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Hallway decor (50 photos): examples of beautiful design of the corridor

Crossing the threshold, you find yourself in the hallway, a room that should relax and adjust to the homely mood. Well, if it is in a private house, repairs and design will not cause problems. But what should be the design of the hallway in case it is an old-fashioned apartment, and a room for meeting guests is given a couple of square meters? Is it possible to choose the optimal style, color palette, mirror and necessary furniture for a small space? Of course! It is necessary to look for options, compare ideas and create your own hall, pleasing practicality and elegance of each incoming. Nuances, subtleties, secrets - here!

TOP-5 rules of registration of the hall: to the seeker of the note

Any small territory, as well as the territory of irregular shape, can be visually expanded and enlarged, made as ready as possible for use by all family members. The basic rules, which adhere to the venerable designers, will help you. It:

  1. Light and soft finish. More light materials in the hallway — a room that meets everyone from work or travel and escorts the door;
  2. Competent lighting. There is usually no window in the hallway, so artificial light should replace natural light. And the hallway will become a fairy tale place;
  3. Nothing extra! Minimalistic design - this is only the necessary pieces of furniture and interior design, a pair of decorative elements. And the room will feel the volume, spaciousness and light;
  4. Modular groups, built-in storage systems. Only innovative furniture in order to save things and space;
  5. Harmony of furniture and accessories, that is the exact place for everyone. Only in this way they will create a unifying beginning, while maintaining the unity of the style of the room;
  6. Considering every detail and detail, taking into account the exact dimensions, the location of the doors and the desired result, you can get down to business.

Tip: the hallway is not a room for good rest, it is a meeting place. Therefore, the main thing here is relevance, convenience and practicality. Based on these criteria, you can create a décor for a hall that everyone will like!

Color solutions and materials in the design of the hallway

Starting to work with the arrangement of the hallway, you should not get hung up on its small area and assume that nothing good will come of it. Dimensions here will turn into advantages of comfort and coziness, you just have to want it!

And so that these same dimensions are not “eaten”, you need to use finishing materials in a bright palette, dull, without gloss (possible only for the stretched ceiling fabric) and luminescent inclusions. The best idea could be painting walls or wallpapering in beige, milky, turquoise, lilac, pink or champagne. All cold shades should either be eliminated in order not to make the room prim and too concise, or to add “warmth” in the form of decorative accessories in the color of orange, burgundy, cognac and well-created lighting.

However, this is not all the ways to make the room soft and velvety, as spacious and functional as possible. Here are a few more:

  • remove the thresholds between the rooms (hallway and corridor, kitchen, bedroom). The stark contrast between the flooring in different rooms, a clear line of delimitation in the form of a threshold not only significantly reduces the room, but also makes it separate from the rest of the apartment;
  • Choose ceramic tile as floor material. Compared with parquet, varnished floor, you will like its durability, strength characteristics, biological and environmental cleanliness, collections in which you will find what you are looking for;
  • use strips on the walls to increase the ceiling or expand the room. It can be not only a drawing of a finishing material, but also decor elements, for example, strips of textile tape, “pulling” the space and giving the room harmony.

Tip: computer design - a powerful "trick". Thanks to him, you will be able to visually see and compare color variations, illumination, select furniture and correctly arrange it. Contact a specialist or try to study the special programs themselves. It is entertaining and exciting!

Lighting and mirrors in the hallway: finding points of contact

In a small hallway there should not be enough light, because then a person entering from the street will feel uncomfortable. This is of no use to us, therefore, for maximum illumination, we choose wall lamps and spotlights, spots and a chandelier, floor lamps and overhead lights. In this case, separate lighting devices are used for general lighting, others for functional lighting, that is, illuminating a specific area.

A narrow and long hallway should be equipped with powerful light sources, the flow of which will be directed to certain points of the room for full lighting of the room. Light zoning will help to immediately see all the space and feel comfortable.

A hallway of geometrically complex shape can be provided with a pair of main sources of illumination, as well as several additional ones, located in the corners of a room of complex shape. They form some illuminated "islands", combining a room into a single territory.

Light sources can participate in the design of the room and as decor elements. So, by specially highlighting a section of a wall with a photo or a painting, with a mirror, you will help guests and family members to focus on decorating the hallway, making the mood bright and special. And even if you are arranging the hallway so economically that you have a full-length mirror on one of the cabinet doors, light it with spotlights or LED tape.

Tip: pay attention to the location of switches and sockets during electrical work. They should be accessible and should not be located in inconvenient places. At the same time, please note that there will still be an intercom in the hallway and possibly a telephone, for which there must also be a place.

Furniture, or not a wardrobe uniform

The entrance hall, in which the wardrobe can accommodate, is a hall of considerable size. We are considering small square meters, implying that with the design of large each cope "perfectly."

Hallway - the area in which we dress, undress, removing the outerwear in the cold season, shoes. This is just a pair of jackets or coats, a few pairs of shoes, which does not necessarily imply the presence of a closet, despite the fact that the territory of the room is small. Hanger and cabinet for shoes - the best option. In this case, the hanger can have not only coat hooks, a bar, but also a zone with open shelves on which accessories and small trifles can be stored. Shoe cabinet for a certain number of pairs. It can look like an open shelf, shelving, have facades and be equipped with a seat for greater convenience.

A great solution is modular furniture. You can create a harmonious space of objects made not only from the same material, color, but also a certain style. The successful solution is the modern models of mini-hall sets that are distinguished by their small size, spaciousness and ergonomic shape. Compare the options of wood and even leather - and choose the one you like!

Organic hallway: the perfect tandem of furniture and accessories

Architectural, engineering design of the hallway - not all work on the arrangement of this area. They are the basis, but interesting objects for interior decoration and decoration of surfaces will be its complement, a piece of soul and love, which immediately tells a lot about the owners.

Leave the apartment in which the hallway has already been created. She is good, it has everything you need, its color envelops with warmth and soothes? Come again. Feel what parts, accessories are missing. These can be paired decorative floor vases, located on either side of the entrance doors, or a bright-colored pouf made from models of frameless furniture, attracting with a form or a decorative panel on the wall, telling that you are fond of collecting puzzles. Choose your version, completing complex work!