Sand-colored tile on the floor and on the apron - the perfect choice for yellow decoration.



Beige and gray:

  • Perfect for people of traditional views on the interior.
  • Use bright details, diluting these too calm and boring colors.




  • Probably the most popular palette for the design of kitchen space. Brown can pick up different shades - from light to almost black.
  • Suitable for a classic interior, gives the impression of good quality, reliability and thoroughness.
  • Brown kitchen - the most respectable of all. Most classic interiors do not recognize any other colors than brown in all sorts of variations for the design of kitchens.




  • In the case of using this color that is not the most popular for the kitchen, consider additional lighting of the room, its individual zones. Since under insufficient lighting the blue kitchen will become too cold and gloomy-dull.
  • Do not make the whole kitchen space blue. It is better to choose wallpaper for walls and floor covering in traditional style, using brown, beige and sandy shades.