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Oak furniture in the interior of rooms (52 photos): beautiful shades and colors

Progress goes forward, new materials are invented, but natural and natural in the production of furniture will always be in price. One of the most expensive wood species is oak. What is so good about this stuff? In which interiors can it be used? Where is it better to use dairy-colored furniture, and where is black?

Oak furniture and its benefits

  • The durability of products from this tree is the main advantage. Oak is less susceptible to damage than, for example, the same birch. Old oak furniture is not so difficult to restore.
  • Natural, environmentally friendly material. In the modern world, much attention is paid to this. Especially this advantage concerns a children's bedroom, because there should be furniture only from safe materials.
  • Aesthetics. The furniture from the massif of an oak will tell about good taste of the host. The interior with her looks royally beautiful and noble.
  • Versatility. From this natural material you can make any furniture: a bed for the bedroom, a kitchen front, a wardrobe in the hallway, a dining table in the living room, etc.
  • Convenience decorating. Carved upholstered furniture and large panels are made of oak.

The game of color in the interior

A variety of shades in oak will satisfy the most demanding taste. You can find furniture from the brightest milky shades to almost black. The larger the bedroom, the darker the shade of the furniture can be applied in the interior. Light shade well expands the space.

It is not necessary to make a small room only in a milky color. For example, in the bedroom there is a carved bed of white oak, cabinet furniture, and there are light wallpaper on the walls. In this interior, you can add bright accents in the form of soft pillows juicy color.

Thanks to various wood processing techniques, furniture can be created not only from bleached oak. For example, upholstered oak furniture is highly valued. It has a deep dark color with a purple hue, so it is perfect for decorating a study or a modern living room.

Natural material does not mean expensive

Furniture made of veneer can be an excellent alternative to furniture made entirely from oak. Veneer is a thin sheet of wood that can be fixed to the base of such materials as chipboard, plywood and others. For example, the basis of the kitchen cabinet is made of MDF, and the facade of the kitchen is made of natural veneer.

The advantages of veneer over other materials:

  1. Unique drawing and rich color.
  2. Cheapness
  3. The weight of the furniture. Have you ever made a rearrangement in the hallway or living room? If so, then you know how heavy the furniture is. When using not solid wood, but natural veneer, tables and cabinets become many times easier.
  4. High strength. There are several types of coating furniture fronts. They will protect this material from scratches and scuffs.

Furniture from solid oak in different styles

You do not know what colors are combined with each other, choose black and white. The classic contrasting combination is well reflected in the minimalism style. Furniture from white oak will harmonize well with large black vases, soft black pillows. Minimalism, though it likes sharp corners, but a round laconic table will not contradict its nature. This style is used most often for living room or kitchen. It will be inappropriate to combine milk and black, as well as the presence of clear lines for the nursery.

In Art Deco, only valuable wood species are used, including oak. The furniture in this style is very dark or black.

Oak furniture is used in other styles. The classic design style uses furniture made of natural wood only, and modern is a mixture of natural and non-natural materials. For example, in a modern style in the living room there can be a soft sofa made of wood and natural leather, and a large glass table can stand next to it.

Bleached oak and hallway

In modern apartments it is rare to find a spacious entrance hall. Therefore, the choice in favor of dairy modular furniture will help to create a bright and cozy space. The color of the bleached oak is perfectly combined with any in the interior. But especially well with pistachio, cherry, turquoise or dark chocolate color.

If your hallway is spacious, put a modular wardrobe, a soft sofa, a small carved or glass table there. Your guests are the first to see the hallway, and such an atmosphere will arrange comfort and goodwill from the threshold of the house.

There are a few tricks to visually expand the space and make the hallway bright and cozy:

  • Mirrors on the walls. A mirror will add a few square meters to your hallway.
  • Do not glue dark wallpaper and do not dark floor. You can use wallpaper, they are just like mirrors, create the illusion of additional space.
  • More light. Lighting in the hallway should be not only common, but also spot due to the built-in light bulbs in the furniture.

