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Kitchen design 11 square. m. (54 photos): modern interiors

The cozy kitchen interior of 11 square meters is the dream of many families. Previously, it was rarely possible to find apartments with such an area, so people still clutter up all the free space. Modern design does not provide for such an approach. It has special rules that should be considered during repairs.

The rules of kitchen interior design 11 square meters

First you need to make a design project. It takes into account even minor details to the living room or kitchen fully complies with all wishes. This step is often skipped, immediately starting to work. As a result, it is impossible to immediately compare individual elements, so the options remain only options. In reality, they remain unfulfilled. What features should be taken seriously?

  • Planning;
  • Decoration of the room;
  • Choosing furniture;
  • Additional features.

Professionals confirm that the design can be unique, if nothing is missed. They thoroughly work on the project, making it as accurate and thoughtful as possible. Let the kitchen with a balcony and such an area seem to be infinite, there may also not be enough space in it if you make mistakes.


Planning is the main problem. Traditional options do not always suit the owners, and 11 square meters make you think about serious changes. Typically, families prefer the standard options, because they are familiar and understandable, so even the furniture is selected in accordance with established principles. Few who immediately decide to equip a room with a bar counter, and in fact it is the best way to divide the room.

Choosing a visual barrier, a person gets an unrivaled atmosphere. So, you can divide the room with a sofa so that a place to relax after a hearty dinner appears in it. Such an interior is a modern solution, often overshadowing other proposals. The layout of the kitchen space in a studio apartment is an option for lovers of freedom, where every square meter remains functional.

Room decoration

When the layout is chosen with or without a bar counter, it’s time to start finishing. The classic interior is the use of ceramic tiles and linoleum. Beautiful interior is not only furniture, but also new materials. What principles will help to perform the work correctly?

  • Kitchen - a room with high humidity. This should be taken into account when choosing a material, because the ceiling and the walls are most affected by damage. For the floor is better to do an additional waterproofing.
  • With its area, the room suggests that the visual increase in space can not be used. Rejecting the glossy surfaces, you can create a better design. So, the matte ceiling will set off the furniture, so even the interior with a bar counter will remain cozy.
  • Flooring can be any. Modern kitchen design of 11 square meters provides ample opportunities, so when buying, you only need to clarify the moisture resistance so as not to spoil the interior in the future.

If the decoration of the kitchen is done correctly, 11 square meters turn into a whole picture. It is complemented by the original layout, corner furniture and decor. This suggests that the floor, ceiling and walls should also be transformed into a single system of finishing.

Choice of furniture

An important nuance is the furniture. Before the equipment of the bar or any other object you need to think over the other elements. For 11 square meters you can buy a lot of options, but any of them must correspond to the wishes of the person and create a general style of the room.

Practice shows that corner furniture is not by chance remains popular. The usual layout takes into account the free space, so it should be left in priority. In this case, the bar will be able to decorate any place, and at the same time family members will feel comfortable.

Additional features

Before the start of repairs, you also have to think about the design from the point of view of small elements. Let angular furniture is purchased, but it will look ugly with the wrong lighting. Here is an example of a designer’s board that remembers nothing. What details he notes?

  • Lighting;
  • Engineering Communication;
  • The decor.

Lighting is a complex system. The traditional chandelier is an outdated version that disappoints people. A graceful ceiling is better complemented by spotlights, which help to distinguish individual zones.

Engineering communications are diverse. In the kitchen, they turn into a solid project, which takes into account ventilation, air conditioning, water supply, and sewage. Designers are advised to choose the optimal placement, and then use different methods to hide unnecessary elements.

Kitchen decor consists of various items. Manufacturers are endless catalogs in which dishes, textiles and art objects are highlighted. If expensive purchases are not available, you can turn to indoor plants.

The unsurpassed kitchen interior of 11 sq m consists of many parts. Comparing the parts, you can get an unrivaled room where the family will be happy to gather for dinner. So do not give up the advice, it is better to follow them and succeed after the repair.