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Built-in sink: features, benefits, installation (26 photos)


Recessed sink is designed for installation on the countertop. There are models that are built under it. Such ceramics is also called integrable. For many bathrooms, such sinks are the best option. And the point here is not even in the absence of a seam, which in the overhead models is a place of accumulation of water. Integrated sinks fit perfectly into the interior design of bathrooms. However, they have a stylish appearance and do not interfere with a round or oval table top. The cost of different models is different: the more advantages, the higher it is.




Overhead Model

The installation of the built-in sink is not carried out completely into the hole in the tabletop, since only the lower part of the product should be lowered into it, while the upper part should rest on the tabletop. So she will not let the shell sink down.




An important advantage of corner sinks of this type is simple installation: the preparation of holes is carried out, where the plumbing is simply glued in with ordinary sanitary silicone, which also functions as a sealant. It is important to note that the installation of ceramic plumbing fixtures is so simple that it can even be performed by a person who does not have special training.

If you recall the shortcomings, it is important to name only one - the joint of the table top and the corner sink. Most often it is there that the fungus settles, because that place is constantly wet. Although this moment in most cases depends on how well the repair is performed. If all the work is done correctly, and the ventilation is functioning properly, in this case, when using the sink built in from above, no fungus will be terrible.

The sink built into the countertop is currently made from a variety of materials. Elite patch models are made of wood and serve for a long time. Among the most common options are the following:

  • Glass is the latest fashion trend. Glass washbasins have different shades, so they are in perfect harmony with any interiors.
  • Porcelain. This option is obsolete. However, there are people who prefer to buy embedded porcelain sinks. The disadvantage of porcelain sanitary products should be called surface cracking after prolonged use.
  • Faience. Corner faience sinks for the kitchen, embedded in the countertop, firmly entered into our lives, because they are of high quality and sold at an affordable price. By the way, the combination of "price-quality" in this version is the most balanced.
  • A natural stone. Products from it are massive and heavy. Nevertheless, they are characterized by good durability and long service life.
  • Acrylic. Any acrylic built-in sink will become a fashionable element of bathrooms with a modern design. Sinks are made of plastic with a thin acrylic coating. True, you can find completely acrylic products that are simple, unpretentious in the care and in case of breakage are restored quickly and without problems even without the involvement of professionals.
  • Metals - demand for products from stainless steel, brass, copper. Not all metal sinks are considered low cost. Product class depends on the type of metal. So, stainless steel plumbing is considered budget. If it is made of brass or copper, especially if made antique, it will be quite expensive. The most affordable kitchen sinks are models made of stainless steel.
  • Fake diamond. Alternative to the sinks made of a natural stone. In general, such shells look attractive and cute. The disadvantage is the high cost.

What to choose? Depends on your preferences, financial capabilities and features of the interior design of the bathroom, which is intended plumbing.



How are sinks installed?

The built-in sink in the bathroom is connected to the water supply / sewerage system in the same way as other sinks. Differences are observed when installing the built-in bowl. Installation is carried out in stages.

The base is being prepared

Old washbasin dismantled. Then it is checked whether the purchased sink fits in size - it is important that they exactly match the opening of the tabletop. If everything is normal, then you just need to insert a bowl into the hole. To avoid slipping and turn the bowl, a special rubber edging is glued on the tabletop around the perimeter of the cutout.

The bowl does not fit the size of the hole that was left after the previous plumbing? Then you need to buy a new countertop. When the neckline is smaller than the bowl, you can slightly “widen” its borders. The easiest method is to outline the contours of the bowl attached to the surface of the tabletop with a simple pencil, describing it along the contour. The marking of the place of installation of the mixer.




Bowl placement

It is important to observe several conditions: the bowl should not be placed against the wall, and should not be placed at the edge of the tabletop. The jigsaw is used to cut the inside niche. At its border a hole is drilled into which the jigsaw blade is inserted. Then you need to cut along the contour.



Features mounting structure

The worktop niche that was previously cut is removed. Then sawdust is removed from the cut, and dust is removed. The end surface of the resulting hole is gently polished with a file, sandpaper. The cuts are covered with silicone sealant, on which it is necessary to “plant” sealing tape of thin rubber or polyethylene foam. Its edges, which protrude above the surface of the tabletop, are cut with scissors. The tape is degreased with alcohol, re-covered with sealant. Recessed sink in the bathroom is placed on the resulting cut. With the edge is to ensure the most dense contact. To ensure a tight fit, it is recommended to turn the bowl a little.






Built-in sinks in the interior

A sink built into the countertop is a convenient option for small bathrooms. Corner plumbing products are perfectly integrated into the furniture, so you can save space in small-sized bathrooms. Overhead sinks are built into various countertops, so if you wish, you can make bold experiments with the interior of the bathroom. This option will be especially successful in a narrow room, where there is no room for large sinks.

Built-in bathroom sinks are available in a wide variety. Demand is a round built-in sink, because in recent years, this model is a trend, which explains its popularity. Buyers also note that black car washes look interesting. In any case, there is something to choose from. The range of products will appeal to all buyers.