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Eurobook sofa in the interior (50 photos): modern and practical models


In a limited area of ​​our city apartments, many people do not have the opportunity to place a full bed, having allocated a separate room for sleeping. Therefore, for most, the logical solution is to purchase a sofa, as both a place to sleep and to relax. On the couch, you can comfortably accommodate guests, watch TV, read a book, play with children. The sofa is practical and functional, fits into the size of any room, and properly selected, also decorate the room. The subject of the article is the eurobook sofa.





What are the main types of popular sofa eurobook:

  • Corner. This furniture has many positive characteristics. Minus one - quite bulky size. White corner copy, the material of which is leather - a stylish modern solution for a fashionable interior.
  • Straight lines The most popular type. Everyone is familiar with this sofa. It is also suitable for a small area, often comes with wooden armrests, has a comfortable sleeping place.
  • With armrests. This type of sofa will take a little more space, but the armrests give a certain "completeness" to the look of the sofa, making it more solid and respectable. That is why the offices almost never meet upholstered furniture without armrests. The feeling of solidity and reliability that these parts give is important for business as anywhere else. A white color will make such a model less massive.
  • Without armrests. Ideal for small apartments - a soft and cozy sofa without armrests, which will fit into any interior.










What are the distinctive features of the eurobook sofa:

  • This is one of the most popular models on the market today. The sofa book fits perfectly into any interior, does not take up much space, has a comfortable sleeping place, looks stylish and modern. With wooden armrests and soft cushions can suit vintage interior, and leather beige or gray will make a stylish touch in a modern design.
  • The mechanism inherent in this sofa, makes it possible to expand it quickly, silently, easily, without scratching the floor and not making great efforts for this. Small wheels slide on the floor without deforming it. The small size of the room does not interfere with the ease of use.
  • To make it easy to fold out and fold the sofa, it is equipped with fabric soft or metal rigid handles. Using them to manipulate the sofa is much easier. A beige and gray - the most popular among all types of upholstery.
  • If you are unsuccessfully looking for the name "Eurobook" on foreign sites, then do not try. In Western countries, such a mechanism of the sofa is called "tic-tac". The similarity with the pendulum - which goes back and forth caused this name. In the West, both corner and direct models of such sofas are popular, and a leather copy is the dream of many homeowners.
  • The peculiar and thoughtful design of the sofa does not allow it to deform and warp with constant folding and unfolding. This makes the sofa quite a long-term acquisition. Leather or textile, angular or straight, it is always durable and reliable.
  • Most often, the eurobook sofa is supplied with rubber pads or wheels, which make it possible not to spoil the floor covering.
  • Sleeper sofa smooth - no dents, bumps and uncomfortable protruding elements. This makes it possible to consider it an excellent replacement for a full bed.
  • The standard width of such a sofa is from 1.4 meters and wider, and the length is from 1.9 meters. You can pick up small copies, and even small ones for children.
  • The frame is usually wooden: durable, reliable and environmentally friendly. Most often make the frame of unpainted wood, and upholstery has a beige or gray color, as the most practical options.
  • The Eurobook is created with the expectation that its transformation mechanism will be “in progress” every day, therefore it has a hefty margin of safety. You can not worry that the sofa will quickly fail and cease to decompose.










What are the advantages of the sofa-book distinguish this model from all the others:

  • The sofa is very easy to operate. There is no need for any effort - folding the Eurobook is not difficult, regardless of its size. During the day, this furniture will serve as a great place to relax, and at night turn into a full-fledged sleeping area.
  • The reliability of its design allows you to avoid deformation, damage and "jamming" of the mechanism. This makes all types of Eurobooks a convenient and practical long-term purchase.
  • The best "Eurobooks" have orthopedic soft details. They are sold in special stores and are great for a comfortable and healthy sleep. It is also often supplied with pillows, creating additional comfort.
  • Most sofas are provided with an additional storage compartment. It is convenient to place bed linen, blankets and pillows there. It also allows you to store other things and textiles. A leather sofa - white or beige - which plays the role of the key stylish interior elements - will still have such storage space.
  • The variety of sizes - the width and length of the sofa allows you to choose the most suitable for your living space. And in the spacious, and in a small apartment there will definitely find a sofa book - angular or straight.
  • Wooden sofa book with all its functionality is also very attractive in appearance. It looks stylish and fits perfectly into any interior. In addition, different materials, upholstery colors and sizes allow you to choose a model individually. For example, a leather gray or white sofa will decorate any interior.
  • To place the eurobook, do not have to move the sofa from the wall. Both angular and straight models will decompose perfectly, their mechanism allows it. In addition, even standing in the middle of the room, it will look great without losing external aesthetic qualities.
  • All types of these sofas may well play a central role in the interior. Especially if the upholstery material is leather.
  • Modern models have removable covers - many have seen similar models from Ikea. Such covers make it possible to maintain the purity of the sofa. You can remove the cover and send it to the dry-cleaner for a couple of days - and then pull it back onto the wooden frame and enjoy the fresh and clean upholstery for a long time. The skin, of course, especially - artificial - requires more simple care.
  • Often, upholstered furniture is complemented by decorative small pads, which gives the model even more decorative effect, making such sofas very cozy and comfortable.
  • Different materials can be used for internal filling: these are springs, orthopedic "stuffing", and modern polyurethane foam. Here the choice will depend on your preferences and wallet size. It is clear that orthopedic sofas, which have full-fledged beds, will cost a more "round" amount.
  • Eurobooks can be both straight and angular. The last option is more practical, ergonomic and just looks gorgeous, decorating any room.
  • The absence of complex "tricked out" mechanisms makes the eurobook a simple and reliable design that rarely fails.
  • Wide price range. Price depends on many nuances. This is the upholstery material (leather is more expensive), and what kind of soft sleeping blocks are used - orthopedic or ordinary, and the size of the sofa. Straight and angular views also vary in cost. This makes it possible to choose a model for every taste and wallet, as well as enter the sofa in almost any interior.












What materials are most often used for registration of a sofa-eurobook:

  • Velor - the perfect solution for the children's room. Also, this soft, pleasant to the touch material will look good in the living room, making the furniture in the room more comfortable.
  • Flock is a durable material that allows you to dye it in the brightest colors - a great solution for a child's room. Sleeping places are very comfortable, and the wooden frame is tightly covered with soft upholstery.
  • Leather, better - natural - the perfect solution for the kitchen model. All types of natural leather are practical, they do not accumulate dust, and do not absorb odors. Also, this material will be appropriate for the office. White leather sofa - a classic of the genre.
  • Suede - luxurious, but not too practical - may be a variant of the upholstery model for the living room. But in this case it is better that the cover was removable - it is necessary to periodically take the suede to dry cleaning, especially if it is light. In addition, it quickly wiped with intensive use. At the same time, suede has such a noble and luxurious look that it can be forgiven for all these shortcomings. Suede sofa book - a cozy and luxurious version with a sleeping place.
  • It will also look good in the living room and a sofa with a chenille upholstered without armrests.










Consider step by step how to correctly decompose the eurobook:

  • Raise the seat and slide it all the way.
  • After that, the seat is easily lowered to the floor.
  • Lower the back into the space where the seat was before.