Provence style kitchen interior

Provence does not tolerate black, as well as the dark shades of various colors. It is great for kitchen decoration.

Furniture should not be just white oak, it should seem old, but also simple in shape and with rounded corners. The facade of the kitchen furniture in the style of Provence can be decorated with natural ornaments. On the windows you can hang light curtains milky with a simple pattern.

Provence dining table should be massive and occupy the main place in the kitchen. The kitchen table also, like the rest of the furniture, should look old with decorative scuffs and cracks.

Natural material for bedroom interior

If you want a light, simple design, then give preference to the style of Provence and choose the color of whitened oak for furniture. Light furniture will visually enlarge your room. Just do not overdo it with white. If the wallpaper, the floor and the surroundings are milky, you get the effect of "sterility", there will be a feeling of discomfort.

If your goal is a luxurious bedroom, then give up the milky color in favor of dark shades. A soft bed, an artificially made chest of drawers, a wardrobe, heavy curtains will perfectly harmonize with each other within a luxurious bedroom.

Children's furniture made of wood

In the children's bedroom should be light, functional and safe. Children's furniture from white oak is great for her. Natural material will not harm health, and the color will refresh the room. The facade of the furniture can be a bright color. Let wallpaper of milky color or wallpaper with cartoon characters decorate the walls, and a large, unusual chandelier - the ceiling.

When choosing furniture, give preference to modular. It has a number of advantages for the children's bedroom:

  1. Functionality. Modular furniture often has several levels, so in a small room you can arrange a chest of drawers for things, and a bunk bed for children, and a desk. And from the modules you can assemble exactly the set that is needed exactly your children's bedroom.
  2. Convenience. You do not need to collect children's modular furniture in parts, you can buy a whole set in one store at once.
  3. Profitable price. Modular children's furniture is cheaper than custom made.
  4. Big choice. Manufacturers of modular furniture create a variety of sets from which you can choose your favorite.
  5. Modular furniture changes with the child. Such children's furniture is easily transformed to the needs of the child.

Stylish living room

Monochrome living room with solid oak furniture looks very fashionable. Black and white - this is quite a spectacular combination in the interior of the living room. The proportion of color varies.

In general, with such a color scheme of the living room, you can make two big mistakes: make the room gloomy and dark or turn it into a hospital room. Designers are advised not to use the predominance of black, if children and animals live in the house. A lot of black wooden furniture is appropriate if you want to make the living room more private. If you need to add more light, then let the fronts of the furniture be from bleached oak. Milky and black color should not be in fine details, otherwise the appearance of the room will ruffle.

Wooden bath in a modern interior

Not only tables, chairs and cabinets can be made of oak, but also a bath. Acrylic or cast-iron bath is a fairly common thing in our homes, but made of wood can surprise guests.

The advantages of a wooden bath:

  • Exclusivity. Undoubtedly, such oak furniture is purchased not only for functionality, but also for chic interior. It becomes an independent element of the decor, and it is not so important whether it is milky, black or any other color. The main thing is to combine it with cabinet furniture in the bathroom, as well as with the floor and walls. It is important to remember that the facade of the rest of the furniture in the bathroom should remain smooth and uncomfortable.
  • Environmentally friendly material. Modern design is no longer thought of without safe, natural raw materials.
  • Great way to relax. Psychologists say that a bath made of wood contributes to peace of mind.

In addition to the advantages of such a bath, there are many drawbacks of its use:

  • High price.
  • Special care. Natural material requires careful care of it. Such a bathroom can not often be used, but rarely also impossible.
  • Restrictions in functions. The wooden bathtub is not intended for washing things or bathing pets.

Furniture made of valuable species, in particular oak, is highly valued by designers and can be easily integrated into any interior. It is universal, therefore, suitable for a children's bedroom, and for the kitchen, and for the hallway. If you are afraid of the high price, but really want to use textured natural materials, you should pay for veneered furniture. Also, do not pass by the modular headsets, they save the budget. Modern manufacturers are trying to please the different tastes and capabilities of the buyer.