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Color in the interior of the living room (50 photos): beautiful combinations


The color design of the apartment is very important in the design. Each room in the house should have a thoughtful combination of colors - this also applies, of course, to the living room. After all, the living room is the center of the house, a place where family, friends gather, meetings and holidays take place - here all the household and guests will spend the most time. Therefore, you must carefully consider the color in the interior of the living room. How to do it correctly, we will tell in the article.




How to choose a color for the living room

Let us see what points you need to focus on when choosing the optimal color combination for the living room:

  • It is necessary to take into account the famous rule of designers: the use of such color proportions as - 10-30-60. These figures mean that the interior should contain 60% of the primary color, 30% additional, combined in hue in the primary and 10% in contrast or accent, which the first two are not at all like. But, however, they should look harmoniously next to him. As an example, you can bring such a combination: take the beige color of the walls as the main one, add green as an additional one. And dilute all this magnificence with turquoise color of a sofa and curtains. Thus, the interior gets liveliness and dynamics, looks modern and beautiful. As a contrast, usually taken bright, catchy, saturated colors.
  • If you find it difficult to choose a combination of colors in the living room interior and doubt which interior you would be most comfortable in, you can use this technique: carefully analyze your own wardrobe and understand what color is most common among clothing items. This color should be made basic in the design of the living room design. Bright or faded, cold or warm, but your favorite shades will be pleasant to the eye and exactly suit in all respects. Selection of an additional and contrasting color should be adjusted to the main one, so that they are combined and in harmony. These combinations can be peeped again on clothing or on specialized sites and directories. Design the walls, floor and ceiling, choose the color of curtains and sofas according to this principle - and a good visual result of the work will be guaranteed.















Features of modern color design

Consider what features are most popular now in the living room color design:

  • Since the minimalist style with its laconicism, simple and clear lines is now held in high esteem, it is better to avoid a riot of colors and colors in living rooms with such an interior. Colors should be simple, natural, natural, natural gamut. Ideal for decorating walls and other surfaces, black, brown, beige, gray, white are suitable, and it doesn’t hurt a bit of green. And as accents in the amount of those 10%, any bright shades can appear: green, red, lime, pink, orange and others. They can be used for sofa upholstery, curtain textiles.
  • If the design of the living room is made in the classic or traditional version - with good-quality wooden furniture, solid tables and dressers - in this case, the best choice of color will be: golden, brown, beige, burgundy, turquoise, its dark shade is used as green. Such shades are capable of emphasizing in the most advantageous way the richness and beauty of furniture and interior objects. Too bright colors are not used for such an interior. In these colors the covering on walls, an upholstery of chairs and a sofa, color of curtains is maintained.
  • Modern trends emphasize the desire for a natural, natural beginning. Therefore, in most cases, the design of living rooms is now inherent in the same direction. That is, the colors of natural shades, diluted with rare bright spots. This design of the walls and furniture looks stylish, elegant and emphasized modern. In addition, natural shades are as comfortable as possible for our vision; these colors of walls and decor contribute to rest and relaxation.
  • Pastel warm and muted-vintage shades are also a modern addiction to interior fashion. Such shades of walls, curtains and sofa upholstery are particularly suitable for living rooms in the style of shebbi-chic or Provence and evoke thoughts of a cozy country house. However, they can be used in the apartment. Light, pastel, slightly "faded" tones give the impression of faded into the sun, expand the space, fill it with light and comfort. Bright colors are not used.
  • Often, gradients and graceful color transitions are used to decorate the wall or the colors of the curtains, which help to harmonize the space and make the whole decor of the living room a whole.

















Some useful points that will help you choose the best combination of colors in the living room interior:

  • Do not be afraid to apply bright colors. Suppose you have furnished the living room in a classic design, using a brown, noble beige shade and a little green. And everything is beautiful and dignified, but something is missing, there is a feeling of a bit of boring space. So liven up this selection of colors by adding unexpected orange or pink spots. Turquoise, warm yellow and other bright contrasting shades may be appropriate. In this accent color, decorative pillows, wall panels, sofa upholstery and other decor items can be made. And you will see how the walls and furniture in the living room will play, the interior will become more warm and interesting.
  • Deep blue color goes well with berry tones. Why not try to decorate the walls and furniture of the living room in a blue-burgundy version with an accent, for example, in a dark green version. Only the colors should be muted, warm, natural shades, not neon or acidic. Living room in a similar design takes on a luxurious look: the color of the walls, the upholstery of the sofa, the shade of the curtains - everything will look harmonious. However, in such a selection will delight its color forethought and decorative.
  • If the living room is designed in a strict black and white design, then you can decorate its walls with bright colors of red or yellow shades or add a little green. You will see how much the interior will change after that, the living room will immediately take on a lively, warm look.
  • It is better to choose for the decoration of the walls, the colors of the curtains and the upholstery of the sofa are warm and soft colors than the cold ones. The living room, decorated in warm color, always looks more cozy and comfortable. Beige and orange are always visually more comfortable than lilac or chilly-blue.
  • You can try such a bold enough option: to withstand the entire living room in bright mint-sand shades. And as a contrasting tone add a dark beige, turquoise hue or add a bright green. Such a living room will be a real pride of the owners and an ideal place for relaxation and meeting with friends.
  • Do not use too many details of a contrasting color - one large or two or three small ones will be enough to set off the main decoration of the room. For example, in a grayish-beige living room, one bright red large sofa or several small pillows and a picture on a wall in a contrasting color will look great.
  • The more natural the basic color scheme of the floor and walls, the more bold experiments with a contrasting shade of curtains and sofa you can afford.

Whatever color combination you choose, do not forget to adhere to the rule of proportionality of contrasting and basic colors - and, without a doubt, even an independent living room design will look great.