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Figurines for the interior (50 photos): beautiful figures to create comfort in the house


Decorating your own home is an occupation that a person has been doing since primitive times. It is genetically inherent in us - to make your "world" comfortable, cozy and safe. And for this you need to furnish it with comfortable furniture and pleasant, pleasing to the eye decorative objects, including knick-knacks. Among the decorative trinkets not in last place are the statuettes for the interior. With the help of these items of decorative interior decoration, you can give your home a personality and unusual style.




What are the main features of statuettes as a way to decorate the interior:

  • The main advantage of the statuettes is their decorativeness and variety. They can be both pastoral porcelain delicate figures and scenes, as well as brutal installations and objects stylized as a human figure or a plant.
  • Versatility. To any, without exception, interior style there is a statuette made in the same or similar style. Therefore, no matter how you furnish your home - even in the style of Provence, hi-tech or classical - suitable figurines and decorative figures for the living room and bedroom are already waiting for you on the store shelves.
  • Modern figurines for the house can have a variety of forms. These are both porcelain designs in the traditional classical style, and unusual abstract objects, when looking at which one does not immediately understand - what the author had in mind when he created this masterpiece.







Rules for the interior of the statuettes

What are the main nuances you need to know in order to properly and harmoniously decorate your home with the help of figurines:

  • Of course, you must adhere to the general style of the interior. So, if you have a living room and other rooms in a high-tech style, then cute ceramic or porcelain cowherd boys will not suit them, but it’s better to choose chrome-plated and plastic figurines in a laconic version of neutral colors.
  • The classic interior will sparkle with new colors if you complement it with bronze figurines or porcelain pieces. Such beautiful natural materials perfectly suit the traditional exquisite style. They can be, including, and high floor of a tree.
  • Apartment in modern style is better to furnish the corresponding figurines. These can be futuristic or abstract large pieces of high-quality plastic, glass, nickel and chromium. These modern materials will best emphasize the minimalism and functionality of the environment.
  • Ceramics and porcelain, as well as less popular earthenware - a great choice for the interior of the house in the style of Provence and Chebbi-chic. These delicate pastel styles are perfectly combined with the air fragility of the beating figurines. They can be placed in the living room and in the hallway.








Where to place

What areas of the house can be considered the most successful for placing the figurines:

  • If the living room has a fireplace, then you are lucky. After all, a mantelpiece is the best place to place small statuettes and other knick-knacks. The fireplace is always in the spotlight, so carefully selected porcelain, ceramic and plastic figurines will not go unnoticed by guests of the house.
  • Chest of drawers in the bedroom. On the upper surface of the dresser, you can perfectly place all the nice looking objects, including the most dear to the heart figurines. Wood flooring is also used in the bedroom.
  • If the apartment is large enough and there is an opportunity to put a “useless” console table in the hallway or living room, then its table top will be an ideal place to place various figurines on it.
  • Wall niches, if they are planned. Single large statuettes in niches, sometimes also floor ones, decorated with special illumination, look especially impressive.
  • For figurines it is best to choose the most open spaces at home, so that they are clearly visible from the front door.
  • A great idea for owners of a fair amount of figurines - to arrange for them a special showcase in the form of an illuminated cabinet. No guest will pass by such an exposure. Exquisite porcelain knick-knacks or exotic pieces of wood will look best in such a showcase.
  • Floor wooden statuettes of considerable size are a stylish decoration of the hallway and a large hall, if present. Spectacular and beautiful, the most good they will look in a single performance, when they are riveted all the attention. Of course, such massive models should be placed only in spacious rooms, for example, in the living room. In a cramped room, a one-and-a-half-meter statuette will look out of place at best.







