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Bedroom decor (21 photos): beautiful ideas for creating style


When you work on an apartment project, each room, starting from the nursery and ending with the kitchen, needs a special approach, since the design depends on the host’s style preferences and functionality. Is no exception and the design of the bedroom, a cozy design that will relax after a busy day. When creating a style, you need to remember a number of nuances that affect the perception of the room. In addition, interior items must look good with each other.

In the arsenal of designers today there is a large selection of various style trends, according to the canons of which a bedroom can be decorated. Style sets the tone for the whole design, affects the decoration, moreover, as a rule, the same style is used in all the rooms in the apartment, so it is important to determine it at the very first stages of work. Variants of the most popular styles:

  • classic;
  • modern design (hi-tech, minimalism);
  • Provence;
  • Art Nouveau, Baroque, Rococo and other similar species;
  • combination of elements of different styles (eclectic).




Color solution

Ideas for color design can be very different, for example, the classic solution in brown, a bedroom in white with bright accents, provocative combinations of bright flashy shades and other types. The interior color solution consists of two components - the design of the walls in the bedroom and the choice of furniture color. If you choose a design in bright colors, then the shade of furniture and wallpaper can almost match. Creating a white room is a win-win for a bedroom of any style, ranging from design in the style of Provence and ending with a bedroom-techno. At the same time try to choose warm colors, cold colors are not too comfortable. Light color solution is perfect for a small bedroom. But then use in the design of dark pieces of furniture.



Furniture selection

Bedroom in terms of choice of furniture is always quite conservative, it is difficult to come up with new combinations. It is divided into several functional areas - a bed and all related items, a storage area for clothes and personal items, complemented by mirrors, as well as a chair, couch, small table or dressing table. In this case, not necessarily all the furniture should be kept strictly in the same style, it is enough that it was combined with each other. Moreover, the usual elements of the furniture may consist of different parts and the design of the headboard may differ from the design of the bed.




The choice of style and color shades of the bedroom, as well as the selection of furniture, make it possible to create the character of the interior, but all the design can easily change your mood depending on what details you choose for it. The most important, of course, is the design of the window in the bedroom. Curtains make the image more complete, giving the room coziness and privacy. The main rule when choosing a window design is that it should not be in style and color to contradict the general style of the room; this is too important a detail to make it contrast. The hue, texture and design of the curtains should support your chosen direction.