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Interior pink kitchen (45 photos): beautiful design and color combinations


Properly chosen combination of colors in the repair is necessary in all areas, in particular, in the kitchen, where the beautiful half spends almost all the free time from work. In the process of creating an interior, designers spend an enormous amount of time selecting the background color and colorful things that catch the eye and pay attention to the smallest details that create the atmosphere. As you know, pink tone brings peace and tranquility, also contributes to improving mood. Due to these factors, most often pink color can be found in the design of bedrooms, living rooms and children's rooms. However, pink wallpaper in the kitchen can also be found, and quite often.




Application Methods

Creation of optical illusions

Pink color tends to visually make more pieces of furniture or space, without making it heavier, but rather making it “easier”. This means that if you choose the right color combination, then the kitchen in pink color will seem a little more than it actually is, but it will not be huge, it will not crush. If you make one of the walls in this color, you can visually increase the area and increase the ceiling.



Diluted pink

Any pink color, saturated or not, must be diluted with a huge baggage of neutral, soothing shades. Calm light pink shades can be used in a huge amount, however, it is still necessary to adhere to proportionality 1: 1 or 1: 2 with some other calm color. The priority is to combine light pink with white. In the interior of the kitchen light pink, you can make wallpaper as a background, racks, kitchen set or curtains. The more intense and variegated tones of pink are very dynamic and can attract all the attention to themselves, therefore it is recommended to resort to them only as color accents. For example, several bright chairs, curtains, objects that make up the decor, apron, cover on one wall.



The choice of tone, based on style

Dynamic, variegated shades are mainly suitable for creating kitchen interiors in modern styles. In the interior of a retro or pop-art kitchen, carmine or, on the contrary, pale pink in combination with white, black, orange or blue will perfectly suit. The classic style, as well as the traditional chebbi-chic, country and Provence, allow only gentle and soothing shades of pink.



Companion colors selection

When creating your new pink kitchen design or updating an old one, you need to master the work with the Itten color wheel. Ittena's color wheel allows a combination of pink with brown, pale blue, mint green, white, gray, turquoise and olive.



Pink details

Sometimes the smallest detail in the work area, for example, a motley pink apron, is enough to create an interior. Or a glossy tile of a delicate pink hue and additional lighting devices aimed at it, which will catch the eye and set a special mood, may become the main feature of the kitchen interior design, besides visually increasing the space.







  1. The combination of pink and white. This pair can be called perfect. White makes it softer and, in some cases, more tender pink. This combination is the most traditional and win-win, as this white-pink pair can be diluted with any color of the rainbow.
  2. The interaction of black with pink enhances the intensity of pink. Pink wallpaper in the kitchen, in combination with black floor or furniture look very extravagant and impressive.
  3. Gray-pink cuisine, more precisely, this relationship is considered traditional. Great looks kitchen in a gray-pink tones.
  4. The beige-pink kitchen is distinguished by its tenderness and smoothness. The paper covering with soft pink patterns calmly flows into the pattern of beige linoleum, which is made in the form of parquet.
  5. The combination of pink and brown will add severity to the first color.
  6. Green is in the spectrum of colors directly parallel to the pink, so a combination of these colors in the interior is allowed. Even in nature, we can often observe this connection (green stem of the plant, green leaves and a beautiful pink flower), which we subconsciously associate with something positive.
  7. Yellow and blue colors are in harmony with pink, if they have a cold tone. Pink kitchen, diluted with lemon or turquoise hues, will look extravagant. In the kitchen in the style of pop art with pink you can use orange and red colors.







Psychologists say that the pink color is the most passive and helps reduce internal and external aggression. They note that the pink color in the room leads to peace and tranquility. Color therapists recommend applying pink in the decoration of the kitchen to people who are prone to depression. Gentle shades cause associations with something pleasant, contribute to improving vitality and the feeling of fullness of life.