Interior style and statues

  • If the apartment is decorated in a modern style, and you liked African figurines or stylized figurines of exotic animals, in order to successfully place them in a modern interior, you need to “support” the figures with other details. This may be a rug on the floor "under the zebra" or "under the leopard" and other details.
  • If your home is made in an ultra-modern high-tech style, the best thing for this interior fit concise and simple instances. For example, modern models of chrome planes, cars. Made of steel or aluminum, they fit perfectly into the interior of the apartment. Also will look good in the style of high-tech abstract figurines, all sorts of mobiles and installations.
  • A classic interior will also look good if it is decorated with wooden figures and objects in a traditional elegant style. The classic style is not opposed to the presence of gold or rich decor in the design of figurines.
  • For a simple Provence style that "loves" textiles, statues made of fabric will do, possibly in a folk style. National charms, made in a stylized manner, also fit perfectly into the Provencal interior. It is necessary to refuse abstract and futuristic products in modern style in this case.







Rooms of the house and statues suitable for them

Consider, what figures it is better to arrange the various rooms of the apartment.

  • For the living room, choose the most catchy and showy figures. Of course, first you need to focus on the style of the room, but, nevertheless, in the living room you can put large floor statues, bright, exotic, etc.
  • An excellent solution for the hallway is to place objects in the form of African figurines that will symbolize the protection of the house from external negative forces.
  • For the bedroom, it is better not to choose options that carry aggression. So, fighting animals, knives, sabers, dark models will not do. It is better to stay on a quiet topic: choose light, elegant and elegant pieces. So it will look great in the bedroom statues depicting ballerinas, birds, beautiful plants. They can be porcelain pocket sizes and outdoor wooden or even metal.
  • If you live outside the city and have a veranda or terrace, then in this open, sunny and air-filled room of the house, figures from natural simple materials - wood or even straw - will look great.
  • It is better to group small figures made in the same style or on one topic - this way they will not “spray” around the house and will draw attention to themselves.
  • Large art objects look best in splendid isolation. Various distracting neighbors to them to anything. They are completely self-sufficient.
  • Figures of cats, elephants or frogs are considered most suitable for attracting happiness and good luck to the house. Therefore, place in your living room at least one copy of such an animal. Harm will not be exactly, but happiness, very likely, will increase.






Figurines symbolizing luck

Consider what figures and decorative items it is preferable to have in the house.

  • For the bedroom, the ideal solution is a pair of copies, as an option - outdoor. Such a pair symbolizes the inseparability of your family duo. Porcelain figurines of graceful swans, intertwined trees will do, and for a bedroom in a modern style any installation, for example, of two hearts, will do. One tree hung with fruits will also bring positive energy to the bedroom.
  • The lizard figurine placed in the living room brought peace and tranquility to the house. So, unlike African masks, bringing a small wooden lizard from a trip would be a good decision.
  • The bull or horse symbolizes health for all inhabitants of the house. Of course, such an installation should not be too cumbersome, because these animals already symbolize strength and energy.
  • A stork in the bedroom will bring a woman motherhood.
  • Some may recall the famous rows of elephant statuettes placed on lace napkins of chest of drawers from the grandmothers of the Soviet period. These "petty-bourgeois" ceramic figurines also have their sacred meaning. They are a powerful protection against the evil eye and bring well-being and good fortune into the house.









"Bad" instances

What kind of figures is better to avoid:

  • African masks in many cases are undesirable purchase for the apartment. All these masks have a certain meaning in them. We cannot know this meaning, since we grew up in a different culture. For all their outward appearance, these products can symbolize death and disease, poverty and other negative things, and we, joyful ones, bring wooden masks bought from the local market from trips. Therefore, with such products it is better to be careful, and it is safest to leave the mask you like in its homeland.
  • Decorative figurines for the interior in the form of predatory animals with a "growling", open mouth - an undesirable choice. They carry hidden aggression, which over time will affect family life.
  • Real authentic antiques are also a dubious acquisition. Of course, antiques have great value and are expensive, however, over many years of being in different houses they could not be filled with the most positive energy. Who knows what problems the previous owners of this very figurine had.
  • Figures depicting knives, sabers, pikes, other cold weapons - not the best solution for decorating the home, no matter how decorative and elegant this installation was made. Negative, which is incorporated in the energy model, according to the teachings of Feng Shui, will certainly affect with time the well-being and relationships of the inhabitants of the house.