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How to decorate an apartment or house for the New Year 2019 (50 photos)


When the New Year approaches, many begin to think about decorating their homes, because this holiday is one of the most beloved and joyful since childhood. In addition, traditionally, it involves the use of a variety of decorative elements, special training, making crafts with his own hands, and other attributes inherent only to him. Competently executed New Year's interior will allow you to fully enjoy the celebration, create the necessary joyful mood, make the holiday unforgettable. The article will look at how to properly decorate the interior of the house before the New Year, and how to use the decor to make the fun and relaxation work.




Fashion trends

What New Year's design will be especially fashionable and relevant this year:

  • Classic is always in fashion, so the traditional red and gold decor to decorate the room and decorate the Christmas tree will be relevant this time too. Especially well it combines with a classic interior. Dilutes this overly flashy and intense gamut with the competent and appropriate use of white. Be careful when using the red-gold combination - you need a sense of proportion, the decor is very active.
  • One of the main trends is the use of brilliant decor - for gold and bronze. Only it is important not to overdo it - with such an intense decor you need to know when to stop. Otherwise, the house will be a hike to the palace, and not on the New Year's interior. Bronze is better suited - it looks more noble.
  • "Light" design in white and green style is also very popular. With this design is almost not used shiny decor. The whole atmosphere gives the impression of lightness and freshness. This New Year's interior echoes the modern ecological design of the design.
  • Vintage decor is still in fashion. Therefore, if you still have Christmas toys for your Christmas tree from childhood, you can use them. Vintage decor welcomes simple, uncomplicated décor, which children especially like. In this case, you can pay not too much attention to the selection of colors.







Consider how to decorate an apartment for the New Year with the help of interesting decorative elements.

  • Decor with wreaths. This decoration is perfectly combined with various styles of interior. But the wreaths should be selected in color and style. They look good on the walls, on the doors and even on the windows. In addition, the festive table is often decorated with small elegant wreaths, which creates a New Year's mood among the guests present. Wreaths can be made of artificial material, and of real twigs of plants - any conifers, including from the usual Christmas tree.
  • Excellent design can be obtained if you use the purchased Christmas balls. It is important that they are of different sizes, but at the same time combined stylistically. This decor is good for flat surfaces: shelves, tables, shelves. Also, these balls can be woven into wreaths, making the latter even more decorative and "New Year's".
  • Make or buy colorful holiday gift boxes. Gifts for each family member are placed in these beautiful containers - and all this magnificence is picturesquely placed under the Christmas tree. Against the background of the Christmas tree with gifts, you can have a great family photo session, the photos from which will then be a long time to remind you of a great and friendly holiday.













  • To decorate the "eye of the house," traditional light decorations are used, often paper ones. It can be snowflakes, stickers, and wreaths. You can also cut out of paper silhouettes of houses, snowmen, even Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.
  • Decorate homemade paper figurines and snowflakes with cotton wool and glitter on it. Such a "snow" decor will sparkle very beautifully and decorate the apartment. Moreover, such a decoration will cost practically nothing, and will bring much joy.
  • Eaves can be decorated with tinsel or garlands. Beautifully look cornices, twisted in a spiral shiny tinsel.
  • Very interesting and decorative look great balls, matched to the curtains, suspended on long threads. Use shatterproof balls.
  • If you decorate the window with an electric garland, in the evening the room will turn into a fabulous country. And from the street such a window design looks very festive, lifting the mood of people passing by the house.
  • A small New Year's “plot composition, made of twigs, cones and figurines, looks very decorative on the windowsill. A child can make such an ornament, having contributed to the decoration of the house for the New Year.
  • Special white spray with sparkles will help to draw on the windows "frosty" patterns, snowflakes and other winter details and New Year's drawings.








  • Beautifully looks chandelier, entwined with garlands. However, in this case it is very important to carefully follow the rules of fire safety. It is better to use LED lights - they are safer.
  • By the chandelier you can hang balls on strings and other decorative items. This design gives the New Year charm to the lamp.
  • The graceful silhouettes cut out of paper, hanging from the chandelier on the threads, look magical, give tenderness and charm to the interior, bring in a vintage spirit, so beloved by many now.













A few useful recommendations with the help of which you can competently and easily prepare your home for the New Year:

  • New Year's interior with their own hands - a great idea. You can make wreaths, stars, garlands, balls for the Christmas tree, lanterns and other crafts. This will give the situation a unique charm and comfort. Attract children to work - they will only be happy to help. Thus, the New Year will further strengthen the family and involve all household members in the conversation.
  • Be sure to consider the style of the room, choosing a New Year's interior. It is unlikely that frivolous, overly decorative balls with gilding and snowball, glittering or too bright decorations will fit into a minimalist setting. Of course, the easiest way is to furnish a house designed in the classical style, or where no style adheres to at all - here you can use almost any decor you like.
  • Do not use too many decorations for the Christmas tree. It is important that spruce green branches are visible. Otherwise, the decor will be too intense, oversaturated, which can quickly tire eyes.
  • Use one color range. If you choose a decor in white and red or blue and gold colors, then you do not need to mix them. Otherwise, the diversity of the interior will give frivolous and chaotic.
  • If your apartment is small in size, then use more light decor when decorating it. Dark and overly bright decorations of the Christmas tree, walls and windows can visually make the room even smaller, which is unacceptable in this case. Including you can use a completely white interior, diluted with a little gold or blue paint. This design creates the necessary feeling of airiness, lightness and coolness. In addition, the white design looks very festive.

As we can see, it’s easy to arrange a house for the New Year. The main thing is to choose everything with taste, to show imagination and invention, to take the most suitable ideas from the Internet and interior magazines - and everything will turn out.