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Pink bathroom (40 photos): successful examples of design

Pink color most people associate with tenderness, sentimentality, romance and youth. But this does not mean that it can be used only for decoration of women's bedrooms. Due to the wide range of shades, as well as their beautiful combination with other colors, pink will be appropriate in almost any interior. For example, the pink bathroom looks very stylish.

The combination of colors or arrange the pink bathroom correctly

Pink color must be diluted with any shade, otherwise the bathroom design will become "cloying" - white or beige color:

  • red-pink painted walls;
  • furniture, accessories, doors and floors in bright colors. Of course, you can do the opposite. The combination of white and pink with pure white also looks very beautiful - a gentle and comfortable bathroom interior.

Another interesting option - pink, supplemented with silver or gray. The latter, by the way, is a universal color, and paired with red-pink makes the atmosphere in the bathroom particularly elegant and noble. To enhance this effect, you can decorate the interior with shiny silk, velvet (rugs, curtains), metal fittings (sink, trouble, etc.) and a mirror.

Walls or ceilings decorated in gray are the perfect backdrop that gives the decor a unique personality.

Note: the interior of the bathroom will make a mysterious combination of white-pink and purple, for example, in a mosaic on the walls.

Very bright and saturated red-pink perfectly harmonizes with black. Such a dramatic and, at the same time, brutal combination in a “bold” color will suit even men.

Other dark shades are appropriate here:

  • brown accessories;
  • black furniture or burgundy rug.

Pink and black - a contrast and original combination. But the main thing is not to overdo it and be sure to dilute them with neutral tones: light blue, yellow and green palette.

Note: a combination of pale shades of pink and green will add freshness to the bathroom interior.

But such combinations as pink with orange or blue - a bad design. Caution does not interfere with the yellow color. A cozy and sunny atmosphere in the room will make a muted pink with the addition of yellow, not bright colors (curtains or blinds).

In addition, to create an "airy" interior, they often use a combination of pink with white-blue and white: pink tile, white floor, etc.

Chebbi chic

This style in the design of bathrooms often used by designers. Shebbi-chic is a design with a huge amount of pink-colored jewelery, usually balanced with white. The walls are painted in pastel pink (warm or cold) color.

If tiles or panels will be used to finish the bottom of the walls, it is advisable to leave them pure white and paint the top of the wall in pink. Mosaic or tile looks no less original. Doors and floor should also be made in white.

Curtains are selected from dense textiles. For example, white-pink curtains with a pattern in the form of stripes or with a floral ornament will be an excellent solution. You can hang them on a metal or wooden baguette. As an ornament, freely tied pink ribbons are also suitable - for easy sliding curtains. Tapes make out in the form of bows, cutting off their ends at an angle.

In addition, the pink bathroom in the style of Chebbi-chic provides for the presence of a pink table made of wood. You can process it with a special craquelure remedy (it causes cracking of the paint) and paint it white - you will see a pink base under the cracks, which makes the table look very similar to the old one.

Handles for furniture at the same time should be glass or porcelain and always white (but the blue variation is appropriate).

The hanging sink is decorated with an "apron" of the same range as the curtains. Another material will suit, for example, a tile with an original print in gray-pink tones.

Particular attention should be paid to the mirror. It should be chic: gilded, metal or carved wooden frame of white color with an elegant and sophisticated design (mosaic, prints, etc.). If you want something brighter, you can decorate the bathroom with a mirror in a frame that mimics climbing plants.

As for the ceiling, there simply can not do without a crystal chandelier with pale pink lighting. Not a bad option would be a suspended ceiling, around the perimeter of which are spotlights.

If there is a window in the bathroom, you can decorate it with thick curtains or wooden blinds. The original solution is blue or transparent gray-pink fabric.

Glass and porcelain accessories of pink color, as well as towels rolled in rolls will complement the decor.

Of course, shebbi-chic is more suitable for women, but with the “participation” of the pink gamut, you can create other, equally stylish interiors.

The antique-style bathroom looks great, with soft pink tones. The classic design is the use of two colors: a gray-white top and a dark floor. Pinkish fuzzy tones will be the perfect solution for country style - pink furniture, ceiling and wall decoration.

The color of the tea rose will be appropriate in minimalism, the uncluttered space of which fully demonstrates all the magnificence of the shade. And lovers of high-tech style (both men and women) will definitely like the “light blush” in the interior - gray and dirty-pink color.


If the pink bathroom is also decorated in white, gray or beige, it is better to choose bright pink furniture. A rich pink furniture and a washbasin will also suit the black and pink interior. For a room in a soft pink color, green-yellow, blue or purple objects are the perfect solution.

The pink bathroom can be decorated with antique wooden products, as well as furniture with glass inserts: a multi-tiered table for all sorts of accessories, bowls (better if their color is not transparent), soap storage, etc.


White curtains or "air" type blinds will fit perfectly into the pink bathroom. They will enliven the room and fill with comfort the lively green-red flowers in pots or floor vases. Mirror, you can choose any (of course beautiful). The main thing - all accessories must have a delicate pink color.

Will add all a small rug with an original white pattern and fluffy towels. A graceful expensive chandelier or lamps on the walls will not be a bad accent - it is necessary to select lighting devices taking into account the dimensions of the room and the decorative features of other elements.