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Blinds in the kitchen (50 photos): modern practical options

Increasingly, a window opening in the kitchen instead of conventional curtains and curtains is made with the help of blinds. And for good reason, practice shows that they are much more convenient in everyday life, easy to use and care, durable than usual curtains. On whatever you stop, to focus only on the pretty appearance and bright colors are absolutely wrong. The kitchen is a room with a specific microclimate, the realm of temperature changes and high humidity. Smells and vapors fly in the air, dust, grease and dirt fall on pieces of furniture, soot settles. Not every blind can withstand such trials and cope with such a load with honor and dignity. Before you make a purchase, you need to familiarize yourself with the varieties of blinds.

What kind of blinds to choose for the kitchen room?

Until recently, blinds were found only in offices or non-residential premises. For many people, the idea of ​​home furnishing with their help still causes not only an ardent doubt, but even total bewilderment. Indeed, in the living room is absolutely useless office gray. Sad lamellae with a touch of dust are capable of inspiring melancholy. But designers took the initiative in their own hands, and there was not even a trace left of voicelessness and boring formality. And what is most interesting, reincarnated blinds became welcome guests in every home. Manufacturers offer a variety of shapes, textures and a wide range of colors that can not but admire. Practical use in everyday life, versatility, as well as absolute harmlessness combined with a low price make blinds an indispensable tool for any room.

Horizontal blinds

Ideal for small kitchens with a small window:

  • Do not occupy the free space, which can be very useful, especially in such a room.
  • Do not overload the room with excessive decor, which in a small room will only aggravate the situation.
  • Do not burden owners with tricky designs or ingenious control system.

Especially fond of all the fabric blinds, they are devoid of coldness and pretentiousness. Despite its slightly ascetic appearance, only home comfort and warmth emanates from them.

Laconic slats are the perfect complement to the kitchen in the style of hi-tech and minimalism. And lovers of a more festive atmosphere will like a combination of horizontal blinds and traditional curtains or curtains made of tulle, organza, lambrequins may even be useful.

Interframe horizontal blinds

Pay special attention to interframe blinds that are installed in the space between the panes.

They have a lot of advantages over conventional horizontal blinds:

  • Much better protect against heat.
  • Given the complete tightness of the design, do not accumulate dust and dirt on the lamellae, respectively, do not require maintenance. Unlike conventional blinds, which now and then have to wipe.
  • When you open the window at least completely, at least for ventilation, the design does not interfere with adjusting the sash. They do not sag and do not lose their functionality.
  • This kind of blinds does not occupy any place at all. For those who are accustomed to count every free centimeter, interframe blinds can be an absolute panacea. In addition, they will not become prey to inquisitive children or pets, due to the complete impenetrability.
  • In terms of accuracy and conciseness, they significantly exceed the horizontal blinds to which we are accustomed.
  • The quality of the mechanism and control system can not but rejoice. Due to its inaccessibility, the blinds are so reliable that they are set to be calculated solely for a long time.

This type of blinds has a single, but for many, a rather significant minus is its relative high cost. But the money you spend will more than pay off in the coming years. But the convenience that you will receive every day can not be compared with anything.

Vertical blinds

Blinds with vertical slats - this is originally a domestic version of the blinds. They are more like curtains, so they can often be seen in residential areas. With the help of a simple mechanism, the lamellae easily change their position; as a result, one can not only experiment with light and light, but even completely change the mood and atmosphere of the room. And additional knowledge of some subtleties will help to manage the interior of the room at its discretion.


  • It is not necessary to make very long blinds to the floor, especially if it is not necessary, you can get by with short slats that cover only the window opening. After all, the kitchen is not the cleanest room in the apartment, so you need to avoid dirt, grease and dust, which is a deadly mixture for vertical fabric blinds, especially with a grooved texture.
  • If the slats in the blinds are made from floor to ceiling, this will visually increase the height of the room, which is very important for a small room with low ceilings.
  • Color and material can optically narrow or expand the window space, which will affect the change in the geometry of the room.
  • Progress does not stand still, even dull down falling strips of cloth in the past. With the help of lamellae of irregular shape, semicircle, zigzag, wave or oblique cut, an ordinary kitchen room can be given a charming individuality and a special originality.
  • To care for the vertical blinds, the hostess will only need a dry cloth, a panicle, or a vacuum cleaner. If you monitor their pollution in time, they will not require you to labor intensive cleaning for a very long time. The secret is that they need to be cleaned before visible pollution.
  • The design can be combined with other elements of the decor. It turns out elegant combinations with flying curtains and curtains, although this option is more suitable for the living room than for the kitchen.
  • It is possible to choose a lamella assembly system: to the right, to the left of the center, to the center, which can be very convenient in further operation.

Roller blinds

Rolled blinds or blinds are a solid canvas, which with a full twist develops into a neat roll, while not occupying a single extra centimeter. Favorably, roller blinds differ from the previous categories of blinds and with their fastening system. Installation is appropriate in 3 projections: the wall, the ceiling and the window opening directly, they are attached even to each autonomous sash. All these nuances are very important in commonplace life, for example, when airing or playing with light and shadow.

Practical and concise fabric rolleta organically fit into any interior. Quality materials rolshtor necessarily impregnated with special components:

  • antistatic
  • dustproof
  • antibacterial
  • in some cases even fire resistant.

Thanks to it in the course of use rolled blinds do not gather dust, do not crumple and do not burn out under the influence of sunshine. But, despite all its advantages and specific impregnations, roller shutters are very, very whimsical. They require a lean and careful attitude. And direct contact with soot, grease and other kitchen stains will quickly deprive the canvas of its original flawless charm, which is almost impossible to return. Therefore, if you do decide to choose this type of blinds, think about the gas stove to be away from the window opening. Of course, this is not a panacea, but still such a rearrangement can prolong the life of moody roller blinds.